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ESTABLISHED 1872. It makes no difference what others say, Well beat them all in Price and Quality "I' '-J -> vnr KXOW WHAT WE H*VB DONE FOB YOU IN THE PAST WE CAN YOL KNOW BBTTER p0R you sow Below are a few Special Lines at hrices that will make your eyes water:- SUGAR Sparkling Lump only lid per lb. j Best Large Crystals, only lod per lb. Coffee Pure Bei,ry or Ground, only Is. per lb. TEAS at 1/ and V" per lb. area Perfect Treat. BUTTER Choice Creamery, only Is per lb. CHEESE 000(1 American, only 4Jd per lb. lIA MS (Pic-nic) only :W per lb. LAl D Guaranteed Pure, only ,,id. per )b. — 700 SACKS FLOUR, EXCELLENT QUALITY, To Clear at Is 8d per Score, 23s. per sack. HOMEMADE BREAD. Pare and Wholesome, 44d. per 4lb. Loaf. Please ete-41bs. per loaf and not 3lhs. 2.000 1)02611 ComPosite CANDLES (best makers) to be cleared at 84d per 31b Packet. PROTHE R O. TAFF STREET, PONTYPRIDD. Bnsiness Addresses- DAVIES AND MORRIS, Y) LUMBERS, ^ASFiTTEKS, AND B ELLEA.\G!RS. I^WIS STREET. PONTYPRIDD, AND WOOD ROAD, TKKFOREST. Estinintes Free 4762 BROS., TAILORS, &c., T 60, Tatf Street, Pontvpridd. SERGE SUITS (any colour) to Measure from 38s. TROUSERS, latest patterns, from 12s. BUSINESS SUITS from 4>s. 1I\t, style, and satisfaction guaranteed. [4804 VOLK, Manufacturing Confectioner, COEDPENMAEN HI)., PONTYPRIDD. PURE BOILED SWEETS. I GLlSH AND FOREIGN CONFECTIONERY, ChOColates. Bon-bons, and other Fancy 8% Goods all up-to-date. 4821 ,-supplied at prices that defy competition. II E V A N joni«:S. Wilder, Undertaker, and Funeral Furnisher, lRo, MILL STREET. PONTYPRIDD. £ >. *Horse Carriages, Klifllibiers, and Hearses for Funerals on reasonable terms. 4f28 i BEES "WILLIAMS & SON, be0orative Painters, Paperhangers, &c., TO, BERW RD-? PONTYPRIDD. w ESTIMATE FOX APPVCATION. 4940 ()fS'.tERS! OYSTERS! QYSTERSl The oldest establishment in town H. ESSERY, Proprietor, 63. Taff Street. P. ntypridd (Opposite Fountain). 4731 And at 58, Ystrad Koad, Ystrad. ESTABLISHED 15 YEARS. JULIAN, Bar & Undertaker, TEMPERANCE PLACE, PONTYPRIDD, Shop and Office Fittings. ATES FREE FOR JOBBING AND NEW WOKK. 4825 The Pontypridd Steam Laundry e¡t&g, Carpet and Window Cleaning Co., Limited, WI.LGW AUN, PONTYPRIDD, For Hotels, Schools and Family Washing. V- Shirts and Collars a speciality. «ont to all parts. Write for Price i-'St to Manager. 4833 Business Addresses- K^iSER, Practical Watchmaker and Jeweller, 125, BERW ROAD, (near Tabernacle Chapel), PONTYPRIDD. Clock Repairer by Appointment to the Pontypridd District Council and Cowbridge Town Council. Established, 30 years. 4876 JOHN GRIFFITHS, CARRIAGE BUILDER & WHEELWRIGHT, The Berw Carriage Works, PONT YPRIDD. Repairs neatly and promptly executed. ESTIMATES ON APPLICATION. Several Carts suitable for Contractors and 4866 Builders for Sale. ESTABLISHED 1857. THE SOUTH WALFS TOBACCO PIPE & STONEWARE, AND REDWARE MANUFACTORY. G. PRIEST, PROPRIETOR. ALL KINDS OF SPIRIT JARS, STONE GINGER-BEER BOTTLES, SPITTOONS, &c., Supplied at the Shortest Notice. ALL PATTERNS OF TOBACCO PIPES AND FLOWER POTS KEPT IN STOCK Write for Price Lists and Illust rated Sheets. Note the Address- 15 & 27, WYNDHAM CRESCENT, CANTON, CARDIFF. 