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ALLEGED SUNDAY TRADING AT WATTSTOWN. CASE DISMISSED. At tihe Porth Police Court on Thursday,Mary Lewis, landlady of the Butchers' Arms, Watts- town, was summoned for Sunday trading. Mr James Phillips defended. P.C. Bolton deposed to visiting the hotel on Sunday afternoon, the 24th t., in company with another constable in plain clothes. They found in the bar four men drinking from pints. Two of the men said they lived at Oak street, and the other two at Frederick street, Fern- dale. They were under the impression that they had come far enough. Upon measurement it was found that Oak street was 141 yards less than the three miles, and Frederick street 660 yards. Mr Phillips informed the Bench on defem- dant's behalf-who was unable to be present through illness—that she was under the impres- sion that, Oak street was beyond the specified distance. When the men sought admission only Oak street was mentioned. Even the con- stables did not know whether the streets were beyond the three miles before measuring. TJbe Benah advised Mrs Lewis to make her- self better acquainted with distances, and dis- missed the case. The four men found on the premises-David and John Griffiths, of Freder- ick street, and David and John Williams, of Oak street-were then proceeded against for falsely representing themselves to be bona fide travellers. The two former were ordered to pay costs, and the cases against tbe latter were dismissed.


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