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Fishguard Dog Fight.



Mathry Petty Sessions.


Mathry Petty Sessions. On Fridav Jast--Before Messrs Chas Mathias (chairman) W Geo James (Ltysyeronen) G, D Harries, H M Harries, W G James (Pantyphilip) S Watts Williams, Colonel Porter, Dr W Williams (St. David's) and the clerk, Mr R T P Williams. N" O X A T T E N DANCT" Jas. Martin, Clegygbora Bridge, St. David's, was summoned by Mr John Morris, school attendance officer, for not sending his child Gwynn regularly to school. After hearing the evidence which showed that the parents had been ill, the Magistraies decided to dismiss the summons. DRUNK IN CHARGE. Thomas John, haulier of 199 Portfield Haverfordwest, was summoned for being drunk in charge of three horses and a wagon on Solva Hill, on June 8th. P.C. Nash stat- ed the case and defendant was fined 10s and 6s 6d costs. DOG WITHOUT LICENSE. Arthur G Simmonds, 6, Pen Cw Road, Goodwick, was summoned by Supt Brinn for keeping a dog without having license for same on the nth of June.—P.C. Jones proved the case and a. fine of 7s 6d and 6s 6d costs was imposed. MAINTENANCE ARREARS. Thomas Davies and John Davies, labourers, Carnimil, Croesgoch, were summoned for' arrears amounting to £ 6 13 in respect to their parents charageable to the Haverfordwest Union. Mr G N Sime, relieving officer for the St. David's district, stated the case.—Each were ordered to pay 5s per month or go to prison, one for 14 days, the other for 21 days, warrants suspended if payment continued. LITTLE STRANGERS." Without the usual afliliation case or two Mathry Sessions would lose its savour. It is now recognised as the generous font of justice to little strangers, whose too confiding maters are obliged to haul up putative paters to receive the court's standing order" of 2s 6d a week for so many years. CARPENTERS EARN yd PER HOUR. There were two cases last Friday, Albert Owen Hughes, Trevine, a carpenter working at Goodwick was summoned by a very tidy looking young widow, named Elizabeth Cotton, Trevine, to shew cause why he should not contribute to the support of her bady girl born on May 20th last.—Mr Howard Davies, solicitor, Goodwick, said he appeared for the defentant who admitted the paternity. Replying to several concise questions by the learned clerk, Mr R T P Williams, the widow readily showed that defendant was responsible. There is a letter," said Mrs Cotton. The writing was sworn to by James Mathias, brother of the complainant, as being that of the defendants.' Mr Davies said lie desired to show that the defendant's means were small. He was working for Mr Evans at Goodwick and earn- ed only 4s yd per day. Chairman: Most carpenters earn yd per hour, defendant will have to pay 2S 6d per week for 15 years, doctor's and midwife's fees and costs. COULD KOT APPEAR. The second summons was brought by Miss Jane Beynon, of St. David's, against a Rhondda miner who wrote to the effect that having met with an accident he was unable to be present- Replying to the Clerk complainant said her baby girl was born on June 1st and de- fendant was the father. Mr W Geo James (Llysyoronen) Had we not better adjourn it ? The Clerk: There is no evidence of denial; only excusing attendance. Miss Mary Hughes, in reply to the Clerk, deposed to having seen the couple together during the last week in August 1906, between 8 and 9 p.m. Complainant said she wrote two letters to defendant. Chairman Defendant must pay 2S 6d per week for 15 years, and all costs. NEGLECT OF FAMILY. Wm George Evans, a native of Letterston, was summoned by his wife Mrs Margaret Evans, for wilfully neglecting to provide properly for his wife and five children aged respectively 14, 13, n, g, and 7 years. De- fendant did not appear and the case was ad- journed for a month. CRUELTY TO THREE SOWS. Samuel Gwyther, Little Rhyndaston Farm, Hayscastle, was summoned by Mr Gibson, of the R.S.P.C.A., for cruelty to three sows by tethering them by the leg to trees to prevent them roaming. The Inspector gave evidence and defendant was fined 10s and 8s 6d costs. LICeNSING. For Letterston fair, Messrs David Bowen, Blacksmiths' Arms, Abercastle, and Mark Howells, Drovers' Arms, Punchester, were granted occassional licenses. SHEBEENING. Margaret Thomas, Bengal, Llanstinan, was summoned by Supt Brinn, Fishguard, for allowing drinking on her unlicensed premises and five persons were also summoned for aid- ing and abetting the offence. For sometime past the police have kept the house under observation and finally an ingenious plan of detection was decided upon. Two otlicers- P.C. Morris, Letterston, and P.C. Phillips, Mathry—disguised themselves in the habili- ments of farmers, on the Letterston fair-day last