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Chairman for 42 years.


Chairman for 42 years. At the Pembroke Quarter Sessions on Wed- nesday of last week his Honour Judge Owen resigned the position of Chairman, which he had held for 42 years. He said he had known the court for many years, when the late Rev Thomas Martin, of Withybush was chairman. Mr Martin was succeeded by the late Dr Morgan, who again was succeeded by the Rev Thomas Watts, vicar of St Mary's, Haverfordwest. He himself was appointed in 1865, which was a great compliment, as he was but a very young man at the time. He was the only surviving magistrate of all those who had qualified at the time he was appointed chairman of the court, and he was therefore now the senior magistrate of the town. Haverfordwest was different from any other town and city in the Kingdom, because it had a Lord Lieutenant, commission magis- trates, a chairman of Quarter Sessions, and a High Sheriff, appointed not by the Crown but by the Town Council. He moved that Mr Arthur Lewis, the deputy chairman, be appointed chairman. Mr Arthur Lewis was one of the best, if not the best, of criminal lawyers in South Wales, and Mr Lewis had written to say he would accept the position if elected. Mr Morris Owen seconded, and the reso- lution was carried unanimously. Mr Morris Owen then proposed a vote of thanks to Judge Owen for his services as chairman of the court. Mr. Isaiah Reynolds seconded, and Dr Greenish supported. In returning thanks, the Chairman men- tioned that during the time lie had presided over the court he had never had a decision reversed, nor had any sentence he had passed been reduced by the Home Secretary. Per- haps that was due more to good luck than to good management, but it was a fact.

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