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Motor Car for the Bishop of St. David's. To the Editor of the County Echo." DEAR SIR, 'I would feel extremely obliged if you would grant me space in your columns for the enclosed. As you are aware, last October, by means of circularising the Churchwardens throughout the Diocese of St David's I laid before them the scheme of presenting a motor car to our Bishop, as a present of the laiety of his diocese. Thanks to the generosity of the parishes I collected £ 900, which has enabled me to purchase a fine 28-32 hp. Daimler with detachable limonsine body, with which you will see by His Lordshipi letter to myself he is more than pleased. It would not have been possible for me to have carried the project through had not the laity so readily backed my scheme with their subscriptions and I should like to take this opportunity of thanking each parish and each individual subscriber for their great assistance. I have enclosed a letter from His Lordship acknowledging the gift and also a statement of accounts, The balance of the sum collected will be invested and will be used with the accrued interest at some future date in assisting his Lordship, or his successor, in the purchase of a future car when our gift becomes worn out. Thanking you in anticipation, Yours faithfully, KENSINGTON. St. Brides, Little Haven, July 3rd, 1907. THE PALACE, ABERGWILl, R.S.O. July 1St., 1907. My Dear Lord,—I am most grateful to the laity of the Diocese who, at your Lordship's kind suggestion, have subscribed so generously towards the Motor Car presented to me, and I value most highly this additional expression of good will which, on the part of both clergy and laity, has been a constant support and encoura- gement to me during the past ten years. The extensive area of the Diocese makes the Car, of which I have now had a week's most satisfac- tory experience, specially helpful and I trust that by means of it, I may be enabled, if I am spared, to keep in closer touch with the Clergy and laity ia different parts of the Diocese with a view of promoting the growing work which, under Divine blessing, the Church has to do for the welfare of Wales.—Believe me, Yours sincerely, J, ST, DAVIDS By amount collected and bank interest £ 912 13s. Paid for car £ 650; postage, IOS 7d cheque bock is. Total expense, £ 630 lis. 7d balance £ 259 is Sd.

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