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The Great Need of the Age.…



ROBIETTE'S ROBIETTES G- MR, M A T CONSUMPTION CURE MAY BE CALLED THE GREATEST BOON OF THE AGE! IT HAS ACTED MIRACULOUSLY IN CASES OF CHEST AND THROAT DISEASES such as INFLUENZA, DIPHTHERIA, ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, &c. To be had of all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors, or the Proprietors:— 83, ALBANY ROAD, CARDIFF. IN BOTTLES—2/9, 4,6, & 11/ 4981 NO BETTER FOOD." DR. ANDREW WILSON, F.E.S.E., &c. f^DVC PURE I! Fm ■ O CONCENTRATED 250 gold medals ri r> n, AND Diplomas- ^b#Cj# C^CjfFm ,N.B.- Just three words are necessary in order to obtain the right Cocoa, viz. fTET'S—PUB,E—CONCENTRATED. 11 J. PARSONS, Grocer, Baker, &c., 31 AND 32, Middle STBEET, TRALL WN, PONTYPRIDD. FAMILIES WAITED UPON DAILY. J.P. begs to inform his numerous Customers that owing to the recent fire at his bakery he is put to great inconvenience, but trusts that they will rally I round him in the struggle until he ean again supply as heretofore. 4907 Eisteddfodau. TONYBEFAIL. THR FOURTH ANNUAL EISTEDi FOU Will be held at the above place on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 16th, 1809. Adjudicators: W. Thomas, Treorky "Bethel," Caer- dydd; Rev. T. Thomas. Tonyrefail; Mr J. P. Gibbon, Treharris; Mrs W. A. Blindell, Bridgend. Accompanist: Proff. T. D. EDWARDS, Pontypridd. Test Piece Martyrs of the Arena." for parties not less than 40. Prize 210, and an Oil Painting value 22 10s. of the successful Conductor (kindly given by A. & G. Taylor, Cardiff). Second Choral: "Collena," for parties of mixed voices of not lesB than 16 (2 verses). Copies lid. each, may be obtained of the author, Mr J. Harris Richards, Tonyrefail. Prize £1 10s. and Silver Cu;. value Lq la. Barddoniaeth (Poetry), not less than 60 lines. Subject: "Y Tad daeth yr awr." Excellent prizes for Solos, Compositions, Recita- tions, &c. For programmes, lid, each, apply at once to the secretary J. D. MORGAN, 21, L'antrisant Road, Tonyrefail. 4964 NEW TOWN HALL, PONTYPRIDD. CYNELIB EISTEDDFOD FARWEDDOG Yn y lie uchod, LLUN, TACHWEDD 27ain, 1899. Prif ddarn comwl, "Y Gwanwyn" (G. Gwent) Gwobr, B30. Corau i rifo o 60 i 80. Corau Meibion, "Wyr Philiatia" (D. Jenldnt. Gwobr, £10. Corau i rifo o 40 i 60. Coram Plant, "Awn yn Mlaen" (El. Price). Gwobrau, :£5 a £2. Rhoddir 30s am ddeuawd i Tenor a Bass, ao i Soprano a Contralto. £ am unawdan. Rhoddir Tair Gwobr o 7a 6c, 58., a 2a 60 i blant dan 15 oed am Ganu Penillion GydWr Delyn. Prydd tst Goffadwriaethol i'r diweddar Mr Thomas Davies, Treaiaw. Manyfion i'w cael gan y Parch J. R. Jones, Pontypridd. Gwobr E2 2s, a chadair dderw gwertb 95 58. Traethawd, "Safon Beiriadaetb yr Eiatedd- fod GenedlaetJhol." gwobr fl. Program yn bared Awst 20fed, am y priø arferol, oddiwrth yr Ysgrifenydd, H. T. RICHARDS, ARCADE CHAMBERS*, 4896 Pontypridd. Tudor Hall, Ferndale. THE SECOND ANNUAL BAND EISTEDDFOD Will be held on Monday, November 6th, 1899 Second Class Bands Competition. TEST PIECE: Reoolleetion of Carl Rosa (H.Round), 1st prize, L9 2nd prize, L5 3rd prize, AS. 4th prize, £1. GRAND MA RCHINO CONTEST, TEST PIECE: "OWN CHOICE." MALE VOICE COMPETITION, "VALIANT WARRIORS" (D. Jenkins), Prize, 47. Further Particulars see programme, ready September 20th. EISTEDDFOD SECRETARY, 4908 fiaiid Institute, Ferndale. 1= Owing to the special | process, Symington's Edin- burgh Coffee Embnoes produce no heartburn or biliousness. Cheap, strong, pure. Small and large bottles. From all Grocers, ESTABLISHED IN 1836. FOR THE PROTECTION OF TRADE. 