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Public Notices. "Maypole" Butter and "Maypole" Tea for the Million. Yes, there's no doubt about it, the "Million" are buying Maypole Butter and Maypole" Tea everywhere to-day. They have long proved that "MAYPOLE" BUTTER is the Best. o N'E QUALITY 0 N IL -Y-T 1-1 E BEST n REDUCED To 1/2 PER LB. And there's no other tea at the price so good as MAYPOLE TEA L. The Very Best Maypole Tea only 1/6 per pound, WHY PAY MORE? Also our "Maypole" Teas at 1/4, 1/2. and 1/- are sure to please. FRESH CHURNED MARGARINE 5d., 6d. & Sd. per lb. Far superior to second quality Butters. MAYPOLE DAIRY CO., LTD., 83a, TAFF STREET, PONTYPRIDD, LOCAL ADDRESSES- ABERDARE—47, Commercial Street. LLANELLY-42, Stepney Street. CARDIFF-I, Bute Street. MERTHYR TYDFIL-55. High Street. 11 _93, Clifton Street. MOUNTAIN ASH-64, Oxford Road. „ -2, High Street Arcade. NEWPOR r (Mos.)—41, High Street. DOWLAIS-40. Cpper Union Street. „ „ -54, Commercial Road, Pill. FERNDALE-62, Duffryn Street SWANSEA—209, High Street. BRANCHES IN ALL LARGE TOWNS. AGENTS EVERYWHERE. 4528 -+.- PIESOLD, THE PEKTRE RHONDDA JEWELLER. True and Steady to Greenwich Time are PIESOLD'S Watches. Miners' Watches trom 10s. 6d. ^2) With PIESOLD'S Lucky Kote PIESOLD'S Silver English Lever Wedding Rings beautiful "SSSitSTwSiS': P™86"48 are given- proof' A. Special attention paid to Large assortment of Engagement Presentation Orders. Rings from 5/6 upwards. SPECTACLES—Oculist's Prescriptions worked on the shortest notice. Lowest prices. 4913 THE GOOD OLD FIRM ESTABLISHED OVER 10 YEARS. OTTO FALLER, Pawnbroker (UNDER ACT OF PARLIAMENT). MONEY LENT, to any amount on GoM mid Silver Plate, jBEw Watches, Jewellery and Clothing at Low Interest (no overcharges) according to Pawnbrokers' Act, 1872. Best Fire-Prooj and Burglar Re8i8tin:1 Safes tm- Storage of Valuables. ALL BUSINESS TRANSACTIONS STRICTLY PRIVATE AND UNDER MR. FALLER'S PERSONAL SUPERVISION- Sale Department.—Immense Stock of Unredeemed Pledges, Watches, Rings, Chains, Jewellery, and all kinds of Household Clothing at such Low Prices that will startle you. NOTE THE ADDRESS— ——————— OTTO FALLER, Pawnbroker, Clothier & Jeweller, 34, TAFF STREET, PONTYPRIDD. (NEAR THE OLD BRIDGE). 5036 PORTH COTTAGE HOSPITAL. FOURTH ANNUAL FANCY DRESS BALL AT THE TOWL""T HALL, PORTH, On Thursday, November the 16th, 1899. LADIES IN FANCY DRESS, 8/6; LADIES IN EVENING DRESS, 11/6. GENTLEMEN „ 11/6; GENTLEMEN 11 16/ Including Supper and Light Refreshments, but not Wines. Tickets may be had from the members of the Ladies' Committee or the Hon. Secretaries., MR. J. T. JONES, Glandwr, Porth, and i010 MR. R. G. SCOTT, Jeweller, Porth. ROYAL CLARENCE THEATRE, PONTYPRIDD. jujrjeES0SS XES"aS- TOM JONES. Saturday, November 4th, last night of THE AVENGING HAND. Monday. November 6th, and during the week, Mr J. B. Caasidy's Powerful No. I Company in the Magnificent Spectacular Plar- "THE GOD OF WAR." This is the first time of production in South Wales. Time of opening and prioes as usual. No smoking, bad language, or indecent conduct allowed in this recogni&ed place of amusement. Booking office at Messrs Thompson & Shackell, -ftff Street. ————————- 4883 Monday, November 13th-The Neilson Grand Opera Company with augmented band and full chorus. EVERY DESCRIPTION OF PRINTING AND BOOKBINDING EXECUTED WITH DESPATCH AT -REASONABLE PRICES BY THE Pontypridd Printing & Publishing Co., Ltd., TAFF STREET PONTYPRIDD. Prize Drawings- WILLIAM GRAFUM thanks all those that V contributed towards