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DIST RICT I COUNCIL. The fortr.iglnly meeting of the Pontypridd District Council was held at the Council Offices, Taff street, on Tuesday, the chairman, Mr R. T. Richards, J.P.. presiding. There were also present Messrs H. Rowlands (v-co-ehairtnan). James Roberts, v. Gowan, T. Taylor, J. E. Spickett, W. Jones-Powell, R. L. Phillips D. R. Evans. Hopkin Morgan, H. Brrmwell, with the clerk, Mr M. Grover, and t'.e surveyor. Mr Edward Rees. ¡ A lcn^ discussion took place witi; regard to some drain connections being made in Gelliwas- tad. In reply to Mr Joues-Powell. the surveyot said the Council was bearing the cost. Mr Powell objected to this, as he and other ratepayers bad been obliged to pay for connect- ing their premises, and it was only fair that all should be treated alike. Other members objected, and the matter was referred to the I Public Works Committee Inspector Rowlands reported 14 cases of j diphtheria. Three cases had proved fatal, one at No. 2, Woodlands, Llantrisant road, one at 14, Fountain Terrace, and one at Tanyrallt Honse. Llantrisant read. I The Surveyor reported having seen Mr John I Lewis. Top Hill, with reference to the pro- posed widening in front of the Corn Stores go CoedpenmaeB road, Mr Lewis J would only allow half of the wall to be built OI his ground. The Public Works Committee was instructed to visit the spot. The Surveyor submitted a plan and estimate of the proposed widening of Gelliwastad bridge, sent to him by the engineer of the Taff Yele Railway Company. Mr George Sibberin,&The plans were rsferred to the Public Works Com- mittee. Mr Rhys Morgan. M.A.. secretary of the Gelliwastad Institute, appied for another gas ) lamp near the Institute. The matter was r» ferred to the Lighting Committee. j The Clerk of the County Council wrote asking if the Council were disposed to contract with them for the removal of mud and dust from It the Toads in the district. The Surveyor was asked to give his opinion at the next meeting. Mr Roberta called the attention of the Coun- to the fact that the houses on Wood road were without water during nearly the whole of Monday last. He asked that a letter be sent to the Water Works Company on the sub- ject. and this it was agreed to do. The British Electric Traction Company wrote saying that the questions put to them by the Council were somewhat difficult to an- swer, and they required a ittle time before doing so. They thought an interview with the Clerk would be an advantage, and if he went to London to see them they would be glad to defray his expenses. The Council thought if tho Company desired an interview they should come to Pontypridd.—The letter was referred to the Public Works Committee. A letter was read from Mr E. C. Spickett acknowledging the receipt of the Council's >t- ter. and stating that the question of re-assessing the railways would have their attention. Mr Roberts: I must say we are not much I "forrader. The Clerk: Mr Phillips told me there vis ing to be a re-assessment very shortly. A circular was received from Lord Wantage secretary of the Central British Bed Sooetv, asking for assistance for the society. Mr Jones-Powell thought the least thing they could do was to ask the chairman of the Coun- cil to call a public meeting to carry owt the suggestions contained in the circular.—Mr R. L; Phillips seconded. The Chairman was of opinion that th* Ile. sorvists should be included also, and he as afraid the Red Cross Society would dash with that. It was decided to hold the public not- ing The Fire Brigade Committee recommended that the resignations of the Fire Brigade 1 e accepted, and the clerk read the following let- ters, which had been received from the secre- ttry of the Brigade, "33, Taff street, Pontypridd, Oct. 19th, 1899. ( "Dear Sir,—At the weekly meeting of the members of the Fire Brigade held at the star tion on Wednesday, October 18th, surprise was expressed that no opportunity had been given the men to state their grievances (through their representatives on the Brigade Committee), which the firemen' thought could be remedied by discussion. The resolution passed at the meeting on October 4th was to the effect that the brigade would send in resignations to date after November 1st if the conference is not satisfactory.—Yours, etc., W. S. Leslie, hon. secretary." Pontypridd Fire Brigade, Oct. 10th, 1899. "Gentlemen,—I am instructed to inform you that the whole of the members of the Ponty- pridd Fire Brigade at a meeting summoned on Wednesday, October the 4th, it was resolved unanimously in 28 days from this notice to tender you their resignations, unless m the meantime you shall have carried out the pro- irises from time to time made by you.-Yours, etc.. W. S. Leslie, hon. secretary." Mr D. R. Evans said he had seen one of the members of the Brigade who had told him the letter of October 10th was sent without autho- rity. Mr Powell stated that one of the men had informed him that they did not deny the let. ter, but it was not intended to be sent in that way. Mr D. R. Evans: And being the letter was sent without their instructions they called on Pr Leslie to resign. itr R. L. Phillips said there seemed to be lIOÍne misunderstanding with regard to the Fire Brigade, and he did not think the resignation* should be accepted. Mr Roberts wanted p letter to come from He Brigade denying the intention of the letter. 'The committee would then be justified in ask- j ing the Fire Brigade to reconsider their deci- sion. Mr Gowan movf>o:! that the report of the ("m. mittee be adopted, and Mr Bramwell seconded.. The Brigade could then write asking to be re- appointed. Mr Phillips thought the report should net be adopted. The Brigade was purely a volun- teet affair. Mr Bramwell thought there was not so much of the volunteer about it. It coot the Council about, £500 a year, and the men were fairly paid for their services. They had been collect- ing to pay themselves, and now the Council pail them they thought they should do the col- lecting. The Chairman said he had seen the Supt. of Police, who said that if the Fire B^'gale re- wfIned the was BO alternative but for the to take iL uri. The superintendent spoke highly of the Fire Brigaaw men, who. he said, were an excellent, body. After gome further discussion the recommendation of the commit- tee. was adopted, it being understood that if the Brigade applied for re-instatement their application would be considered. Mr R. L. Phillips thought the Council should write to the Board of Agriculture with a view to getting the muzzling order revoked. There was now no rabies in Pontypridd, t. r -n tr.e county. Mr Jaines Roberts seconded if only for the sake of "his little dogs, and other little dogs." (Lauxhter). It was decided to write to Mr Long. Mr Jones-Powell asked the Council to try to cut down the cost of the new Isoaltion Hospi- tal. not to make the buildings things of archi- tectural beauty like the Lan Wood schools at a huge cost. After a long discussion, it was decided to seek the permission of the Local Government Board to erect only one block con- taining ten beds, instead of the twenty ordered.








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