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Fishguard Bread for the Troops.


......... .Fishguard Urban…


.Fishguard Urban District Council. Mr J R Richards presided at the ordinary meeting of the above Council at the Girl's Schoolroom on Monday evening last. There were also present Messrs E D Jones, D Rees, B G Llevvhelin, 1) Morgan, D G Thomas] W James, 1 Lewis, Cuthbert Thomas, W J Vaugban, L Evans, Capt T Evans, and the Clerk (Mr Hodges). Mr YV R Carver wrote resigning his position as Sanitary Inspector and Surveyor, and* several letters were also, read from the Local Government Board on the appointment of a permanent official. These were referred to a Committee of the whole council. Mr W L Williams wrote to say that Satur- day next had been fixed for the Joint Com- mittee Meeting to discuss the proposal for the diversion of Lower Town (Dinas) Hill and it was decided that the Highway Committee should be notified of the meeting.—Since writing the above we are informed bv the Clerk that the joint meeting is postponed to the 27th inst, and members of the Highway Committee are asked to note the change of date. b SAX I TAR V COMMITTEE. As Chairman of the Sanitary Committee, Mr E D Jones read the report of a meeting of that Committee on July gth, and which con- tained the following recommendations:- That a gullcy in Main Street, (near Miss Jenkins' shop) be; raised and renovated from its present position at a cost not exceeding 155.T11e Committee recommended that the open drain in the Wallis be connected with the main service at a cost not exceeding £2. Bills were recommended for payment as follows :—John Davies, repairing drain near Penrallt stables £2 10s lod; Wm Griffiths, repairing drain in Slade, 16s.—Several plans were also passed.—The Committee recom- mended that in future all plans shall be in the hands of the Surveyor seven clear days before the meeting of the Sanitary Committee and that the same be approved of by the Surveyor and Medical Officer of f-Iealth. Mr W G Thomas enquired if the Sanitary Committee were aware that a private drain had been repaired at Penrallt at the expense of the Council. Mr Jones replied that the Committee were not aware that such was the case, but asked if the repair to the private drain referred to had not been found necessary in order to effectually repair the Council's portion of the drain. Mr W G Thomas said he knew that three 24111. pipes had been placed in a private drain there. It was then suggested that the matter be referred back to the Sanitary Committee but the Clerk explained that the Surveyor had passed the account and the matter then dropped. The Chairman thanked Mr Tfiomas for bringing the matter to the notice of the Council, and expressed the hope that mem- bers of the Council would not be backward in reporting what they thought concerned the Council's interests.—The report was then adopted. HIGHWAY COMMITTEE. The report of the Highway Committee meeting held on the 10th inst contained the following recommendations That the ac- counts presented, to the amount of £4 18s 6d be paid.—Recommended that the draft poster, inviting tenders for highway material, as prepared by the Clerk, be approved off. Mr E D Jones drewr the Council's attention to the subsidies which were being distributed by the County Council to various Urban Districts in the county and he suggested that the Highway Committee consider the ques- tion of applying for a sudsidy for Fishguard. I his was agreed to. The Committee's report was adopted. FIXAXCE COMMITTEE. Mr T Lewis, chairman of the finance Com- mittee, read and moved the adoption of that committee's report as follows :—Payments of the bills referred to in the Sanitary and High- way Committee's leports also an account of £18 135 gd for books, stationery and seal: and £r us 6d, for the monthly official circular of the Urban District Council's Association.— The Committee recommended that an insur- ance be effected against accidents to officials and employees of the Council; also that the Rate Collector and Tresurer be requested to provide the usual guarantee bonds.- The report was adopted. POSTAL. Mr L Evans, with the object of having better postal facilities for the town, proposed that application be made to the Postmaster General asking him to be good enough to make arrangements for (r) the arrival of all letters at Fishguard Post Office by an early train connecting with the early morning travelling post office train at Clarbeston Road; (2) a house to house delivery of all letters arriving by the 4- p.m. train and (3) all letters to be despatch by the 6.10 p i train instead of the 5.20 as at present'.—Mr ;) G Thomas seconded and the resolution was carried. COMMITTEE. The Council afterwards formed itself into committee to consider Mr Carver's resigna- tion and the appointment of permanent sani- tary Inspector when it was decided that Mr Carver be appointed temporary sanitary in- spector at a salary of £1 per week, the ap- pointment to cease when a permanent official took up the duties.—It was also decided to advertise this week for a Sanitary Inspector and Surveyor; and also that a letter as drafted by Mr E D Jones on the-a,pportionment of the salary, be sent to the" Local Govern- ment Board.


- The New Compensation Act.

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