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Chairman for 42 years.

Still well in Carmarthen.


Still well in Carmarthen. In this issue we again report the confirma- tion of a statement long since made public. The cordial way in which this Carmarthen resident spoke after six years is the best proof any of us could desire to have of the perman- ence of her good fortune. Six years after Mrs M J Morris, 24, Highland- wharf, The Quay, Carmarthen, told us of her cure by Doan's backache kidney pills, she said :—" All I previously said for Doan's backache kidney pills I thoroughly endorse. They cured me of serious kidney trouble, and I have kept quite free from it since." The following is what Mrs Morris said some years ago :—" For about six months I suffered severely with pains across vfy loins, caused by my loins being out of order. At times I was so bad that I could not stand upright. There were also urinary disorders. I got no relief from anything I tried until I began with Doan's backache kidney pills. I sent my son for some of these, and after tak- ing a few doses I felt much easier. I am glad to say that the pills quite cured me: my back is stronger and free from pain, and the kid- neys are acting as they should. (Signed) Mary J. Morris." Doan's Backache Kidney Pills are two shillings and ninepence per box (six boxes for thirteen shillings and ninepence). Of all chemists and stores, or post free, direct from Foster-McClellan Co., 8, Wells-street, Oxford- street, London, W. Do not forget to use the full name, Doan's Backache Kidney Pills.

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