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fGoodwick and its Common.




- Papers for Thinking Welshmen.…


Papers for Thinking Welshmen. — (By A. Wade-Evans, Senior Curate of Holy- head). These essays make excellent reading for every true Welsh Nationalist—they arc as stimulating as they are illuminating. Angliciser is a useful English name for the Welsh-born anti-nationali-St who is commonly known as Dic-Shon-Dafydd,' and Mr Wade- Evans has done well in emphasising the differ- ence between a person of this typo and the Anglo-Welshman, who, howeveJ anglicised lie may be in speech and thoughts and habits, is proud of his eonntry, his nation, its language, its history, and its traditions. Nationalism, Mr Wade-Evans very proper.y observes, tran- scends every sect, party, and school of thought. There is no essential bond between Radicalism, Dissent, and Nationalism, in other words, there is no reason why the most ardent Conservative and Churchman should not bo, at the same time, a most ardent Nationalist. Our author is outspoken in his criticism of the bishops of his church towards the question of Disestablishment. The Church in Wales, he declares, is both a national church and an alien one at tho same time. The chief defenders (Bishop Owen for example) no long- er insist on her national character, but pro- claim, as though it were something to be proud of, that the Welsh Church is only four dioceses of the province of Canterbury This Church of England in Wales, Mr Wade-Evans declares, must cease it is the wrong thing in the wrong place. He also commits himself to the following declarations :—' An enlighten- ed Welsh Nationalist who could tolerate the present Establishment is inconceivable. The Church in Wales should be permitted to retain only the property that she has acquired since the year 1570.' It is:not within our pro- vince to discuss the question of the Disestab- lishment and Disendowment of the Welsh Church we have discharged our duty when we have drawn the attention of the reader to this remarkable book in which the question is viewed from the standpoint of a Welsh clergy- man who is also an earnest Welsh National- (From" The Nationalist.") Tbd essays referred to in the foregoing paragraph may be obtained by ordering at the I Echo' Newsagency, West-street, and High-street, Fisbguard.


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—Cardiganshire Cancer-Treatment


fGoodwick and its Common.