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Still well in Carmarthen.

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Express Letter Baby.


Express Letter Baby. A ROMANTIC ABANDONNIEN'I'. Early in life romance has entered the career of a pretty little baby girl two months old, who is now in charge of the matron of the Strand Workhouse, Criminality, too, enters into the story, for the police are searching for the parents of the interesting little mite. The child was got rid of by turning it into an express letter, and the plot, although there were a hundred chances against it, was as- tonishingly successful. It was in the West Strand Post Office that the story opened, late on the night of Thurs- day last. At 11.22 p.m., a man of about 35 years of age entered the post office and wrote a message on a telegraph form. He was of 0 gentlemanly appearance, and wore a light suit and a cloth motoring cap. With the man was a well-dressed girl, who seemed to be about twenty-two. She was good-looking, a brunette, wore a light fawn costume, and was carrying a baby in long clothes. After writing the note, the man placed it in an envelope, addressed it The Matron, City of London Lying-in Hospital, City-road," and handed it to a clerk across the counter, saying that he wished it to be sent by express mess- enger, The stranger still lingered at the counter untill the letter was given to a com- missionaire to deliver.. Is this the man who will take the letter?" inquired the sender. I have a cab for him, as that will be quicker." He was told that the messenger had received money for his omni. bus fares. Thanks, but I will pay for a cab," replied the man, and he followed the messen- ger into the street. TEARFUL PARTING. In the meantime the girl with the baby had hailed a cab, and the commissionaire, a man named William Sutton, pressed by the stran- ger, got into it. The girl, who had tears in her eyes, passionately kissed the babe again and again, and the man also stooped down and kissed it. Handing the baby to the commissionaire, who was already seated in the cab, the man *aid This baby is to go with the letter." The messenger at once accepted the baby, thinking that that was part of the rrange ment. The girl then sprang forward and again kissed the child as it lay in the com- missionaire's arms. The door was then shut and the word given, Drive on." Shortly before midnight the cab arrived at the Lying-in Hospital. The bell was rung, and the baby was handed to an astonished nurse. The letter accompaning the child contained the following words :—" Please take in baby until tomorrow. Am writing. The nurse, as was to be expected, refused to take- the baby in, and the commissionaire was now in an embarrassing position. The matron was fetched, but she, too, re- fused to accept the baby," said Sutton, des- cribing his experiences. The child was taken back to the post office, from there to Bow- street Police Station, and ultimately to the strand Workhouse. The baby wore a night- dress, silk and wool shoes, a silk and wcol coat, and a bonnet trimmed with silk. The things were all new but inexpensive. Around it was a woman's woollen petticoat and a white shawl.


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