4550 PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING of all kinds done at the "FREE t'RE8" OFFICES, TAFF ST. R. J. HEATH & SONS PIANOFORTES AND ORGANS BY ALL MAKERS. S«LK AGENTS FOJt J. BRCADW00D & SON'S AKGK?ITS* n £ ?ilSroS?AYKR' AND FOR THB AXD OKGANS CROWN PIANOS REDUCED AND SPECIAL 18 Gs. PIANOFORTE, IRON-FRAME 24 M »• HBNKY MODKT 30 PARISIAN MODEL 38 ASSOCIATION 45 QUEEN'S 5\ COLLiRD rt's Si HIBDMAYEK H, '• BROADWOOD q=i HORIZONTAL GRAND. 1.50 BARLKSS Monthly Instalments from 10s 6d upwards, by arrangement. 58 TO 6s IN THE £ DISCOUNT FOR CASH. Carriage Paid. GUARANTEED AND TUNED FRBB. Grand and Upright Pianofortes by Collard, Brine- mead, Kirkman, Erard, Pleyel, Bluthner. Becnstein Steinway, Ac. ORGANS FKOM &». By Mason and Hamlin. Bell, Smith aad Others. 51. QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF 70, TAFF STREET, PONTYPRIDD 31, WINDSOR ROAD, PBNABTH MANUFACTORY: LONDON. Nat. Telephone: Cardiff, 1,021; Pontypridd 21 _n- 1382 -n_- THE SORROWS OF CHILDHOOD VANISH WITH THEIR AID. hi THE SAFES'T A N D 8 EST FO R ""E CHILDRF-N,TEETHING CONTAIN NO MOTH EPS By USING IN'P, ANTS SAVETHEIR AND MONTHS OFANXIOLJS \,VATCH..ING. George's Con Balsam and Powder#. Limited, Pentre,Rho»dd»fV»'ley. I Money- THE SWANSEA FINANCE CO., LTD., 16, GOAT STREET, SWANSEA, Are prepared to LBND any sum from £3 to JB500 to Professional Gentlemen, Tradesmen, Farmers, Hauliers, Cowkeepers, Mechanics, and the Working Classes generally upon their OWN PROMISSORY NOTE, without Sureties, Bondsmen, or any publicity, at a reasonable rate of lata-Ni, repayable by weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or «juarterly Instalments, or at a stated period, to suit the convenience of the borrower. All communications treated strictly private. No charge will be made unless business is done. Apply to A. B. GASH, Manager. 4884 Business Addresses. WELSH INDUSTRIES ASSOCIATION. Patron H.R.H., The Princess of Wales. The Glamorgan Depot of the above is es- tablished at 28 & 29, THE MORGAN ARCADE, CARDIFF, for the sale of the famous Un- shrinkable Welsh Flannels, Tweeds, Cloths, &c. Woodwork. Welsh Pottery, Oatcake, Honey, &c., &c: School of Art-Needlework. Spinning taught. Patterns supplied and business tran- sacted by post. 4900 P. BARTOLOMEI, 18, MILL STREET, PONTYPRIDD, Architectural Modeller and Manufacturer of Centreflowers and Enrichments, Of every description for architects ct builders. An kinds of plaster figures for gaslight and Orna- ment. Cement trusses and Corinthian caps made to order. Best saperflne plaster of Paris for dentists. 4840 D. R. LEWIS, BUILDER, CONTRACTOR & UNDERTAKER, Of Wood Road, has removed to 31,.TAFF STREET, PONTYPRIDD, All jobs carried out under personal supervision. Jobbing in all Its branches. Ground mortar for sale. Brieks, pipes guUey traps, Ac., kept in stock. Bn- tranoe to timber yard. Mergan Street. Estimates free. 4937 W. GRIFFITHS, WHEELWRIGHT, Jcc., SION STREET, PONTYPRIDD. GROCERS' AND HAULIERS' CARTS AND FARMERS' GAMBOWS FOB SALE. [4963 7, ST. JOHN'S SQUARE, CARDIFF. TECHNICAL SCHOOL BOOKS. TECHNICAL SCHOOL MATERIALS. HIGHER GRADE & INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL ROOKS AND MATERIALS. FOUNTAIN PENS-h, 2s, 5s, 10s, post free. WINDOW TRANSPARENCIES. List Free. NOTE PArER-6id., 9d., and Yfi. Per Packet. TE.äCBERS'BlBLES-58 to 1211 6d. ACCOUNT BOOKS from 6d to 21s. THE SCHOLASTIC TRADING Co., Ltd. 7, ST. JOHN'S SQUARE. 