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Fishguard Dog Fight.


Fishguard Dog Fight. ■; CONFLICTING EVIDENCE — Jlr the Fishguard Petty Sessions on Tucs- before Messrs D Harries (chairman, E I) -irr -ii -in, T G Bennett. W E Bennett, Capt "» £ s, Dewi Harries, W G James, and the J Mr R W Picton Evans the dog-fighting "amilton-street, Fishguard, that has occu- jj so much public attention of late, was it is hoped, in a manner that will put end to further depredations on the part of concerned. pector Wm Gibson, R.S.P.C.A., sum- ed John Hurt, hawker, Park-street, Fish- ed; Vaughan Llewellyn, of Maesgwynne, [Richard Jones, labourer, Hamilton-street, uard,for causing to be cruelly ill-treated, d and tortured, two dogs, by setting to fight on the 22nd of June opposite 1 Entrance of the National School. h E W Rees, headmaster of the National 1, called by Inspector Gibson, stated on the evening in question he saw a e crowd by the school and two dogs, one Ilging to Maesgwynne and the other to Hurt, were fighting. Witness endeav- to separate the dogs, but Llewellyn i to prevent him and told him to let the fight it out. Defendant Jones also inter- and told him in abusive language to let -i ^ogs alone. Witness told them he should ■i the matter. Llewellyn told him he j do so Jones, the older defendant, cur- I itness worse than before and continued ge the dogs on, telling witness to clear t After that lie (Mr Rees) went away, the having been separated. w the Clerk Did you see the dogs separa- Rees I separated them first, then they JF urged on again and George Roberts ated them the second time. G James (Pantyphilip), one of the strates, interposed with a question as to Ile, the dogs were fighting, because he "ed that the charge sheet stated caus- them to fight. Spector Gibson said such cases were able in this division. W G James Witness does not seem to y Who saw the dogs fighting. fant John Hurt was then asked if he ally questions to put to witness, and he led, Yes, sir, I have an a "— fpt Harries Step up, Mr Hurt, please. ^Plying to questions bv the defendant *W\Ir Rees said he was not there when the started but shortly afterwards, and saw ? urging the dogs to fight. Vt: Did you see me passing there ? IZees: I saw you standing there. pendant: I beg your paidon, you didn't, ^estioned by the defendant Vaughan .ellyn if he had a walking stick, Mr Rees It was a whip. Yes, witness hit defend- dog in order to separate them. Pendant Jones asked if he pushed him lit, r Hees replied that defendant not only ed him about but cursed him roundly for luring. r E D Jones Apart from the fact that ivere preventing you, were they actually -1 {}g the dogs to fight. Rees: They were urging them on, and I tried to separate them Llewellyn said 4 leave the dogs alone, my dog can fight tlier; go on, good dog." apt James: How do you know the dog I defendant's voice ? Rees: The dog would naturally know voice of its master. The dogs were cross- eplying to the Inspector witness said he not the slightest doubt that all three etldants were one as bad as the other in eIlting anyone interfering so as to allow to fight to a finish. t, Rosser said lie went to make inquiries the Inspector on the evening of the 24th une. Witness saw Hurt's dog and fining it found it severely cut about the J* ^nd ears. Witness asked Hurt why he eel the dogs to fight and he replied he ted to know which was the best fighter. f«ted to know which was the best fighter, other was continually tackling his dog he wanted to see it fight to a finish. ess saw Hurt again on the 29th and ted to him similar questions. Witness Examined Maesgwynne dog and found s of injury on its throat and head. The ^dant Llewellyn also said he wanted to Jhe dogs fight to a finish and he would to see his dog kill the other. Replying to tl-Iarries, P.S. Rosser said the Maesgwynne 1 b \vas a cross between a cur and terrier and Other a smooth hair'd dog of the terrier aUghan Llewellyn denied that he said he ted his dog to kill the other, but admitted ritber part of the evidence. Ilrt created much amusement by asking ^ions as to where he (Hurt) was when the started to fight. Finally Hurt said he L/}d ask no more questions. He now had the Sergeant to swear that he set the 5s on to light, "I have*finished on tlie (Laughter). .