his Drawing. The Winning Numbers are: If;t 715, 2!Hi 631, 3rd 1220, 4th 1233, 5ch 942, 6th 1319, 7th 666, 8th 132. [AI61j] Sales by Auction- E. T. DA VIES. THE AUCTION ROOMS, MARKET SQUARE, PONTYPRIDD. Sales of Furnituf". every Wednesday at One ociockandon Saturday evenings at Six p.m. Citsti advanced on goods consigned for positive sale. 4836 CORPORATION 'HORSE REPOSITORY. CARDIFF. MESSRS BAILEY, GILLER, and TELFER beg to announce that they will hold their usual Fortnightly Sale of 50 HUNTERS, HACKS, HARNESS, HORSES, AND COBS; ALSO CARRIAGES, CARTS AND HARNESS, commencing at 1 o'clock, at the above Reposi- tory, on THURSDAY, November 9th. 5047 Auctioneers' Offices, 24, Duke Street, Cardiff. SALE OF TWO VALUABLE DOUBLE- LICENSED HOTELS, Situate in the midst of the South Wales Col- liery District, both doing a lar-e barrelage as I well as a considerable wine and spirit business. MESSRS STEPHENSON AND ALEXANDER are instructed to Sell by AUCTION at the New Inn Hotel, Pontypridd, on Wednesday, Nov- ember 8th, 1899, at 3 p.m., the following VALUABLE DOUBLE-LICENSED HOTELS. Lot 1.—All that Valuable Double-licensed Hotel situate at Merthyr Vale, in the Taff Vallev, Glamorganshire, near to Messrs Nixon's Collieries, and known as THE WINDSOR HOTEL, now in the occupation of Mr John Arters, and held by him upon a lease for a term of 21 years from the 20th August, 1894, at an annual ren- tal of E199, and a premium of 92,500. The whole is held under lease for a term of 99 years from the 1st May, 1869, at the low ground rent of L7 6s 6d per anuum. The house is tied to the Vendors or their nominees for all porter, stout, ale, beer, and othef malt liquors at very remunerative prices, and the vendors will assign to the purchaser of the premises their right to supply. By this assignment the premises will pass to the purchasers as a Free House. Lot 2.—All that Valuable Double-Licensed Hotel and Premises known as THE COMMERCIAL HOTEL, situate at Ferndale, in the Rhondda. Vach Val- ley, Glamorganshire, and is now in the occupa- tion of the vendorm, The property is held under two several in- dentures of lease for terms of 96 years, less 10 days, from the 1st January, 1869, at the exceedingly low ground rent of L5 10s 2a per annum, and 98 years from 1st June, 1866, at a ground rent of £0 19a 3d per annum. The houses will be offered absolutely free in all respects, and possession will be given on completion. Plans, particulars, and conditions of sale may be had upon application to Messrs Mackintosh and Dixon, Solicitors, St. John's Square, Car- diff; Messrs R. Thomas and Francis Solicitors, 11, Castle street Cardiff; or to the Auctioneers, at 5, High street, Cardiff. PONTYPBIDD. SALE OF VALUABLB RESIDENCE. MESSRS H. S. DAVIES and MORGAN have received instructions to SELL BY AUCTION at the Park Hotel, Pontypridd, on Wednesday, the 8tb day of November, 1899, at 7.30 o'clock in the evening, all that LEASEHOLD RESI- DENCE known as PANTYFFYNON HOUSE, Situate in Berw Road, Pontypridd, now in the occupation of Mr William Edwards, the owner. The house contains Sitting Room, Drawing Room, Dining Room, Kitchen and Scullery on ground floor, and Five Bedrooms, and is situate in a pleasant position within five minutes walk of the Railway Station and three minutes from the centre of the Town of Pontypridd. The house is exceptionally well-built and in every way substantial. There is a capital Garden at the back. This sale affords a rare opportunity of securing one of the best Dwelling-houses in the Town. The property is held under an Indenture of lease for the term of 99 years from the 25th day of March, 1867, at the low ground rent of 26 10s Od per annum. For further particulars and orders to view, apply to the Auctioneers, at their Offices, Town Hail Chambers, Pontypridd, or to Messrs LINTON and C. and W. KENSHOLE, Solicitors, Bank Buildings, Aberdare. 