8 T U B B 8 MERCANTILE OFFICES (STUBBS' Ltd.), 42, GRESHAM ST., LONDON, B.C. Snbtcribert, by obtaining timely information, through THE STATUS ENQUIRY DEPARTMENT, MAY AVOID MAKING BAD DEBTS. KVBBY TRADER SHOULD ax" 8TUBBS' WEEKLY GAZETTE, With which is issued a Supplement, containing LISTS OF CREDITORS tnrDKB ALL THE IMPORTANT FAXLURSS. THE COMMERCIAL REGISTERS 00"AM KOU THAJT fir NINE MILLION ENTRIES. DEBTS J^ECOV ERED PROMPTLY AND RKUITTKD TO SUBSCRIBERS On TUESDAY and FRIDAY in each Week. BRANCHES at CAKDIFK, SWANSEA, Aber- ieen, Birmingham, Blackburn, Bradford. Brighton, Bristol, Belfast, Cork. Croydon, Dublin, Dundee, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Huddersfleld, Hull, Leeds, Leioester, Liverpool, London (West End), Manchester. Newcastle, Norwich, Nottingham, Ply- mouth, Portsmouth, Sheffield, Southampton, Sun- derland, Wolverhampton. SUB OFFICBB.-Buxton. Cambridge, Derby, Dum- fries, Gloucester, Greenock, Grimsby, Halifax, Haoley, Inverness, Ipswich, Llmeriok, Londonderry, KiddleaboroW, Newport(Mon.), Northampton, Oxford, PArth, Preston, Beading, Stockton-on-Tees, Torquay, Walsall, Waterford, Worcester, York. Tznxs.-& It. 22 2s <3 3s, Mô 6s, according to requirements. PROSPBCTVS forwarded on application to any of tht- atiove Deoea 3077 THE GENERAL ACCIDENT Assurance Corporation, Ltd. ESTABLISHED 18*5, Chief Office f to U Tay Street, Perth, N.B isRiej ujjice | 115.n7 Cannon Street, London, E.C. P. NORIE-MILLER, General Manager. QUAY STREET CHAMBERS, CARDIFF. TOTAL ASSEIS OVER £ 300,000. BURGLARY INSURANCE. Policies issued covering Loss by BURGLARY, HOUSEBERAKING & LARCENY A PRACTICALLY UNRESTRICTED POLICY and THREE MONTHS Nov-OCCUPANCY ALLOWED WITHOUT EXTRA CHARGE. PREMIUMS FOR PRIVATE RESIDENCES FROM 1/6 PER CENT. Personal Accident Insurance Policy provides Life Annuity. Double Hailway Insuranoe, with allow- ance for Disablement by Smallpox. Typhoid, I'yphus. Scarlet Fever, Diphtheria, or Measles. Fidelity Guarantees. Sickness Assuranse. Workmen's Compensa1 iOIl and Employer's Liability Assurance at Low Ratm. Vehicle Indemnity Assurance. Applications for Agencies invited. Liberal ft-rms. Prospectuses sent Free on Application. JMM Ff{EE INSURANCE POLICY. DO NOT REMOVE THE COUPON FROM THE PAPER. Specially guaranteed by the GSNKSAL ACCIDENT ASSCBANCH COSPOSATIOA. Limited. Head Office-42 to 44, Tay Street, Perth To whom notice of Claims under the fallowing conditions must be sent within fourteen days nonn ,,qlamohgan feee press AZUU INSURANCE COUPON Applicable to Passenger Trains, Steamers. Omnibus** or Tram cars In Great Britain and Ireland. TWO HUNDRED POUNDS will be paid by tb* above Assurance Corporation to the person whom they shall decide to be next of kin of any per ten killed by an accident to the passenger train. passenger vessel (between ports of, and on river. at looks in, the United Kingdom), Omnibus or Trainoar. in which the deceased was an ordinary Im seen seer, m who shall have been family thorny, *b"Uld death result within thr«*e c&lcuaar months a ft*- r tui'h accident. Provided that at the time of such nccidem the person so killed or fat-illy injured was the own, of this Insurance Coupou for the current week, w i!)-. his or her usual slgnni ure written in ink und neath: Signature This Insurance is limiuM to One Coupon lor eacL holder, and is nut invalkiuled by any other Insurant* effected with the GenejvU Accident Assurance Cor- poration. Limited, or any othot Company bat Is it; addition thareUK poration. Limited, or any othot Company but is h; addition thareUK WHOLESOME NATURAL DIET. ,fl. BROWN BREAD OF EXCELLENT QUALITY As made from REYNOLDS' 5 Noted Pure WHEAT MEALJ Choicest cereal products of the Globe used in the manufacture of this meal. Made only by d. Reynolds & Co., Millers, Gloucester. — Sold by all Flour Merchants and Bakers in fcouth Wales. Ask for REYNOLDS Pure WHEAT MEAL and note the name as above. 11 FOR OUR FLOUR BRANDS SEE NEXT \'lEEK'S ADVERTISEMENT. 