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Fishguard Bread for the Troops.


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- The New Compensation Act.


The New Compensation Act. SOME PECULIAR CASES. One of the leading London dailies last week stated that the new Compensation Act was no good to anyone but the assurance com- panies. /^y'out encouraging dishonesty it may be stated that any domestic may by dis- nder thp3"5 a hoIiday 011 the dieap under the auspices of the new Act. Assur- siffns ofT5! Contmues overwhelming; no bv f, ckeninS Policies still going out thousand. This is the pith of the ment made by most of the insurance managers in London regarding the new ompensation Act. Hundreds of accidents but none of. them serious." The following cases also came under notice in different offices OIl Friday A man was bitten in the face by a stalled horse a cat jun.. d at a butler and sr-T-vhed the backs of his imncis severely, a ram ¡h.l(-'d a butcher's assistant and left hnn in a se ious condition: an aihleticpig being- shitted by labourers from one pen to another Uofe loo4. 11 and hurled one n,an to the grouad a -clerk had his nOliie broken !>\ against edge of an open door I: I a dark passage; ar", angry client assaults lt lawyer's clerk who attempted to 00-y master's instructions to "show this person out." A servant maid who was enjoying herself too ln.rliTn ir!rher <rmPIo>'ers Sfden swung fell off, and hurt herself; hci- tiess has asked the insurance company if they will pay compensation.

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