5045 CLYDACH VALE. MR. WILLIAM MORGAN has been in- sfructed to sell by public auction at the Clydach Vale Hotel, ClydaclvVale, on Thursday, November 9th, 1899, at J.30 o'clock in the eveninc (subject to conditions to be there and then read), the following VALUABLE LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES. Lot 1.—All that Messuage or Dwelling-House, situate and being No. 34, Jones Street, Clydach Vale, now let to Mr Thomas Pughe, at a Rental of £ 1 3s. per lunar month. This lot is held witu other hereditaments under a lease from the Owners ef the Blaenclydach Joint Estate, for a term of 99 years, from the 1st May, 1692, and will be offered for Sale subject to an appor- tioned Yearly Ground Rent of 12s. 3d. Lot 2.—All that Messuage or Dwelling-House and Shop, situate and being No. 18, Clydach Road, Blaenclydach, now let to Mr J. P. Jones at an Annual Rent of JE26. This Lot is held under a Lease from the Owners of the Blaenclydach Joint Estate, for the residue of a term of 99 years, subject to an Annual Ground Rent of 17a. 6d. Lot 3.-All that Messuage or Dwelling-House, known as "Llantwit Villa," Wern Street, Clydach Vale, sub-leased to Dr. W. W. David for a term of 7 years from the 29tli September, 1894, at an Annual Rental of 935. This Lot is-held with other hereditaments under a Lease from the Owners of the Blaenciydach Joint Estate, for a term of 99 years, from the 1st May, 1894. and will be offered for Sale subject to a appor- tioned Yearly Ground Rent of £1138. 3d. Lot 4.—All that Messuage or Dwelling-House, known as "Tywern," Wern Street, Clydach Vale, sub-leased to Dr. Morgan for a term of 14 years from March, 1898, at a Rental of £40 per annum. This Lot is held under a Lease from the Owners of the Blaenclydach Joint Estate, for a term of 99 years, from the 1st May, 1891, subject to an Annual Ground Rent of JE1 6a. 7d. Lot 5.—All that Messuage or Dwelling-House and Shop, with the Warehouse, Stable, and Coach-house held therewith, situate in Marian Street, Clydach Vale, and known as the Clydach Vale Co-operative Stores. And also the Messuage or Dwelling-House adjoining, now let to Mr Thomas Stephens at a Rental of 21s. per lunar month. This Lot is held under a Lease from Samuel Thomas and others for a term of 99 years from the 30th April, 1874, at an Annual Ground Rent of J61 19s. 8d. The purchaser of Lot 5 will have the option of taking to the Stock-in-Trade, Fixtures. Fittings, Utensils, Cart Harness, etc., together with the Book Debts, at a valuation to be made in the usual way. At the Stock-taking on the 12th September last. the same amoullt.,1 as follows Grocery and Boot Department, £ 134 17s. 8d. Drapery and Millinery Department, L99 3a. 7d. A Schedule of the Fixtures, Fittings, Utensils, and Cart Harness can be inspected on applica- tion to the Auctioneer The B )ok t ebts outstanding at the time of the last Stock-taking amounted to 1890. For further particulars apply to the Auc- tioneer. Whitehall, Trealaw; Messrs. W. C. Clarke and Dovey, 31, Queen Street, Cardiff; or to MR. W. R. DAVIES, Solicitor, 5042 30, Mill Street, Pontypridd. Sales by Auction (Continued). PORTH AND HAFOD. RHONDDA VALLEY. Mr JOHN Li. ATKINS