4518 I — i GEORGE'S PILE AND GRAVEL PIILP3. k A MARVELLOUS REMEDY. IT IS MORE THAN GOLD TO ME. IT SAVED MY LIFE. j( If you suffer Pain in the Back or Loins or between the shoulders, this remedy will *oe«tu&.Hy more it. I* S Vuy<2ia5e tr?ubled with Irritation of the Bladder, Suppression and Retention S,LR?N?' or Gravel, the only SAFE and EFFECTUAL Ekmkdt ever ^rld 18 GBOBGK'S PILE AND GRAVKL PILLS. =! If the Water is tiigh Coloured, Thick, and depositing much Sediment lose no time, procure a Box of GEOBGtfS PILLS, and you will soon be BIGOT GRA. VEL PIL I, S If the Water is tiigh Coloured, Thick, and depositing much Sediment, lose no time, procure a Box of GEOBGtfS PILLS, and you will soon be BIGOT | r GEORGE'S <,Jnf iITh an<^ Liver are 8,u^sh and out of order- this Remedy will i UTT V A VD I ™ these important organs, open up their clogged passages, and PILE AAJJ I promote the secretion of healthy bile and other vital fluids. i GRA VEL 8Ur/rkmki.y BiUoU8ne88' Constipation, you have a riLLb 1 If you suffer from any Bowel disorder, such as Piles, Constipation, Flatulence, =; Colic, you have here a REMEDY you can always rely upon. I j k r .?,m ard are afraid that your Heart is affected, yon H will find these pills an EFFECTUAL REMEDY. ii GEORGE'8 | If you suffer from Headache and Giddiness GEORGE'S PILLS will remove prr T? A VT) these pains sooner than any other known madicine. GRA VEL PILLS GEOKGE'SapiLLrw"lU^Ukea'arm<! °nC °f wiU mTke ymfr trebles'a tWngoTth^t6 m°Uth' & fCW d°SeS °f this BKKHDT -v"" .and ^°W Spirited a perfect A.YTIDOTE will P/T W be found in GEORGbi b PILLS- A NT) GRA VEL P^L^ANn^R the a 8inSle dose GEORGE'S ofanother •d*y PILLS at bedtime will clear the tongue before the dawn sleep y1"1 Rest, try GEORGE'S PILLS. They will make your bed easy, sleep refreshing, and revive your strength. > If you feel unfit for Exertion, Weak and Limp, this REMEDY will restore vonr GEORGE'S yourflfe Ssrength, and will make labour and exercise the enjoyment of bit J? T> with Nausea and Vomiting at the thought of eating, a PILE |o^of GEORGE'S PILLS wiU make your Meat TndDrin both Savoury fnd AND If your Blood is impure, it will keep open all the important outlets of the GRA VEL ,1US free exit 10 aU Gross Humours, and no Blood Impurities *1 be seen bursting through the Skin in Pimples, Blotches, Sores or Boils. PILLS in thousands of cases it has removed from the Blond, root and branch. Bheu- x oiatic, Scorbutic, Scrofulous taints that have defied all other Remedies. y°u a tendency to Dropsical Swellings, this Remedy, by its action upon the Kidneys and Skin, will soon bring relief. GEORGE'S in thye°hour of S""7 °f Breatbia«'this wil1 ?™ve a friend to yon It will change yerr constant ailing to Freedom from Pain. PILE "Sf change the sallow complexion to the Bloom of Health. A NT) ffBnA~i!r«=hfr?e.y0«r to Vigour; your langour to Activity; and yonr /I general debility to hrmness of sinew and muscle. j GRAVEL It is Aperient, and therefore removes Constipation. It is Antibilious, and PILLS Z\ i ?>rrect a11 Ahe Irre^larities of the Liver. It is Diuretic, and will, therefore, keep open the water passages. It is Tonic, and will, therefore, —— ai! V1^u.r to the Digestive Organs. It is Blood-Purifying and Nerve- —— Strengthening it is therefore, ALL Yt>l7 WANT, GEORGE'S FILE Three Forms of this Vegetable Remedy :— mPJVTtr jjrro N°" I-GB0EGB'S pH-E AND GRAVEL PILLS. rJSL jflLLS No. 2.—GEORGE'S GRAVEL PILLS. No. a.