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--_-Iflustard and Cress.

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Contravening Byelaws at Caerphilly.





A- Meeting of Sliding Scale Gsmmittee. A meeting or -he South Wales and Mon- mouthshire Hh i:n^-5calc Committee was held a, the couio vr. offices, Cardiff, on Monday. M.- Archibald Hood occupied the chair, and 3fi William Aham (Mabon), M.P., the vice- clair. Several «:Spates at the associated collieries "sere dealt with. DARE HAULIER,S DISPUTE. The existing hauliers' dispute at the Dare Colliery, one of the Oceun Colliery Company's pits at Treorky, was explained by Mr William Abraham, M.P., on behalf of the workmen, an t by Mr William Jenkins on behalf of the owners of the colliery. Notices had been given by some the hauliers at this colliery to t(rrrinate -Upon the application of the owners committee for a with- drawal of ih.-s:, aciiccs, and the reference of this dispute Vi f. mmittee, as laid down in iwio J:-jir;scai > agreement, it was eTMituaHj u->cid'*i ihai M.-ssrs W. Jen kins ad W. Abrs-hajr. sl-old "j favour to get those workmen now doing ii* vork of the hauliers who are irl;" tv iccept ,„„ work, so as to re- irstate tho hauliers, ncd, on that being done the dispute wi! 1 be ¡n(! jnto by the joint committee, YrOliKIN., lUjl ilS AT IfOUNTAIN ASH colluhiks. It was reported efforts which had letu mad,; b- • n tie company and the workmen at Mountain A*h cilleries, re working hI urs, disrmlr. had Dot been successful, and no settlement Iklu rived at. HAULIEHS Dispry*; AT THE MARITIME COLLIERY. This d/sj,~u.\ wiiicj'i .W led to notices being given by t-ho hauliers; terminate contracts 0,5 the 31st inst., wa, brought before the com- rii.ttee.-I,- v.,i, at"r,ed t/, in the absence of M Ben Davie* who f. prwents the workmen, tl. workman. side of committee would re- commend the notices be suspended for a n.orjth, pending tho n l'erence of the question t: the next. r > ing of the joint committee. GWAilNCAElxURWEN DISPUTE. The dispute pending at the Gwaencaegurwen Companys Old Pit, is due to the demands of the workmen to be conveyed from their work along the ejig-ne-piane, and was brought before the notice Oi. the joint committee. It was re- ported that the owners had raised an objection to concurring wsth the workmen's request, on "vbe ground that the practice could not be con- tinued with safety.—After some discussion, the subject wa3 referred to Mr C. H Eden and Mr Daronwy Isaac for investigation, in the event of the workmen bang w Jing to agree to that course and ;-v wj* U'ixa..v notices which they Lad given to contracts on the 31st mat. MOiiFA I)t$i?UTB. This dispute, wnlch im been referred back to Mr Charles BJün, it-presenting Messrs Viv- hu and Sons, and Mr John Williams, as repre- senting the workmen, to make a further effort t" arrive at a settlement, was again brought before the committee, it being reported by Mr Charles Eden that a part of the dispute had been settled, but that one part of the dispute still remained unsettled, viz., the question whether the "pay should be weekly, or, as at p- oft-at, fortnightly." SWANSEA MINERS AND THE SLIDING SCALB. Following the meeting of the sliding-scale committee there was a meeting between the representatives of the western collieries (Swan- sea District), which have recently been admitted into the South Wales and Monmouthshire Coal- owners' Association. The following were the representatives of the workmen present:- Messrs William Abraham (Mabon), M.P., John Williams, William Brace, T. D. Isaac, W. E. Morgan, and T. Richards (secretary). Mr Ed- ward Jones prejidtxl over the meeting. After a long discussion Mr John Williams (Neath), the represent a! hi. of the miners of the western district, wa.s iiuormed that the owners of the collieries within this district had decided to withdraw the notices which they had given the m&n to terminate contracts, and, consequently, posters will be put up at the respective collier- ies to that effect. ENGINEMEN AND STOKERS' DISPUTE. A meeting of the representatives of the sev- eral collieries who have received notices from tøe South Wales enginemen, stokers, and out- side fitters to tenWate contracts on the 31st inst was held on Monday at the coalowners offices, Cardiff, under the chairmanship of Wr T. H. Deacon, there being a large attend- ance. The object of the meeting was to make arrangements iu consequence of the nou-accept- ence by Mr Hopkins and the other representa. tives of the workmen of the amended schedule of rates of wages submitted to them by the owners' committee on the 25th inst." The meeting fully endorsed the action of the com- mitee representing the owners of the collieries in the matter, and decided to strictly adhere to the schedule of rates as offered by the work- from.

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Ystrad.~ Monday.




Clydach Vale v j