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Ystrad. Monday


Ystrad. Monday Before the Stipendiary, Alderman Richard Lewis, Alderman W. H. Mathias, Councillors D. J. Williams, M.F.H., and D. W. Davies. SHOULD SHEEP DOGS BE EXEMPTED? John Evans, farm servant, Ton, Pentre, was summoned for working his sheep dog on the road without a muzzle. Defendant said he was working three sheep with the dog, and it was impossible to do so when the dog had the muzzle on. It prevented the dog having any control whatever over the sheep. The Stipendiary: We have discussed the mat- ter. Unfortunately there is no exception in the Act at all in reference to sheep dogs, and we are compelled to administer the law as we find it. If sheep dog owners petitioned Mr Long, of the Agricultural Department it was quite possible that they would also be exempted As the law stood at present only hunting dogs were exempted. Defendant was fined 5s and costs. JOHNSON'S FIRST CASE. William Royal, Ystrad Road, Ystrad Rhon- dda, was summoned for committing a nuisance in Ystrad Road on the 9th inst. P.C. Johnson proved the case. Defendant: Why didn't you get my addreis if you say I committed the offence. Constable: You gave it to me, and said under the circumstances. Defendant: Under the circumstances what? Constable: I don"t know; you were a bit drank at the time. Why didn't you report me then?—Because you were going quiet. Fined 58 and costs. DRUNK ON SUNDAY. A Ton collier named John Howells was charged with being drunk and causing a dis- turbance in Church Road, Ton, on Sunday nilrm, the 8th inst., and wanting to fight an- other man. P.C. Cummings proved the case. This being hia first offence, Howells was fined 5e. A* old offender named Alfred Bridge, a collier living at Trealaw, was again charged with being drunk and disorderly at Trealaw oa Saturday, the 7th inst. He was fined 10s. AN UNMUZZLED ONE. Morgan ImmanuaJ, Treherbert, was fined 59 and costs for allowing his fancy dog to Btray without a muzzle on the 7th inst. Defendant was also summoned for not having taken out a licence, and ordered to pay costs.



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