4 CALCUTTA TEA. Agents in every village are appointed to sell delicious Calcutta Tea at 7id. per lib. Buy only Calcutta Tea. The most liberal presents ever given are offered with Calcutta Tea. GIVEN AWAY. The most liberal presents are given with Calcutta Tea, retailed by Grocers and Agents in. every town and village at 7. per lIb. Buy no other. Applications tor agencies in South Wales cau be made to Francis Newton and Co., 27, Custom House Street, Cardiff. Write at once for terms and particulars. 4914 CHARLES BUBB, I' lü:. IE, "I' \wi ,==. :r1J ø 00 ::3 t:rj 21, MORGAN ST., PONTYPRIDD. —— 4242 BREWERS' DRIED GRAINS. DRIED GRAINS for Horses. TRIED (jRAINS for Cows. jRIED RAINS for Sheep. ^)RIED (DRAINS for Pigs, <fec. t)RlED GRAINS for fattening Cattle. ltOlbs. Dried Grains equal in food value to Wheat. 1171ba. Barley. ~ll51bs. Oats or Maize. 1671bs. Hay. 2621bs. Bran. For further information and price apply- RHONDDA VALLEY BREWERIES CO. (LIMITED), TREHEEBERT. 4978. PENNY P'OYAL PILLS TOWLE'S -kND STEEL FOR FBMALES QUICKLY CORRECT ALL IRREGULARITIES REMOVE ALL OBSTRUCTIONS, andreliLe tkt dvartsnng symptoms so prevalent with the sea Boxes, I/Ii and 2/9 (the latter contains three times the quantity), of all Chemists, or will be sent; anywhere, on receipt of 16 or 34 stamps, by toe Maker E. T. TOWLE, Chemist, Mo £ t ingham. [4919] Btwxe of Imitations, injurious *nd worthless. Prepaid Advertisements. If you want to Sell, Buy, or Exchi ng-) any- thing, advertise in the GLLMOIZOA,N Fim* PBBSS. _n. ¡ WOBDS. ONCH. THRBB i SIX TIMES, TIMES. 20 Words 0 6 J 1 0 10 I 28 Words I 0 9 1 6 3 3 I 36 Words 1 0 2 0 0 Each extra 8 0 3 0 6 "0 # Words. | j_4 Situations Vacant. SMART up-to-date canvasser required to re- present a well known and successful Company. Good pay and early promotion. Write—Genuine, "Free eress Office, Ponty- pridd. al56k SERVANTS out of situations will be readily 0 suited with good places and placid mis- tresses if they advertise in the FJUø PBBSS. Houses, &c., To Let. TO LET.—First-class Residence, situate on Merthyr Road every convenience; rent £ 40—Apply Watkin Williams, Pontypridd. 4367 _-tn For Sale. ARTHBNWARB and China; crates, t or 4114 seconds, 20s., upwards; 15 dozen teeondt, 17s. Gd.; list free. Cash returned if not approved. Webb ct Co.. Longton, Staffs. 4061 IMPERIAL HISTORY OF ENGLAND, illus- trated, complete in three volumes; pub- lished at 31s. 6d" offered for 18s. 6d.—FBEK PRESS Offices, Taff Street, Pontypridd. MATTHEW HENRY'S COMMENTARY, complete in six volumes; published at £3 38., offered for 37s. 6d.—FEKE PBBSS Offices, Taff Street, Pontypridd. WORKS OF JOSEPHUS, complete; pub- lished at 6s., cash price 4s. 6d.—Fbw PBBSS Offices, Taff Street, Pontypridd. Miscellaneous- -7< IVf ARRIED LADIES.—Information ar<1 ad- J- vice of priceless value (free); «lax>ped envelope; meationthispaper.—Mrs. Lawrence. 2, South John-street, Liverpool. al60w O €% WEEKLY (extra income) for either without canvassing. Send add^ envelope for particulars, or 9d. stamps \re-j turn able if desired) for the valuable initiatory sample, &c complete. Guaranteed by JEvaiis, 1 Watts, and Co. (P346), Globe Warehouse, Birmingham. (This is Genuine). 50S8 > DJ. ARNOTT, Practical House, Sign %nd • Decorator, 86, Berw Road, Pontypndd. Estimates free on application. 