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NEWPORT. PEM BULL'S BROKEN LEG.—The whole town was astir on Friday when a bull, fine and valuable, belonging to Vrongoch farm, in the act of passing over some soft ground sank and broke one of its hind legs in freeing itself from a very awkward position. Vet.'s were eagerly sought for and the animal hoisted up to relieve the weight of its body from the broken limb which was subsequently set and bound up. As the bull is a pedigree one it is hoped that a cure will be effected. BAPTISM IN THE RIVER TIVY.—In a very picturesque spot called Rhydenybont several candidates were on Sunday morning baptised by the Rev D Stephen Williams. The cere- mony, which took place about nine o'clock, was witnessed by a large crowd. The candi- dates were from Penybont and Ebenezer Churches, both of which are under the pas- torate of the Rev D Stephen Williams. MEDICAL CONGRF--ss.Dr and Mrs Havard have been enjoying the social and intellectual feast of the Royal Institute of Health Congress held last week at the Isle of Man. There were excellent essays, read by eminent doctors, upon questions having for their aim the benefit of the health and welfare of the community. The delegates received a civic welcome and Lord Raglan, as president of the Congress, delivered an address. The Lord Bishop of the Diocese (Dr Stratton, Bishop-designate of Newcastle) preached ably at St. George's Church. It; was a week of intellectual wealth. COLLEGIATE Succi.:ss.-Hearty congratulat- ions to Mr Hubert M Phillips, B.A., son of the Rector and Mrs Phillips, who has come out of his recent examination at Oxford University with first class honours in physiology. He carried off }.he scholarship of his college in anatomy, which was open to the whole of the JLJniversity, lie has again been successful in winning the scholarship by taking a first in physiology. Naturally the Rector is much gratified with his son's success because it opens up the probability of the continuance of a brilliant career. In dissecting a rat Mr. Phillips received a nasty bite which developed slight blood poisoning, but this did not deter him from success. BETHLEHEM.A clilldreiis" Cymanfa Gauu will be held at Bethlehem on Wednesday, Aug 21St, when the juvenile choirs of the various Baptist Churches in the district will take part. Mr James James, Newport, will be the conductor. LADIES CHOIR.—Mr R H Felix, may feel proud of the very excellent choir of ladies he conducted with such skill on Wednesday of last week at the Goodwick eisteddfod. The ladies in turn have much reason for appreciation in possessing a leader of such sterling qualities as Mr Felix. Without doubt a more perfect ren- dering of the piece has never been heard in Pembrokeshire. The adjudicator, Mr David Thomas, who has opportunity every week of hearing the best voices in the kingdom in London, was overflowing with praise for the Newport ladies choir. But it is evident the sterner choiristers are not up to anything like the ladies in quality of voice nor in ability. They do not practise. Their roughness of the male voices lost them the chief choral, on that there is not a shadow of a doubt. ACCIDENT.—Mr T Ladd, mason, whilst doing some work on a ladder reared to a house near the Church met with a severely sprained wrist. He was near the top when the ladder slipped and he came down with a crash. Besides the sprained wrist Mr Ladd received injuries to his face. Nothing loth the plucky mason from paying a visit to Fishguard on the following day with his fiancee. BETHI.EHEM.—Next Sunday Mr T S Young, student at Old College, Carmarthen, will officiate at Bethlehem. The pastor, the Rev D J Evan", is paying a visit to Denmark. The latest report is that the genial young pastor is gaining health rapidly. HOLIDA ys.- The Rev E and Mrs Richarsd and son are spending holidays at Llangammarch Wells. SALMON FISHING.-Some very fine salmon were netted on Monday last by Capt Ellis. Several specimens turned the scale at 13100. Fine weather favours the seine fishermen or, rather, women. PARISH COUNCIL.-Alderman John Hughes, Pendre, presided at the Parish Council meeting last week and it was decided that Messrs H R Felix, David Luke, and Mr Lamb (postmaster) form a deputation to meet the Fishguard Urban Council respecting the diversion of Lower Town Hill. Other members present were Messrs John Morris, D Evans, Capt Davies, Fern Cottage, and Capt Jones.—It was also decided to repair the road from Fern Hill to Sea View. VISITORS. Mrs Howell and family have arrived at Ocean House from Cheltenham. Most of the rooms and houses have already been engaged for August.—Mrs Chatwin and family of eight from Derby are at Bay View, Parrog. On Monday next "the Rev John Williams and family from the Vicarage, Ystradgynlas, Brecon- shire, are due at Glanydon, ParrGg. THE CASTLE.—Sir Marteine, Lady Lloyd, and family are coming to the Castle about the middle of next week. Several of the household staff and luggage have already arrived. None are more thoroughly welcome than the generous and honoured family of Bronwydd. Di:NiisE.f he death took place on Wed- nesday morning of Miss Martha Thomas at the comparatively early age of 35, after being bedridden for the last eleven years.—There also passed away on Wednesday morning Mrs Martha Evans, of St. Mary-street, at an ad- vanced age, after a short illness. Both de- ceased were held in much esteem, and their demise is greatly regretted. We join in sym- pathy with the bereaved.


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