^ghan Llewellyn put several questions t0.being anxious to see the dogs fight to psh which the Sergeant answered in the L^ative. pPector Gibson said that on the 27th he came to Fishguard and accompanied j' Rosser on a round of inquiry. At J^&Wynne, Vaughan Llewellyn said he jj^d on the Saturday night to see the dogs to a finish, as it was tiresome to have dogs fighting each time they meet. His dog getting the worst of it and lie urged it on Use he wanted to see it kill Hart's dog. t Was the reason, he said, why he tried to ent Mr Rees separating them, lie wanted them fight it out. The dog was exam- ^and found injured about the head, lower I and ears. Afterwards they went to see j,11 Hart and his dog. Defendant said lie 11t set the dogs on to fight, but they were J^ten fighting that he wanted to see it ^ed off. Witness examined Hurt's dog ZD found it injured as described. Witness ^Vards saw the defendant Jones on the L Works and in reply to questions he fitted some recollection of having pulled 6 Qian about, and that lie was a little lted, urging on the dogs to fight, and that \véls not quite sober or he would not have td in that way; he was very sorry, but JPosed he would have to face the matter IS* £ Inspector was questioned by the several J^dants, Hurt causing some amusement by Ng, wait a minute there's my missus e to prove what I say is true." DKFENDANTS' STATEMENTS. ^dressing tlie Magistrates, Hurt com" eed by saying, "I beg your pardon your [Ships, three months ago the two dogs ted fighting, and since then they have j&ht every time thev meet." Mt. T. G. Bennett; You tried to seperate 111) »Jurt: No, sir; yes, sir. (laughter) pell, after this next time, 011 the 22nd l1e, I was not there at all. No, I was pass- 5 by the Cambrian and heard dogs barking the school gates. I ran towards them y the people were slashing right and left p the dogs fought harder than ever. When y fought up High street, Mr. Rowlands k hold of my dog by the tail and flung it Yards; then they fought again. jptiestioned by the Clerk, Hurt said lie Qn't want the dog to fight, but it must take ? part. (Great laughter). Further quest- ed bv the Inspector, Hurt denied ever see- g the'Sergeant on the 24th, but admitted ter bci10 cautioned, that he did see him the d: i not remember being pulled down the Inspector on one occasion when he as about to strike a man on the head for 1119 to stop his dog lighting. augljan Llewellyn said he was going to karate the dogs on the Saturday in quest- When George Roberts came up and point- ? °ut the danger in doing so. Subsequently I^herts separated them by using his whip on vern. Defendant did not interfere with Mr. s until he saw him beating his dog. He its so fond of the dog that lie told Mr. Rees -Would hit him if lie continued beating it. 'Was true he said go on" to the dog ^ause it was a shy dog. ,/Mr George Roberts, oil merchant, deposed z, tlg present on the 22nd watching the dogs ht, and said he stopped Llewellyn from btting his hands down to stop the dogs lbting. Mr Rees came up and told them Parate them. Defendants were urging e dogs to fight and lie also heard Llewellyn Mr Rees not to punish his dog. Eventually 1 (witness) whii)ped the animals hard and broke loose. k itness was asked why he did not stop dogs fighting at the start. He replied that Vyas listensing to the arguments. Before ^^ng the box Roberts wished it to be o°d that lie was not appearing in ^Port of either side. iaRichard Jones (a defendant) denied having "1 h to the Inspector what the latter had told e court. He admitted having told him lie had had a sleever or two. Much of what Mr Rees had said he also denied. It was not true that another companion also in drink put his arms rouncl his (Jones) neck and begged of him to stop the dogs fighting. This concluded the evidence and after the isti Magistrates had consulted in private fora few minutes the defendants were called. A few minutes passed before two of them trooped in. Mr. E D Jones acted as spokesman and said the Magistrates had decided to dismiss the summons against Jones, but the other two must pay the costs 95 and 10s 6d respectively. Mr Gil son asked that the costs in the case of Jones be remitted to the Society as was usually done. This was granted. He would also like the Magistrates to refer to the kind action of Mr Rees in coming forward as he had on that occasion. Mr E D Jones said the Magistrates com- mended Mr Rees for his kindness and thought the S. P. C. A. had acted highly proper in bringing the case forward.- The Bench had marked its approval by imposing costs in two instances. The Inspector said he was quite satisfied. It was the first case of the kind in the district and he hoped it would be a warning to others. CHARGE OF OBSTRUCTING THE ROAD. The defendants were summoned by Supt. Brinn for obstructing the roadway near school on the same date. Mr. Rees gave evidence to the effect that there were three carts about 30 adults and over 30 school children in the narrow roadway. After some questions by Magistrates and their Clerk as to whether or not anyone tried to pass through the crowd, Mr. W. G. James intimated the case should be dismissed. This course was accordingly taken. This course was accordingly taken. M AIN T E N A X C E (> R D E R. John