4926 ASTROLOGY.—All Important Events in Life Foretold, Marriage, Partner Described, Children, Changes, Journeys, Legacies, &c. Send Birth-date, 12 Stamps and Stamped Envelope.—Mr Richmond, 1, Lavina Grove, London, N. "CTREE. Sample and price list of our Rubber JC Specialities forwarded on recdfpt of stamped addressed envelope. Address: Novelty Manufacturing Company, Clayton Lane, Man- chester. 4925 FISHT—lOst kit of Cod, Ling, Haddock, 10e. Halibut, 3s. 6d. per et.; Large Plaice; 3s. 0d. per St. Oysters, 4s. 6d. 120; Finneys, 2s. 6d. per at.; Kippers and Bloaters, 2s. per box; Plaice, Is, iM. per at. Bass selected Fish, 2s. 6d.; best quality — LACY ft SON, Fish Docks, Grimsby. 49CII -o HAND Rasses, all sizes and qualities, lor the Fish, Game, and Meat Trades.—T. G. Hair, Manufacturer, Wellington Street, H.a. 4924- HOW to prevent the Hair falling off, and Restore Grey Hair to its original coloi r. Send stamped addressed envelope for pampbiet to Donald & Co., Chemists, Chester. 4893 MR. ALLEN PEARCE, Maker of Legs, Artxs, Hands, Eyes, Trusses, Belts, Spine Sup- ports, Leg Irons, Elastic Stockings. Rupti. e Cured. 4, Charles street, Cardiff, and Bristc; Stamped envelope for Rupture Cure circular. 1782 CHAFF (J UTTERS FOR HAND OR POWER. Crushing and Grinding Mills, Pulpers and Turnip Crushers, Ploughs, Harrow?, Cultivators, Sheep, Pig and Cattle Troughs, Sheep Racks, Cattle Cribs, Steam, Gas and Oil Engines, Horse Gears, Tools of every description, Spadet), Shovels, Forks, Axes, Hoes, Hay Knives, Drashing Hooks, he., fee. Haimes, Traces, Plough Chains, Back and lug Chains, Hurricane Lam jr. Dandy Brushes, Carts, Wagons, I Trollies by the Bristol Wagon Works. CATALOGUES FREE. JOHN HmBEBT. SONS, THE "AGRICULTURAL HOUSE," 10 & 11, OA9TLE ST., CARDIFF 4606 If you wish for Healf! and Strength, drink BARRY'S PUBB cocoii INVIGORATING AND *i SUSTAINING. I 5024 i • « Horsfield's Pianos and Organs. OAS. CASH.—Phonophone Phonophone Very Ov Latest Novelty. Sings, speaks, plays waltzs, brass bands. Nearly 400 records ready. Call, see. and hear the instrument. 4823 1 Cash. Square Piano; good X" order; must be sold, room wanted; bargain. 4823 OP Fine Toned American Organ solid Walnut dWOe case; as new; warranted 5 years; only wants seeing. 4823 6 S. Cash. Solid Walnnt Case Alexander Harmonium; con- dition as new; cost E22 great bargain. 4823 Q1 /VS. Cash. Boiewood Case Pianoforte dVJL/W XV with Marquetry Inlaid Panel; good tone; perfect condition; worth double. 4823 Of O "t /\S. CASH. -Good Walnut Case Piano- dt1 J *> IV forte by Monington ft Weston, Good tone, touch and finish. Great Bargain. 4823 £ "1 4^ "I Walnut Case, iron Frame, XO Check Action Pianoforte; splendid Marquetrey Panel; worth £ 35 war- ranted 10 years. 4823 .O /M Cash, worth £ 42, New Iron Frame Upright Grand Pianoforte with all latest improvements up to date, best value in the trade. ~|3IAN0S TUNED within 20 miles at 14s. per year JKT (by best London tuners). Send Post Oard. Horsfleld, Practical Tuner, Arcade, Pontypridd. Chapel Or aas tuned and repaired. 