month and succeeded in making a raid. The defendant said, when one of the officers revealed himself, The neighbours will rejoice, because they have threatened to report me many times." None of the defendants found on the premises put in an appearance at the hearing this being equivalent to a plea of guilty. P.C. Morris stated that at 12 noon on the 19th June he and P.C. Phillips concealed themselves in a field at Bengal for the purpose of watching the house of Margaret Thomas, who was suspected of selling beer and spirits without a license. From where they were concealed they commanded a good and unin- terupted view of the entrance. At 1.45 three men, driving sheep, came up and entered the house and remained there till 2 p.m., when they left. A wagon them drove up and two men entered the house a boy remained with the wagon while they were inside. They left at 2.20. At the sametime, a local farmer and a boy on horseback came up with cattle. Two men entered while the boy remained outside. Eventually the boy went away. At 2.30 two came and stopped outside tbe house until a cart came up when they all entered the house and the one from the cart followed. At 2.35 the two officers entered with a search warrant. They found one man just coming towards the exit and he left. In a room were several persons (named), and these were all seated by the table, one had a glass con- taining beer in his hand; an empty glass which had recently contained beer was on the table in front of another man. The defend- ant, Mrs Thomas, was also in the room and had a jug containing beer in her hand and was in the act of filling a glass with nut brown." The men left with the exception of one who remained for a time greatly agitated at being caught there. P.C. Morris read the warrant over to Mrs 1 honias and then made a search. There were four jars containing beer and four bottles containg spirits all of which they seized together with a jug, three glasses and a bottle containing beer. These they still held. There was also a half a bushel of malt in an up-stairs room. P.C. Morris then went to Letterston for a convey- ance. During his absence Mrs Thomas said, It is all up now." During the search she bemoaned It is only on fair-days they do call here with me, if you was to watch any other day you would not see many calling. I have not done much trade lately. The neighbours here will be rejoicing over this 0 case, they have threatened to report me many times." P.C. Phillips, Matliry, said that, in com- pany with P.C. Morns, he was watching the house at Bengal. After entering and seizing the articles named witness remained while Morris went for a conveyance. During his absence Mrs Thomas remarked that she was very sorry for one of the defendants, because that was the only time he had ever been in- side her house and it was one of the others who had brought him there then. She also repeated that her neighbours would be glad now that she was caught. At 3.30 two other men came in a cart from the direction of Letterston and when opposite the house the horse stopped. One of them exclaimed, Ah the old mare knows the Den (Laughter). The other man came towards the door and Mrs Thomas went to him and said, Go on, there is nothing here for you to-day." At 3.40 two Qther men came to the door from the direction of Letterston. Mrs Thomas again went to the door and said, There is 0 nothing here to-day." The man asked, <l Can't we have something ?" Mrs Thomas replied, "No." The man then said, Can't we have a cup of tea, then ?,, Mrs Thomas replied, No, nothing to-day." At 3.50 two boys came to the door and Mrs Thomas went to them and said something in a Avhisper. She then gave them a drink of water. « Mrs Thomas appeared and after admitting the offence pleaded for leniency. The Magistrates imposed a fine of £20 and ros 6d costs, and the other five defendants were each fined 10s and costs, which amounted to 6s 6d in two of the cases and 8s 6d in the other three. Supt Brinn made application for the dispos- al of the goods seized and the Magistrates ordered them to be confiscated. It is hoped that the police action in the case, for which they are deserving of com- mendation for astuteness, will have the desir- ed effect. DRUNK. John Williams, senr., Oakley Street, St Davids, was charged with being drunk at Lower Solva on the 28th inst, whilst in charge of a horse and trap.—Mr W Evans, solicitor, Fishguard, appeared for defendant, who contended that Williams was neither drunk nor in charge of a horse and trap.— Defendant gave evidence in support of his solicitor's statement, and the Bench dismissed the case.—P.-c. Nash and P.-c. Jenkins gave evidence for the prosecution.



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