has been instructed to SELL BY AUCTION at the New Inn Hotel, Pontypridd, at 2.30 p.m., on the 15th day of November, 1899, in such Lots and subject to such conditions of sale as shall then be deter- mined, the following LEASEHOLD PROPERTY AND SHARES, All that 'Dwelling-house known as No. 18, River Terrace, Britannia, Porth. These premises are held for a term of 99 years from the 2nd day of August, 1853, at the apportioned yearly rent of £1 2s. All those Dwelling-houses and Shop being 7, 8, 9, and 10, Hafod Road, Hafod. These premises are held for a term of 99 years from the 2nd February, 1897, at the year- ly rent of R.3 3s. All those Leasehold Dwelling-houses and Premises situate and being Nos. 43, 44, 45, 46, and 47, Syphon street, Porth and all that Spacious and Convenient Stable, with Hayloft and Coachhouse suitable for Cab Proprietors, Hauliers, and others. These premises are held term of 99 years from 1st day of July, 188o, at an annual apportioned rent of £ 11 18s Sd. Two Shares in the Morning- Star Building Club, Pontypridd, on which the sum of £218 lis 6d has been paid up to and including Sep- tember, 1899. For further particulars apply to Messrs Lewis and Jones, Solicitors, Merthyr Tydfil, or to the Auctioneer, Gellifaelog Cottage, Dowlais. 5043 CAERPHILLY. SALE OF VALUABLE Lt ASEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSES IVTR- J- P. CHARLES has received instruc- tions to sell by public auction at the I Clive Arms Hotel, Caerphilly, on Wednesday. I November 15h, 1899, at i- o'clock p.m., all those SIX DWELLING-HOUSES situate in Go drich Street, Caerphilly, recently built by Mr Howell Poweh, Builder. The Premises are held under Six Indentures of Lease, for the term of 99 years from the 1st of November, 1897. at Ground Rents varying from £1 6s. to £ 1 8s. per house. The Auctioneer desires to call particular attention to this property, which is situate on one of the new streets between Bartlett Street and Van Road, and convenient to the new Rhymney Railway Sheds. There is a separate L-asp for each houaa, and they will be sold separately if desired. £ 100 may remain on mortgage at f,5 per cent. if desired. For further particulars apply to the Auc- tioneer, 1, High Street, Llaubradach, or to SPICKETT SONS, Solicitors, oC40-cl84 Caerphilly or Pontypridd. IN ORDER TO ARRY OUT THE DECISION. THE GREAT STAFFORDSHIRE POTTERY APPEAL CASE, Re the Kensington Fine Art Pottery Co., in Bankruptcy, China and Earthenware Manufacturers, Hanky. In consequence of the decision of the High Court of Justioe upon the Appeal in this case the whole of the Stock of PORCELAIN, CHINA, AND EARTHENWARE, Amounting to some Thousands of Pounds, must be sold forthwith. In order to carry out the decision, MR. HARRY DAVIES Has naceived instructions to offer a Portion of the Stock by Public Auction, Without Reserve, in the MARKET HALL, CAERPHILLY, On TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, and FRIDAY, November 7, 8, 9 & 10, st 2 and 6.30 o'clock each day. The Stock consists of some most noble pieces of Art, formerly made by the above well-known I oil standing firm, the make of the China being Hen-known all over the world. There are about 240 Dinner Sets, for 12, 84, and 36 persons, some of them in very fine per- celain; 315 Tea and Breakfast Sets, some being beautifully decorated by hand; 34 Dessert Sets, in fine porcelain, china, and raised gold decora- tion; 150 Trinket Sets, very nearly all different patterns; 340 Single and Double Chamber Sets, in shapes and decorations quite