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,, Nlustard and Cress.


Nlustard and Cress. The club is not provided for working men, Gor for professional men, but for honourable men, says Mr Rhys Morgan, M.A. A vacancy exists for a member on the Llan- irisaiit School Boari A seai on this body ranks next in importance to that of an M.P. Calvary Chapel, Treforest. w^s well-filled 00 Sunday night, and there was an interesting ser- vice. The singing was attractive and vigorous. It is rumoured that constable Bob Jones the famous footballer rw-ho has xelinguished iii, post under the Glamorgan Constabulary intends going North to play for Durham County It was poetically said, some tim* ago, that "Treforest takes the bun," and, judging from last Sunday night's "sparking," which was voiy extensively carried on, the place still takes the Cake. Whab drew most attention in the Salvation Army procession at Pontypridd on Monday night, was the lantern bearing the simple words, "The Baby Corps, Penrhwiceiber!" What did the title mean? Mr Godfrey L. Clark thinks that clubs, other than the Gelliwastad Institute, are provided for fixed purposes-either for politics, or, in some saam for the evasion of a well-biown Act at Parliament. The unsuccessful attempts made to "pht the boulders got out of the embankment of t'ce o: railway bridge at Pontypridd on Saturday elici- ted many critical remarks, especially frcm people who know little or nothing aboat such work. The company present at the opening of Pontypridd's new club were photographed in a 41eluge of rain, and it is said even members of J the Temperance party were crying aloud for "something hot" to keep the cold out. Of course, it may have been tea that they re- quired. Many a visitor to Pontypridd Police Court has had cause to be thankful! when Dr. Hunter fcas occupied the Magisterial Chair. His man- ner ever secures the good opinion of those for whom he finds against. If anything he seme- times errs on the side of leniency and his oonstant aim is to temper justice with mercy. Commotion is scarcely the word to describe the state of things brought about during the dry months by the rival claims of a Landowner and some of the inhabitants of a village in Llantrisant parish. It was a semi-ailent it- volution. The rain, however, came, and dis- persed the clouds of the dispute. "Wlhat is the matter with the gas?" was a query frequently heard on Tuesday evening in other establishments, besides the office of the "Glamorgan Free Press." There was a com- mittee of the Pontypridd District Council sit- ting in camera at the time. Surely, their in- tention to "keep things dark" in regard to the waterworks did not necessitate everybody put- ting up with "a dim religious light." 3iyn> MOROAX, Family Grower ft Provision jtutqpant, 11, Market Street, Pantypridd, far Dairy Butter, 1/ A good sound Family WSf'; Best Brands of Tinned Goads. M09 Mr B. John, J.P., Llantrisant, is what it popularly known as "a man of many parts." He was chairman of the Board of Guardians, but did not care for it, and resigned in favour of Mr Godfrey Clarke. But Mr John still retains bis seat as a Guardian, and quietly- very quietly—attends to his duties, and watches the isterests of the "ancient town' 'and the "old parish" with assiduity, sitting as the colleague, in that capacity, of Mr R. Davies, Guardian of the poor and chairman of the School Board. Mr John has hobbies of his own, which the outside world knows nothing of. He is an amateur bookbinder (a rare accomplishment in these day-i). and a collector of moths. For Best and Cheapest Working Boot* at 31 lid «.M. 4s lid, and 61 lid, so to Davies, FHXB PBKSS Bttlldiags. 23, Taff street, Pontypridd. 47W5 The Good Templars have passed a vote of thanks to the "Glamorgan Free Press' 'for en- lightening the public by means of "Temperance Notes." Quite right, too. Now, we are wait- ing for a vote of thanks from cyclists for Cy- cling Notes, from the Footballers for the goa- sip, from the Volunteers for their little share, but please don't all speak at once! Our mission is to meet the requirements of readers of all classes and of "no class" (to use "MorienV lat- est classic phrase), and we will try to deserve tijanks, even when we do not get any. The old firm leads the way." 44 What old Firm ? Why, FKNNELL'S of course A recent speaker in Ferndale mentioned that the three greatest subjects now beford the paWic was "The Transvaal Crisis," the "Drefus CAM. and the "Doctors' Question' 'at Fern- dale. He was wrong, for there is a case in dis- cussion at- Ferndale now, which, if the three were put in one would .pale into insignificance before the great subject of the granting of a licence for the new Hotel at Ferndale. At a eart-ain chapel things have become so serious Maat the police have to be in readiness for emergencies. The members have already got to the pass of calling one another such eapbo- wim rrAmes as "Judas Iscariot,' "Cwd-y-gynen," etc We are told that several challenges have been issued. Yea can see with half an eye that FBAHK THOMAS (" My Hatter,") tells the beat 3/9 Hat. Eureka! Found! and, as we had expected- on the warparth. Our gentle inquiry as to the seemingly interminable silence of the author of "England against the World," has elicited the following jocular and friendly challenge from Mr Sam Thomas (Tafonydd), who addresses us from the Lindsay Conservative Club, Aber- cynon: -"In reply to our enquiry about Mr John Littlejohns and his whereabouts, we are in- formed that our old friend is stilt on the war- path. and having demonstrated that "England against the World" is something more than a pentiment. is now preparing to analyse the de Caring Radicalism of Pontypridd. He will be fceard of in your town again ere long We paused for breath, when we read the challenge, arul the Radicals of Pontypridd will doubtless await in fear and trembling the forthcoming terribly incisive analysis of the decay of their guiding principle. With the lofty imagination of a. novelist. Mr Littlejohn will. first of all, sup- pose that Radicalism is decaying, and then analyse the supposed decay which he will have imagined. Th Pontypridd Coachlwading Company (prize winners for carriages) are now doing and are prepared to undertake the best class of work in the trade; carriage trimming a speciality. Showrooms are nn. op..g,-Carriage Works. Morgan street, Pontypridd. 4528 Last week at the gathering at the opening of the Gelliwastad Institute (to meet Miss Clara Thomas. Llwvnmadog, the donor or the club to the inhabitants., irrespective of oreed, politics, or "class,") an interesting incident transpired, which was left, unrecorded. Morien, who was called upon to speak, spoke at first in Welali. Be. however, probably fearing some present iaight not 00 able to understand the language, tamed into English with sucb own that the Rector of Glyntaff afterwards declared, he be- lieved his neighbour was not aware he had slipped from Paradise to Saxonia. But the "-n- cident" is the following: Latar on Miss Clari), Thomas was heard saying to Morien: "Why did you not continue longer to speak in Welsh?" The answer was, "Because I was afraid, mada n. would be unintelligibla to you.' "Beth?" re- plied Miss Thomas, "I can speak and read Welsh with ease. I have just been reading the. ee' brated Welsh novel, "Rhys Lewis," in our eivit tongue.Morien lifted up both hands and seemed inclined to bless Lady Bountiful Druidi cally. Miss Thomas appeared much pleased at Morien's striking allusion to her ancestress, the late Mrs Morgan, Gelliwastad, from whom and Dr Griffith she had inherited her large share of Pontypridd and district. By the way, that good lady was a member of the Penuel "fold,' and a tablet to her revered memory is on the wall inside that chapel.


- Ystrad Rhondda.



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