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Interesting to Pembrokeshire I Farmers. Some useful particulars and of interest to the farming community of Pembrokeshire may be gathered from the following report of the Royal Show held at Lincoln secently. The entries of live stock were Horses, 506 cattle, 1030; sheep, 672 pigs, 368 total, 2,576. At Derby last year the total was, 2,319, The poultry figures at the present show are 826, slightly in excess of Derby, and the en- tries for produce, 572, are also slightly better than last year's.—The famous old Lincoln- shire long wools are fine animals with depth and squareness of carcase, good girth, and well carried out quarters, a long silky fleece sometimes thirty pounds in weight, and often attaining a length of over twenty inches. Then there are the Lincolnshire red shorthorn cattle with undeniable milking qualities. Lincolnshire is also the ancestral home of that friend of the farmer, the shire horse, while in the matter of pig flesh no county can show a better fed type of the large white, which fre- quently grows to a weight of over forty stone. The morning was bright, but early visitors to the ground had to encounter something like half a gale of wind. This however, had its use, seeing that by the rains of the preced- ing night the yard had been reduced to a very muddy condition, and much needed the dry- ing process to give pedestrians in any sense an agreeable experience. But the afternoon was wet. A tour of the principal classes dis- closed the all but unapproached excellence of the show as a whole. IMPLEMENTS. The implement department may be taken as generally indicating the year's progress in engineering and invention in one direction. The improved position of forestry is indicated by the estate plant, exhibited for the first time. This is a self-contained, electrically driven, horizontal log band-saw, which was in regular operation during the show, cutt- ing up large logs into boards. The whole of the working parts of the machine are fitted to a bed-plate which is fixed on the ground level, thus saving the expense of the costly excava- tions and masonary foundations. The mach- ine is in such perfect balance that, although the saw is running at more than twice the speed of an express train, the machine works without any perceptible vibration. The rate of cutting ranges up to as much as 100 super- ficial feet of sawing a minute, Another machine in this section is an adap. tion of the swath turner. It is specially suit- able for use on ridge and furrow land. The rake is a complete departure from the angular form of side delivery rake, as the tines move in a line parallel with the axle, and are carrid in front of the travelling wheels, not behind them as has hitherto been the usual practice.


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