4823 H. Hibbert. Watchmaker and Jeweller. DONT buy a pig in a sack and don't buy a watch before you see it. MY 22s. 6d. watch is equal to that aold in other towns at 25s. It is a strong silver watch; capped movement, dust proof and air- tight cases; warranted for 5 years. Strong work- man's watch, white metal cases, suitable for underground work, warranted for 3 years at IPs. 4835 GUINEA gold wedding rings, from 17s. 6d. keepers from 4s. 6d note the address, H. Hibbert, Watchmaker and Jeweller, Clarence Buildings and 23, Arcade, Pontypridd. 4835 S. F. Lewis & CO., The Tailors. OA 1 Blue Serge Suit (all Wool, A" Indigo Dye), Grey Worsted Suit, or Scotch Tweed Suit (all the New Shades) to Measure. 39, Mill Street. Pontypridd.' 4837 Business Addresses. THE MISSES LLEWELLYN, COSTUMIERS, BiGLAN HOUSE, GELLIWASTAD, wish to thank their numerous customers'for past avours. and beg to state that they have dgr OPENED A BUSINESS AT t 3, Partridge Road, Roath, Cardiff, and will be pleased to receive orders at either of the addresses. ESTIMATES GIVEN FOR ROBES, COATS AND SKIRTS. TO ARCHITECTS & BUILDERS. ARCHIBALD D. DAWNAY (LIMITED) keep at the WAXES ft WEST OF ENGLAND GIRDER WORKS BAST MOORS, CARDIFF, a LARGE STOCK of STEEL JOISTS, FLITCH PLATES, TBES. ANGLES, CHANNELS, ftc: Manufacturers of BOOFS, GIRDERS, BRIDGES. STANCHIONS, PATENT SOLID TILB and CONCRETE FLOORS, Offices: BAST MOORS, CARDIFF. Telegrams: DAWNAY, CARDIFF. National Telephone, Cardiff, No. 691. 4743 EVAN D. POWELL, Merthyr Road, Pontypridd. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Hay, Chaff, Corn, Seed & Straw Merchant Orders promptly attended to, and delivered free to all parts at lowest prices. 4987 -o. TWO CELEBRATED WATCHES SUPPLIED BY H SAMUEL, 7, ST. MARY, STREET, • CARDIFF, AND IN WEAR THE WORLD OVER. H. SAMUEL'S FAMOUS ACME ") FOR LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. FINE {-PLATE, JEWELLED MOVEMENT. FITTED WITH DAMP AND DUST «■ PROTECTIVE" CAP, IN GENTLE- MAN'S SIZE. SOLID STERLING SILVER CASE. 95S. LADY'S SIZE, RICHLY ORNAMENTED AND WITH ELEGANTLY TINTED OR WHITE ENAMEL DIAL AS PRE- FERRED. WARRANTED FOR FIVE YBARS. YBARS. H. SAMUELS 25s. PRICE. H. SAMUEL'S "ACCUBATE" BNGLISH\ LEVER WATCH, FULL-PLATE JEWELLED MOVEMENT, WITH CHRONOMETER BALANCE, AND FITTED WITH DUST AND DAMP 1MPREGNABLE CAP (REMOVABLE). Jj Qg IN HEAVY SOLID SILVER CASES HALL-MARKED, CRYSTAL GLASS GOLD HANDS. AND SUNK SECONDS: FIVE YEARS' WARRANTY. H. SAMUEL'S £ 2 2s. PRICE. LARGEST SELECTION OF WATCHES OF ALL t DESCRIPTIONS FROM 10s. A MONTH'S FREE TRIAL ALLOWED WITH ALL PURCHASES. AS PROOF OFfEXCELLENCE AND VALFI, IF DISSATISFIED THE FULL AMOUNT RETURNED. RAILWAY FARE PAID TO ALL PURCHASERS A OF WATCHES AT 25s. AND UPWARDS WHO COME FROM ANY DISTANCE « UP TO 30 MILES. r COMPLETE ILLUSTRATED DESCRIPTIVE CATALOGUE PRESENTED GRATIS. II SAMUEL, r 7, ST MARY STREET, CARDIFF, #, And at Market-street, Manchester. 4810 ) MASTERS & CO., (The Cardiff Clothiers), FOR HATS AND CAPS. FOR COLLARS AND TIES. FOR GLOVES AND SCARVES. FOR SHIRTS AND SOCKS. FOR HOSE AND HANDKERCHIEFS. FOR UMBRELLAS AND WATERPROOFS. FOR WINTER SUITS AND OVERCOATS. FOR BARGAINS, ABSOLUTELY THE BEST. FOR CLOTHING BEST AND CHEAPEST. 