new, in the latest London styles. Quantity Dining and Drawing Room and Hall Jardinieres, carved most beautifully, and nicely decorated by a first-class artist, some of them nearly 40 inches high. Quantity China Tables. A great quan- tity of Crown Derby style China in Tea, Break- fast, Dinner, Vases, Trinket, and Afternoon Sets, etc. A great quantity of Velloutina, in Vases, etc. A choice collection of real Ken- sington Ware. A few Vases and .Pedestals, standing no less than 4 to 5 feet high, very high-class goods. Many of these articles were intended for the Exhibiton. Purchasers who bay goods to the value of 1 B10 can have them packed free and safe for any distance, but they cannot be delivered by any of our staff in town or country, but must be sent for day after Sale. If to go by goods train, the address must be given to the clerk attending the Sale the same day they are bcught. This Sale will be most interesting under the circumstances, and the Auctioneer specially invites all his numerous friends to attend this Sale. ON VIBW MORNING OF SALE. GRAND CHANCE TO PEOPLE WHO ARE ABOUT FURNISHIN3. 5046 Public Notices. STOPS COLD I uu a geod deal In Winter, giving it to servants and other*, and Invariably hear of good results. My brother, who had Whooping Cough, and could not rest, found it the greatest relief. "-N.M. D.. The Elms, Paringdon, Berks, Juue, 1808. A touGH &r CASif d2 2 Mrs A. S. BALLIN, Editress of Baby," Feb., 1898, says: Bityman's Baltam has earned an excellent reputation. I have tried It myself, and found it give immediate relief. I had it carefully analysed, and it can be used safely for young children and infants." CURES COUGH 15 J. E. Williams, Taxidermist CROFT HOUSE, tuHHR 11, Wood Rd., Pontypridd. Birds, Animals, and Reptiles preserved on the most new and scientific principles. Private museums attended to. Ladies' plumes made to order. 5004 rMAHCtS, MEWTDN < Cal Lid. PENSION TEA BMTITUNG MARRIED WOAflSNf ON BECOMING WIDOWS TO 10/- PER WEEK FOR LIFE Apply to year Grocer for particulars. 4958 Public Notices. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. PENARTH THIRD ANNTIAL EISTEDDFOD JT WEDNESDAY. MARCH 7 h, 1900. MALE VOICE CHOIRS—"Night and Day" (Dard). Prize £20, and Gold Medal. CONGREGATIONAL CHOIRS God be Merci- ful Uuto Us (Hadtey Watkins). Prize £15 and Gold Medal. JUVENILE CHOIRS—" Excelsior(S.C.) (Thomas Facer). Prize f5 and Silver Medal. Vocal Solos, Duetts, rianofort. Violin, Clarionet, Cornet, and Zither Ba.njo Solos. Art Subjects and Recitations Programmes ready shortly. M NICHOLAS, 121, Windsor-road, Peuarth. Hon. Sec. NEW TOWN HALL, PONTYPRIDD. THREE NIGHTS ONLY TRURSDA Y, November 16lh, 1899. FRIDAY, November 17th, 1899. SATURDAY, November 18th, 1899. MR. WILL SMITHSON (The Welsh Theatrical Pioneer), of THEATRE ROYAL, MERTHYR, has great pleasure in informing his numerous Pontypridd patrons that he has made arrangements with Messrs. Morel! ai|d tyouilfott's Celebrated Comic Opera Company THR "(xEISHA" to visit Pontypridd on above dates. PRICES 3/ 2/ 1/ Seats may be booked at Heath's Music Warehouse. IS"" MarveUous how SMITHSON idoes get the attractions. This is the secret-Money, Energy, and Brains. 5041 SANDERS' OITY PHARMACY IS NOW SHOWING A VARIETY OF SOAPS SUITABLE FOR WINTER USE, With an ample assortment of SKIN PREPARATIONS. It is easier to keep the Skin smooth, soft and healthy than to heal it after it is rough, chapped and hard. 47, QUEEN STREET, (Next the Empire), CARDIFF. 20

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