-GEORGE'S PILLS FOR THE PILES. THESE WORLD-RENOWNED PiLLS ARE SOLD EVERYWHERE, IN BOXES, Is lid AND 23 9d EACH. Proprietor: J. E. GEORGE, M.R.P.S., HIRW AIN, GLAM. 22 T OPPING AND SPINDLER (HARDAITAY & TOPPING), FLUSHING. HOLLAND. CAMBRIDGESHIRE, LIVERPOOL AUTUMN CC-P. MANCHESTER NOVEMBER HANDICAP. DOUBLE AND TREBLE EVENTS. S.P. ACCUMULATORS, &c. Eke Oamfpnental Sportsman, published twice daftv dome the season, containing latest market movements on abore a^d all important races, free on receipt of address. THE OLDEST ESTABLISHED AND MOST EXTENSIVE AGENCY OF ITS KIND IN THB WORLD. .Ale letters to lie addressed- TOPPING & SPINDLER, FLUSHING, HOLLAND (Postage 2d) 4786 EVERY WEAK MAN HOULD send for a Descriptive Treatise on the I Modern and Successful Treatment of Nerrous Diseases and Physical Weakness in Men, including Premature Exhaustion and Loss of Vital Energy, with other allied affections by local absorption (Le., without stomach medicines). Revised and in pro- gress with the most advanced researches in the subject, together with numerous recent testimonials showing successful cures. Write at once and grasp this opportunity of being quickly restored to perfect health. Sent in a plain sealed envelope, free of charge. A. NORTON, 59 & 60, CHANCERY LAKE, LONDON, W.C. Consultations personally, or by letter free of charge. Established over 30 Years. 4947 NEW LIFE FOB WEAK MEN. AJAX TABLETS POSITIVELY CURE ALL NERVOUS DISEASES Failing Memory, S ? Sleeplessness, &c., caused by Sleeplessness, &c., caused by over work and dissipation. They quickly and surely rpstore Lost Vitality in old or young and fit a man for study, bubiness or marriage. Prevent Insanity and Consumption if taken in time. Their use shows im- mtdiate improvement and effects a CURE where all others fail. Insist upon having the genuine Ajax Tablets. They have cured thousands and will cure you. We give a positively written guarantee to effect a cure in each case or I money refunded. Price 2[9 per box or six boxes (full treatment) for 14/ By post in plain wrapper upon receipt of price. Circular free. 114. Thrush BL. Ajax Remedy Co., Dpt. 16 Walworth, London, j 5000 S.B. A BOON TO WEAK MEN. AN originally scientific means of Curing Nervous Debility, and its Various Physical and Nervous Ailments, without the use of Nauseous Stomach Medicines. The Method is easy and sure, and a Permanent and Effective Cure is Ensured in all Cases of Weakness in young and Old Men. A fully Explanatory Pamphlet sent sealed, post free, 3 stamps.—Address, C. D. MURRAY, 7, Southampton Row, High Holborn, London, W.C. 6002 HORTON'S I X.L. PILLS are guaranteed to cure Priva e Cases, Discharges, and Com- plications of the Urinary and Sexual Organs, in either sex, whether acquired or constitutienal, also gravel and pains in the back; warranted free from mercury. Scld in bcxes, 4s. each. Sent post free by the proprietor. G. D. HORTON, M.P.S. (from the Birmingham General Hospital), 68, Aston Roao North, Birmingham. Advice and Letters Answered, Free. Have never been ksown to fall. Sole Agent for Pontypridd and District Mr O. DAVIXS, Chemist, Mill street. 4422 WEAK MEN.—"Vitaiine" stops all Wast- ing of the Vital Forces, Restores Lost Vital Energy, and gives perfect Health and Strength. One 4s. fid. Bottle, post free, seere'ly wrapped from Eitt and C«., Medical Botanists, 280, Bute Street (near Gordon Coffee Tavern), Cardiff. All kinds of French goods kept in Stock. Send stamp for Special Price List 8,-erpcy observed. All letters requiring answer raust contain stamped envelope. 4923 flIBE HUSBAND'S BC:OK should be read by 1 all Author, a H-tired Physician. Send at onc.. ff>r this Compile Guide tor th^ Married. Fr-P Six Stainps.indrew Whitt>. 30, Se weft bt-le- fttreet, Strand, Loiidon. 4826 I UFhEKliRS trom Nervous Debility, Physical r* Exhaustion in Men, also loss of Vital ( Power.—Write to G. HOBT- N, M.P.S (from the Birmingham General Hospital), 68, Aston Road, North, Birmingham. State your ca«e •fly, replies s»t free. 4569 Road, North, Birmingham. State your cam { u§y, r*hes seat hee. 4569 MADAME E S M A N E' 8 SPECIAL FEMALE PREPARATION "FEARLESS." THE above Preparation, now named PEAB- JL LESS," has been sold with the greatest success in South Wales since 1892. It is pre- pared to meet all cases at 2s 9d, 4s 6d, and 108 per Bottle. In sending kindly use your own judgment and state which you desire, and I will send off immediately, carriage paid. If ALL OTHERS have been USELESS, do not despair, as «• FEARLESS" will relieve after others fail. "Actions peak Louder than Words." This is proved by the great successes that are daily taking place. N.B.