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IPorth Tecfyjical Glasses


I Porth Tecfyjical Glasses DISTRIBUTION. OF CERTIFICATES AND PRIZES. GRATIFYING RESULTS. LIST OF PASSES. At the Calfaria Chapel, Porth, on Wednes- day evening last, a meeting was held under the auspices of the Glamorgan Technical Instruc- tion Committee for the distribution of the cer- tiiicates earned in connection with the Porth and Ynyshir classes at the Science and Art and County Technical examniations held last year. The chair was occupied by Mr Henry Abraham, the re-elected member of the Rhondda School Board, and the prizes and certificates were dis- tributed by Alderman W. H. Morgan, Ponty- pridd. There were also present Miss Ada Jones, Alderman John Jones Griffiths, Peny- graig, and Miss Miles, Wattstown, togethet with the secretary, Mr T. W. Young. After deliberating upon the splendid educational fa- cilities offered by the Evening Technical In- struction Classes established by the Glamorgan County Council, the chairman called upon Miss Ada Jones, the lady member of the Rhondda School Board, to address the meeting, who, upon rising, said that they all knew the excit- ing time they had had lately. She was very sorry that her father was unable to be pre- sent that evening through having a sprained ankle. Still he had got up the previous Satur- day, and was driven to the poll To plump for his daughter. She wished that evening to take the opportunity of thanking all who had helped her to the very honourable position on the poll. She bad not the slightest idea she had so many friends in the Rhondda Valley. (Laugh- ter and cheers). This time the result exceeded any ambitious hopes she had, and she wished heartily to thank all who helped her to the, grand position. (Cheers). The secretary, Mr T. W. loung, read the re- port of the session for the last year as follows: There were 12 subjects under tuition, and 330 students enrolled, out of which 126 sat for the examination. There were 10 passes in Machine Drawing, Applied Mechanics, 7; Building Con- struction, one; Mining, 10; Magnetism and Electricity, 8; Chemistry, 4; Music, 8; Am- bulance, 15; Shorthand, 8; Welsh, 4-; and Cookery, 4,, i.e., 87 passes in all. Alderman W. H. Mathias had been good enough to give money prizes with which they had bought books in value. He thought he could say that they possessed a splendid staff of teachers, undoubtedly thoroughly efficient, and he was sorry the young men of the place d'd not avail themselves of the chances affor- ded. Education had come now that it was almost hawking it, so to speak. The commit- tee had gone beyond what other committee had done by this year refunding one fee to any stu- dent trying in any two tabjecft. Last Jrear 330 students were enrolled, and this year even more were enrolled. He wished to inform all pre- sent that they were enrolling students up to the 1st of December next. They had a class in French with a very able teacher, and had also taken up dressmaking, and given young ladies a chance by engaging a thoroughly efficient teacher. The formation of all these classes was simply a desire to lift the young men of the place, and as a eounter-attractibn to the public-house.. Alderman John Jones Griffiths then gave a splendid descripition of the immense strides made by Technical Teaching every year, and of the splendid facilities offered by the County Council in this direction.. Alderman Walter H. Morgan, tefcra eiislr;- buting the prizes, said be was -cry pleawd to come up to the Rhondda Valley that evening to take part in such an interesting ceremony, and be was very glad that such strides in edu- cation had been made in the Valley. I" ttat edt we were not behind the times, but in order to preserve the industries in their coun- try they should improve the trade. Unques- tionably they were behind in this branch. Other countries were more advanced, and it "Was high time we competed with them. The more skilled the workmen were the more ready we would be to compete. Whett they found America sending locomotives here it was high time to prevent this. He was glad to say hey were now getting alive to it in Parliament as well as the County Council. The County Council were spending all the money they could in providing technical instruction. Wales unfortunately, in Lis young days, was very much behind England, but now he was happy