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NEWPORT, PEM DEATH OF EX-WORKHOUSE MASTER.—There passed away last Friday at his residence, Myrtle Cottage, St. Dogmaels, Capt George Richards, for many years master of the St. Dogmaels Workhouse. Deceased was highly esteemed for his kindness of heart, especially to the poor people he had for so many years under his care. HONOURS FOR NEWPORTIAN.— Last week the Times gave the Oxford honours list which include Mr E W M Hubert Phillips, the son of the Rector of Newport, and that lie has attained the highest position possible; having obtained a first class honour in Natural Science Finals. Mr Phillips' career has been exceptionally brilliant throughout. When only 12 years of age he obtained a distinction in chemistry in the Central Welsh Board. While at Llandovery he obtained distinctions in Natural Science in the Oxford and Cam- bridge Board he was also scholar of Jesus College. In 1904 he obtained the University prize in Human Anatomy-a prize open to the whole University, and to graduates as well as undergraduates. Last year he also took his Intermediate M.B. After such a brilliant career in medicine, he spent his last year chiefly in reading Natural Science, and has succeeded in bringing great honour to his college and to himself by obtaining a llrst class hononrs. This distinction is all the more praiseworthy, as Mr Phillips for the first three years had to devote the greater part of his time to the study of medicine. A BANQUET TO A NEWPORTIAN IN LONDON. —A very enjoyable evening was spent at the Clachan Hotel, London, on Wednesday, July loth, when W D Morris, chemist, (youngest son of the late Capt Morris, Ivy House, New- port) was entertained to a farewell dinner given in his honour by a party of his most intimate friends in London on the occasion of his departure for Western Australia. After the cloths were removed there was an excel- lent programme consisiug of Music, speeches, etc., which had been arranged by Mr J M Picton. This part of the proceedings was most ably presided by Mr David Roberts, the genial and well-known draper of Clapham Junction, and who, on behalf of himself and the party, presented Mr Morris with a very handsome gold seal, set with sard and blood stone, with his initials and date engraved on. In making the presentation, the Chairman made some very appropriate references and elogised the many viritues that Mr Morris possessed, and of the high esteem he is held by all those that had made his acquaintance in London and who greatly deplore their loss by his departure for abroad.—Mr Morris, in his usual modest and humorous way, respond- ed and thanked the Chairman and all the friends for the very kind words spoken about him and all the good wishes, and also for the beautiful present given him, which he would always treasure and, it would serve to remind him of his old friends and the very happy and pleasant time that lie spent in London. He always hoped his life would be preserved to return again some day and give them some reminiscences of his life abroad. Appended is a list of names of tiie friends who attended —Messrs C P Brown, J Daniel, W Daniel, W E Harries, P Jackson, J M Picton, J D Rees, E Richards, D Roberts, E F Westley, J S Williams, R H Williams.—A very cordial vote of thanks was accorded to the Chairman for the most admirable way lie presided. The meeting terminated by the singing of Hen Wlad fy Nhadau." Mr Australia.—Mr John Morris, Ivy House, is paying a visit home before leaving on September 4th for Freemantle, Western Australia where he intends trying dame for- tune's pleasant smiles and frowns. Everyone will wish the successful Newportian all prosperity in his new venture in tl;e antipodes Illness.—On Monday the Rev J G Morris, the revered pastor of Ebenezer, accompanied by Mrs Morris, left by the express for London where the rev pastor undergoes a surgical operation. For sometime Mr Morris has been very far from well and it is sincerely hoped that the operation will have the effect sought for. The Castle.—On Wednesday, Mr Kernes Lloyd, Miss Peverel Lloyd and Miss Joan arrived at the Castle by motor-car. On Saturday next Sir Marteine and Lady Lloyd and Miss Nesta are expected. Nothing affords the inhabitants of the ancient borough more pleasure that the residence among them of the truly worthy Bronwydd family. St. Mary's.—Last Sunday evening, the rector, the Rev D G Phillips, delivered a memorial sermon to the late Miss Martha Ann Thomas who passed away last week at an early age. There was a crowded congrega- tion of all denominations among whom were numerous friends of the deceased. Regatta Committee.—A meeting of the regatta committee was held on Monday even- ing list to reconsider the date of the regatta. The prospective visit of General Booth and other engagements in the date fixed rendered a change necessary. Given fine weather the annual event is sure to be a big attraction. Mr T B Reynolds, the able headmaster of the Council School, has again the secretaryship in his hands and with a truly earnest com- mittee to assist in the arrangements every- I thing is certain to be on a complete scale of efficiency. Visitors are flocking into the town every day and the season thus promises to be quite a success. A Distinguished Vocalist.—Mrs Phillips, nee Miss Agnes Thomas, of Upper West- street, was one of the vocalists forming the choir, under Madame Hughes Thomas, that sang before the King and Queen and Princesss Victoria at Cardiff last week. Anyone who heard the Newport Ladies Choir at Good- wick eisteddfod recently must agree with the adjudicator that the voices of that choir were most melodious. When an experienced Lon- don adjudicator pronounces a choir perfect there is something in the statement to be relied upon.—Mr H R Felix, it should be mentioned, is the able conductor, and he and his choir are now rehearsing a cantata to be given towards the close of the year. The cantata is entitled Esther the beautiful queen That it will form a musical treat goes without saying, Newport may feel proud of its choristers especially the fair. Funeral.—The funeral took place on Mon- day last of Mrs Martha Evans, Upper St. Mary-street,, who died last week at the age of 76. The Rev T George Morris, Cardigan, conducted the service in the house and the Rev D G Phillips at the grave. There was a large attendance. General Booth.-Arrangeineiits are being to induce General Booth, the head of the Salvation Army, to deliver a short address on the cross roads as he passess through to Card- gan early in August. Should the negotiations prove successful it will be an houour to the town. If the Mavor and Corporation were to afford the general -a civic welcome it would be quite in keeping with the occasion. Holid;tv.-Capt and Mrs W Davies, Mor- awel, have left for Llangammerch Wells for their annual holiday. The hail veteran is in splendid health, however, but the change in- land will no doubt add to his store of health. Caersalem.—Boreu Sabboth diweddaf bed- yddiwyd dau frawd ieuainc ar broffes o'u ffydd yn Nghrist vn ngrwvdd torf fawr o edrycliwyr. Gweinyddwyd gan y Parch J. L1. Morris, gweinidog.




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