—See that the Govern- ment Stamp is affixed to every Bottle; none are my Special Female Preparation without. Do not delay, but write at once to MADAME DESMANE, 23, Station Terrace, Pontypridd (opposite upper entrance to Taff Station). Attendance Daily. Advice FREE and strictly private. 4289 A WORD TO LADIES. 8 nd two stamps for our new and original Illustrated Booklet, containing plain and practical advice how Irregularities, Sup- pressions, &c., iray be prevented or removed by simple means in a few hours. Recom- mended by eminent Physicians, and thousands of Ladies, as being the only Genuine Remedy. This is not a quack medicine. Established 30 years. LESLIE MARTYN, Ltd., Chemists. 34, Dalston Lane, London. 4814 IMPORTANT TO LADIES, Valuable and Never-failing Remedies for all Irregularities and Obstructions, however ob- stinate or longstanding, and never fail to bring about the desired effect, as testified to by hundreds of cases; it is without parallel in medical science avoid useless pills liaq saved thousands trouble, illness and expense. Stamped envelope for Price List. Numerous testimonials; the only effectual remedy on eartii.-A. DASMAII,, Box 432 Langdale, Walthamstow, London. 4508 for | HORTON'S Original I For Femalea only. | BBNBD1CT PILLS. Female* only. R I THOUSANDS of Testimonials have been teoefved JL from all parts. Females of all ages should take them, as they at onoe remove all obstructions, no matter how ebetiaate. or from whatever cause ariatna. In hexes, TJd-. 131d., and 3s. 9d.; sent post free, undft cover. Id. extra, direct by the Proprietor 9. D. HORTON, Chemist (frwn the Birmingham Lying- in Hospital), Aston Road North, Aston, BIRMINGHAM or from my AgeRt, Mr O. Davies, Chemist, Kill Street, Pontypridd and District. Cannot be had from other chemists. N.B. — None genuine unless beating G. D. HORTON "in red letters across each label. Letters answered free. "23 LADIES' AILMENTS. Speedy relief will be derived by taking at once Mrs. St. Clair's famous Specific." Known for 20 years as the Sat est and Most Effectual Medicine of its kind. Cur-9 1111 Irregularites and Promotes and Maintains Regular Health. Testimonials Daily. Aloid Imitations. Post free (under cover), price 2s. 9d., 4s 9d., and lis. per case MRs N. ST rLAIB, 46, Southamp- ton Buildings, L-ndnn, w C. Particulars aad Advice for btatrped Address N.B.-Not to be taktn for Illegal Purposes. 4970 ^■BMg* PILE OINTMENT. A WONDERFUL DLSCOVKRT. THE greatest cure for Piles ever known; bv two er X three applications, warranted to give relief WJUún a few minutes. Prepared by MORGOH, XEWFTT A Co., 1, Osterley PAN; Boad, Han well. London Depot-180, Caaaberwell Road, London, S.B. 1/- PBR BOX, POST nu 11A. Worth a Guinea per Box. Onoe tried, aad IOU will never be without ft. f47at MANLY MEN. WhN anller tM palnø 8dotni&ery C'\used r.r!l- Send for MY book, which shows how everv IM! young and old. can be thoroughly and auteklw without STOMACH MUDIClWer KI.BCIE1CTTY Specimens of letters received, and ZUARANTII genuine: "Vfannot And words to express how thank full 1 I *»ed to think I never would GET cured I WHH' bad seen your advertisement at first, I sbouldh«»» saved many pounds.—GKF.M." 1 have carried out your instruction), and un UM perfectly well.—JJF," Book sent sealed, post free, for WO a tamos »■ uKtoH, 09-93, Guif Kcanu annjL ^SKDNf, W.0, Send at onoe aad be oared, jjj Tears' Goet"im*e Soma* LORDW.W.C. Send at onoe and be oared, M eo. t Soma*

, Barddoqiaeth. -—-—-♦—


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