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-'!—I Police Court flews.…


— Police Court flews. Pontypridd--Wedrwsday. Before Mr J. Ignatius WA9, (Stipendiary) Dr R. C. liuril-er, and Mr R. T. Richarrds. BOYS ROMPING ON SUNDAY. Four Pontypridd young lads named Jonah Morgan, Charles Hemon, Emrys Harries, and Enoch Morgan, were summoned for disorderly behaviour in Taff street on Sunday evening last Constable Walkley said they behaved in a most disorderly manner, jumping on each others barks and running about the pavement, push- ing against pedestrians This -as Morgans second offence. He ftlied 5s" and th others 2s 6d eaoob. KICKING A TREFOREST POLICEMAN. The adjourned case against George Bassett, Treforest, an old offender, for -an assault upora P.C. Williams, Treforest, was heard. The case was partly heard at Ystrad on Monday, and adorned in order to enable prisoner to call witnesses. Superintendent Cole now informed \\k Bench that prisoner was unable to call wit- Besses. The Stipendiary told prisoner it VMS & very serious thing to kick a constable; it wai possible to deprive him from earning 1 8ft was sent to gaol for a month wi MARRIED WOMEN WHOLESALE. „ worried woman living at Elizabeth Davies, • married Dina was charged in three separate gum was < = 3ao<ls bv false pretences ttonses with obtaining „ Pt,oeb,e Davies, Kendal stre-et, Tonv,pandy, said prisoner ea„e to her ho,« on MondaT -tod October, ».»! a»ke<l her "h''Uer W' Davies *a» at !»">" her f t u,r then .aid she cuno from Treata, and that to kusbaud wotkeri by her husband at "-j™ !or 13 years. She said he would have helped her if he was in. and had sent her to get help. Her husband had been ill since Christmas, and .he had seven children. She »a, asked into tie house, and given breakfast and 10 or 01 flour, lilbs. of butter, a pot of beef tea, 2lbs. of oatmeal, and a half a loaf of bread and lIb. of loaf sugar, and one bar of soap, valued to- get her at 45 4d. She gave her the things be- cause she thought her husband had sent her to get help. P .1. 1, William Davies. husband I me said he never authorised prisoner to go to his house. and had never seen her in his life. Prisoner, when arrested at Dinas, said, "You car. only put me in prison for it. Mrs Williams. Ynysoynon Road. Trealaw,was 41%0 victimised in a similar manner on the 24th of Oct-obsr. She gave prisoner a score of flour but. she said she would rather have money to buy beef tea for her husband, who was ill. Annie Beer, Brithweruiydd Road, Trealaw, text gave evidence of having been victimised by prisoner on Thursday last. She gave her a Is. in money, ilb. of tea, half a loaf of bread, Sugar, cheese, and butter. Prisoner pleaded guilty and was sentenced to six weeks' hard labom. SHORT BREAD. Thomas and Evans, grocers, Taff street, Pontypridd, were summoned for selling bread other than by weight. Evidence was given by P.C. Harn as to the purchase, and Inspector Morgan also gave evidence. Mr W. R. Davies, -110 defended, explained that it was owing to 8.J1 error of the baker at Porth that the loaf Was 60at down to Pontypridd. Defendant was cos^s' v*z" ^s* r Hopkin Morgan, baker. Pontypridd, was 50 ordered to pay costs for a similar offence. NAUGHTY BOYS. Oliver Plumber and, John Jenkins, Treforest lads, were summoned for disorderly behaviour Castle street, Treforest, on the previous Sunday. Plumber, who had previous convic- tions recorded against him, was fined 5s. The Case against Jenkins was adjourned. his mother alleging that he was not present in the street ILt the time. -T"I> BOY BURGLARS AT 1 UJN1 XriiLLUJ. Before Dr Hunter and Mr H. T. Richards, in the lesser Court, three lads named John Golds- Worthy, W. H. Williams, and William Powell, Were brought up to answer ach arge of stealing various articles from the Graig Schools last Monday night, and doing considerable damage Ividence was given by the head-master, Mr Chubb, and the head-mistress, Miss Annie J. Williams, who stated that they left the schools to good order. on the Monday, but on Tuesday morning they found the schools had been broken into, and numerous books and other Utensils stolen.. The lads were also further charged with breaking and entering the Taff Vale Railway goods station at Pontypridd and doing considerable damage to sacks of corn by Cuttano- the sacks and scattering the contents ltbout the warehouse. Inspector Edwards, of the Taff Vale Railway, gave evidence, and 1te.ted that the defendants' conduct had put the Company to a considerable expense. The pirates expressed their sorrow in not being fbl* to deal with the case as they would lib, to owing to the youthfulness of the offenders. '1\eY would, however, order Powell to receive fOltr strokes with the birch rod. and to be tked up for 24 hours in the cells. The others VtOuld receive three strokes and a like imprison- nt. In the first case they were ordered to eive six strokes each. Young WOMAN' KICKS A PUBLICAN. Margaret Thomas, a young woman of ill-fame "aa charged with assaulting George Amos,land. ed of the Wheatsheaf Hotel, Pontypridd, be- Cause he refused to supply her with drink owing to her drunken condition. Mr Amos said that oner kicked him violently in the abdomen. e was fined 10s or seven days' imprisonment.













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