Bebb, fisherman, living at 14 Priory St., Hakin, Milford Haven, was summoned by Mr. D. W. Lewis, relieving officer for the Fishguard District, in raspect to an applica- tion to the Magistrates for an order of main- tenance in regard to his mother Mrs. Mary Bebb, Wallis St., Fishguard, who had be- come chargeable to the Haverforwest Union, to the extent of 2/6 per week since April 17th last. Mr Lewis explained that Bebb had been written to several times but did not reply until the summons was issued, then he paid up to June 25th.. He now asked that an order be made for 1/6 per week against Bebb, who was in regular work, although lie had promised to pay monthly. The order was granted, but in regard to costs (14/6) some comments from the Bench on the harsh- ness of exacting these were met by Ir. Lewis saying that it was always the rule to grant costs rather than burden the Guardians with them. Defendant had not paid until threat- ened with a summons. Eventually the costs were ordered to be paid by the defendant. NO LIGHTS. Thomas Price, rabbit catcher, of Letterston, was summoned for driving a horse attached to a vehicle and having no lighted lamps on the 8th of June at 9.55 p.m. P.S. Rosser stated that he was in company with Supt. Brinn when he saw defendant as stated. When asked for his lights, expressed surprise that he had none on his cart. He went away and borrowed some lamps and resumed his journey Fined 2/6 & 7/6 costs. A STRAYING DONKEY. Miss Morgan, Fishguard, was summoned for allowing her donkey to stray in the streets. P.C. Rowlands said that the defendent had been warned in April last. Complaints were received from Scleddy and other places that the animal had done mischief in the gardens. Defendant denied having been warned. Fined 1 inclusive of costs. Captain Harries in- formed her if she was again summoned the fine would be increased. BICYCLE WITHOUT LIGHTS. W. James, Cilwenan, Newport, was sum- moned for riding a bicycle without a light. P.C. Morgan said he stopped the defendant on the 8th of June at 11.36 p.m. and asked him where his lamp was. He replied that they were so [troublesome he seldom carried one. Fined 2/6 and 6/6 costs. DRUNK. John Rees, farm labourer, employed at Sycphant, Llanychllwydog was summoned for being drunk on the highway in Newport on June 27th. 'P.-c. Morgan said he saw defendant staggering about the street and lie had to place him in an outhouse where he slept for hours. Defendant was a poor man and had a wife and family. Mr W G James: Can't we dismiss it ? Several in chorus, No no Fined is. and 6s 6d costs. DRUNK AND DISORDERLY. Walter David, farm labourer, of Cwmg- loyne, Nevern,. was summoned for being drunk and disorderly and refusing to quit the Golden Lion, Newport, on the 10th of June.—P.-c. Morgan deposed to being called into the house to eject the defendant who had refused to do so by the landlord and daughter Witness had to resort to force.—Fined 2S 6d and 6s 6d costs.—Later on defendant appeared and paid the fine stating it would be the last time P.-c. Morgan would catch him. He had marched ten miles and would return the same way. It had cost him all he had in his pockets with the exception of sixpence with which he would have a drink. DRUNK AND DISORDERLY. John Williams of Glannant Seren, Llandilo was summoned for being drunk and disorderly at Newport Fair last month.—P.-c. Morgan stated the case.—Defendant wrote to Supt. Brinn pleading guilty, expressing sorrow and asking the Magistrates to deal leniently. with him.—Fined 2s 6d and 7s 6d costs. Elizabeth Jones, gipsy, was summoned for being drunk at Eglvvyswrw.—P.-c. Lewis, St. Dogmaels, proved the case and a fine of is. and 6s 6d costs .was imposed. WITHDRAWN. Wm Davies, Wallis, was summoned by Mr W T Harries, Trebover Farm, for alleged assault and battery on the 22nd June, at Tre- bover. Mr W T S Tombs, solicitor, appeared for the parties and intimated that the matter had been amicably settled and he desired their worships to have the case struck out. The request was acceded to. VACCINATION EXEMPTION. Mr Wm John Richard Squanee, Park-street, Fishguard, applied for an exemption order in respect to the vaccination of his daughter aged 3 months and one week. Applicant im reply to the Clerk said he believed that vaccination wofld be prejudicial to his child's health. Mr D W Lewis, in his official capa- city, submitted that it was necessary that the age of the child should be properly ascertained before the order was granted. It was easy for anyone to apply for exemption in respect to children of any age and a certifi- cate of birth ought to be put in. It was understood that in the applicant s case the age was as given. The child was born on April 3rd last.



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