80, Taff Street, & pnvi,vp1?TnT1 24, Market Square j ONTYPRIDD. AL90 AT Cardiff, Swansea, Newpoit, Merthyr, Hereford, Aberdare, Pontypool, Abergavenny, Llanelly and Barry Dock. [2 ESTABLISHED 1887. THE SOUTHERN RUBBER CO., Beg to inform thteir numerous Customers that they now have a complete Stock of New Seasons WATERPROOFS Suitable for all kinds of wear, also a new selection of Rain Proof Coats, Capes, &e. made up from the latest materials. WATERPROOFS MADE TO MEASURE WITHOUT ANY EXTRA CHARGE. A Large Selection of Oilskirj Clothing, Cart Covers, Driving Rugs, Etc., Always kept in Stock. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL OF THE SOUTHERN RUBBER CO., HIGH STREET, PONTYPRIDD. Telegraphic address-" Harries, Pontypridd." 4933 PHILIP JOSEPH, PAWNBROKER, OUTFITTER AND JEWELLER, 3 & i, TRAM ROAD, PONTYPRIDD (Opposite Railway Station). PHILIP JOSEPH" Keeper*, DreMTslgnMrad SHw?IUain,14efdin8 PHILIP JOSEPH <> SOW PHILIP JOSEPH or New and Second-Hand Clothing, Boots aad Shoes. MOLES AND CORDS A SPECIALITY. CHEAPEST SHOP IN TOWN FOR FURNITURE. Side Entrance and Private Rooms for Wedding Rings and Pledge Customers. OPEN ALL DAY SATURDAY. 4841 ESTABLISHED 1S73. IN* O YES S ENGLISH AND FOREIGN Fruit and Vegetable Stores, 37, TAFF STREET & 27, ARCADE, PONTYPRIDD, oil SERVES MOST OF THE LEADING FAMILIES AND HOTELS IN TOWN. Business Addresses. The Beat House for Watches, S' A Clocks, Jewellery, and Electro X %Xr Plate. Bsst Quality Goods at fljw Lowest Cash Pricea. ——— Bpecial attenticr *iven t0 All° Repairs ard Clocks y S Warranted. of all kinds. S yViA s SilverEnglish %& A.VO S Levers, Heavy Cases, £ 2 108. S Swiss Cases, 22 6. strong White Metal Levers coti.'p'ete iu over case*, 10/6. Ladies' & (ifuts* Si'ver Watches *r- all Pricek. w yr Alarms 2/0 & -is. Wedoiog Presents. 4979 C3 malitz and son' 38, MILL STREET, AND 42, TAFF STREET, ill' g jl (near the Old Bridge), \\w PONTYPRIDD. \J§?« PRACTICAI. WATCHMAKERS AND JEWELLERS. Our Speciality is Repairing English and Foreign Watches, Clocks and Musical Boxes, Chronometers, Chiniu" Clocks, Rfpoatrr?, &c. Electro Gilding. h for the Trad« and ethers done on the prein-!Jf<. Clocks wound up by Contract. 4S03 Every Repair guaranteed for 12 inon-,lis. CAERPHILLY AND DISTRICT RILL- POSTING. BEST Hoardings in the district. Contracts made with iuy town in the United King- dom. Circulars distributed promptly and care- fully. For terms, &c., apply to H. ENOC". 2496 CASTLE-SQl ARE, CAEKPHILLY. Musical. MISS DOROTHY WILLIAMS A.L.C.M. (Cert. Senior R.A.M. and B n it u Three Hono^dcSS £ USdh0,d,I,,r 68, DUNRAVEN STREET n TONTPAJSTDY Gives lesson, on the Pianoforte either'at her own or PUPil s r^idence. Educational. CHANGE OF ADDRESS. THE offices «f the Universal nr;i- (hitherto at Derby), are n«w^^mg 11001 established at Cardiff^J'Pf^ently cUi0Wh*r- »• S5: — 4562 SANITARY INpTITUTE EXAMINATIONS A qualified and practirAi spector, employed as £ f In* Nuisances to a Town Connn;i of for the Inspector of Nuion PreP?res Students beld by tb.p. £ ?e Pains tekon rtKS teed by thoroughly studvincr •» guar#n- r»pn/«>.eb £ tJr^SSEgfF moderate. 581SJ- pees very For particulars, &c., address spector,- FREE PBKSS OFFICE Excursions. KsiiibiHou, 1900, will not have'a Universal Cootributions from 1/- per wefitlilopportunity, inst&nes .to the Manaser as every £ £ « „ ^^SffiT Kit, Wages, from !5Ato 3^^° Ship's MI VRRS in Canada e^ troL {?/ &U tow*- Beam, 20/- per week. ™ 10/" li/- per day, Lo«-o8t ntes quoted to Snn», a, • Australia, 4c.. Ac. Afient for»H^^rICa' Am«rica. the h'ne to book. °r aU Lines. How ,e *021