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EGLWYSILAN SCHOOL BOARD. The monthly meeting of the Eglwysilan School Board was held at the District Council Offices, Caerphilly, on Monday, Mr John Mor- gan presiding. Other members present were Rev C. Tawelfryn Thomas (vice-chairman), Messrs Edward Evans, D. Towyn Jones, U. P. Edmunds, David Williams, J. F. Evans, R. W. J. Southerland, with the clerk (Mr Thomas Thomas). A report was submitted by the attendance officer (Mr Joseph Millward), in which he sta- ted that the results of the proceedings he had taken against parents for irregular attendance on the part of their children was unsatisfac- tory. He instanced a case where a child was summoned, but a certificate was put in for a period other than that for which the child was prosecuted, and the magistrates accepted the certificate. That way of treating the cases, added Mr Millward, would never raise Wales above a bad third. The Chairman said that the report appeared to him to be a very serious thing, because apparently the justices would not deal with those cases as they should be dealt with. Other Boards had passed re- solutions to submit to the magistrates asking them to deal with cases of non-attendance in a most severe manner, but he did not suggest the Board should go as far as that. Rev Tawelfryn Thomas thought it was a very great loss to the ratepayers, because the cost was thrown on the ratepayers. The Clerk Temarked that the attendance officer was instructed to take proceedings only in extreme cases. The Chairman said it had been stated the Board did not scrutinise the certificates closely enough, but he pointed out that the committee went thoroughly into every case. Rev Tawelfryn Thomas: Two or three of them (the justices) dont' care a rap about education, and throw these out.-The subject then dropped. A letter was read from the Education De- partment directing that the Aber Mill Board School should in future be known as "Abertri. dwr" Board School. The Clerk explained that the name meant the confluence of three waters, and the Board in general thought it a more suitable name than the old one. The Secretary of the Rhymney Railway Com- pany (wrote stating that, according to the Railway Clearing House regulations season tickets were issued at half ordinary rates to pupil teachers under 18 years of age. He had ,no authority to go outside those regulations. The Clerk stated that he had asked the com- pany to allow all the pupil teachers to travel to Cardiff at the same rate. The assistantteachers of the Evening Con- tinuation Schools under the control of the Board called the attention of the Board to the low rate at which they were paid for teaching, viz., Is 3d per hour, whereas at Ystradyfodwg anu Merthyr they were paid 2s and 2s 6d per hour respectively. The Clerk was instructed to ascertain the scale of salaries paid by neighbouring Boards. The Education Department wrote stating that the reading book for the examination in 1900 would be Macaulay's Essays on Frederick the Great. The head-master of Aber Mill Board School wrote stating that the attendance was increas- ing, and the Inspector recommended that an- other male assistant be appointed.—It was de- cided to advertise.







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