to say Wales had gone ahead of England. Alderman Morgan then read an extract from the '"Westminster az- ette" in support of his observation. Referring to the successful candidates about to be pre- sented that evening, he complimented them for their pluck in sitting for the examination. To the unsuccessful he would say that it was not -their fault they did not pass. They must put it down to the folly of the examiners not understanding their answers. (Laughter). Failures always wanted a certain amount of encouragement, and they should not take it to heart if they did not get a prize. The distribution of the prizes and certificates by the Alderman was received with much clap- ping of hands. PRIZE LIST. Machine Construction and Drawing—Mor- gan Tudor Lewis, 1st advanced; Benjamin Wil- liams, 2nd advanced; Elias -u-ood, James Lavis, Edgar Davies, 1st elementary, and a book; Herbert Morgan Davies, 1st elementary and a casf- of instruments; William Evans 2nd ele- mentary; Thomas E. Lewis, and Thomas Gil- ley. Applied Mechanics.—-1st elementary, Wil- liam Thomas, Ynyshir;F. Momm, John Cave, a book. Building Construction.—2nd elementary, Morgan Tudor Lewis, Edwin Williams, James Levis, Elias Moore, John C. Thomas.. Mining—1st advanced, John Cave, Evan Bevan, David Williams; 2nd advanced, David Edmund Thomas, John Thomas; 1st elemen- tary, Thomas B. Williams, William Williams. Magnetism and Electricity.—1st, Rosnia K. Morris, William Thomas, John Harris, David Williams; 1st elementary, Thomas Whitting- ton, Cyril D. Thomas, John Cave; 2nd elemen- tary, David Edmund Thomas. Practical Chemistry.—1st elementary, Rosina K. Morris, Abraham Williams, E. Thomas, Morgan Bees; 2nd, James H. Wil- liams, Lewis E. Hughes, E. M. Pry. Ei. A. R Brimble. Chemistry.-2ncl advanced, -oraham Wil- liams, Rosina K. Morris, David E. Thomas, A. L. Goldie. Music.—2nd class, Obediah Edwivla, Jossph G. Williams, William James, W. G. Dunstan, Edward Griffiths, Mary A. Phillips, and George Ablett, Ynyshir, and Elizabeth Thomas. Shbrthand.-2nd advanced, (John W. Wil- liams, W. J. Dunstan, Thomas J. Hopkins, J. iW (Prioe, Tftomas John Thomas, Daniel Thomas; 1st elementary, Gwilym Phillips, Idris E. Davies. 'Cookery.-lst class, Mary Ellen Evans. M. A. Edwards, May Jones, Elizabeth Prosste, Welsh.—Joseph John Jones (honours); 2nd class, Stephen Owen Davies; 1st, Bach:>l Rich- ards; 2nd, Gladys Lloyd. Ambulance.—P.C. Thomas Clynch (fiital ard medallion), Leslie H. Thomas, Tho -as Her- bert, Willie Thomas, Arthur Thomas. John Charman, Maldwin Davies, Joseph Row'irid^ Hugh Richards, Thomas Thomas, B. 'J. George, F.C. Patrick Barry, George Web i»*, Edgar Thomas, John Morgan, Money prizes in Practical Mining, a team of five, viz., David Williams, William Williams, Eli Oatridge, Benjamin Phillips, and George Lewis, took 2nd prize. Mr Miles, agent to the Wattstown Collier- j ies, said that although he felt himself a rank outsider that evening—(laught -r, -he took none the less interest in the success of their centre. (Cheers). He was exteed' .,tl- glad to find that young Mr Cave, a gentleman living in his immediate district, had been so success- ful, and he felt pleased to assure them that he would personally hold himself responsible to enable him to take full advantage of the know- ledge he had derived from the school. (Cheers), Some time ago they at Wattstown had en- j deavoured to form a Mining Class, but they found it clashed with Porth, and they had com- passion upon Porth, and allowed it to remain there. (Laughter). He was very glad to find thnt the young men of Porth had taken so much interest in the Technical Classes. There were no better facilities offered in this direction than in the Rhondda District with its County Schools, Higher Grade Schools. Technical Classes, etc. They were fully ahead of any other mining district in, the kingdom, and he 11, sincerely trusted that the young people would fully avail themselves of these advantages. As the chairman had remarked knowledge was power, than which there was no greater power, and theoretical knowledge without the practi- ca) was of very little account. Votes of thanks were accorded to all who had officiated that evening, and to ih- ("Vilfaria Chapel authorities for their kindness in lending their beautiful chapel for the distribution of i the prizes.



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