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Police Court News.I




PONTYPRIDD DISTRICT COUNCIL. At the ordinary fortnightly meeting of the Pontypridd District Council, hold on Tuesday, Mr R. T. Richards presided. There were also present Councillors James Roberts, H. Row- lands (vice-chairman), P. Gowan, T. Taylor, W. Jones-Powell,, W. Lewis, E. Williams, R. L. Philips, D. R. Evans, H. Morgan, H. Bram- well, W. T. Leyshon, together with the deputy- clerk, and the surveyor. LNFECTIOUS DISEASES. Inspector Rowlands reported four cases of typhoid fever at Morgan street, Hafod. One cass had proved fatal since last meeting. One caae of diphtheria also existed at Soar street, Graig. Inspector John reported one case of diphther- ia at Bl-idge street, Trallwn, and one case of erysipelas at Ricbaxd street, Cilfynydd. The Cilfynydd district had been supplied with water from 6.30 until about 10 a.m. and from p.m. until 6 p.m., but the supply on Monday "was con- stant. An application for a theatrical licence tor Ule New Town Hall, Pontypridd, on December 25th and 26th was, on the motion of Mr P. Gowan, granted. STRAYING ON THE COMMON. The surveyor reported that a horae had been found straying on the Common; the owner of the animal had only recently been summoned for allowing it to stray a month age. The Council ordered that proceedings be again taken against him. It was also reported that the Vicar of Glyn- taff, the Rev S. Rowland Jones, had removed a wooden structure used as a coach-house and stable, and rebuilt it on the south side of his, house without having submitted new plans. Mr H. Morgan proposed that he be sum- moned. Mr Jones-Powell pointed out that no sum- monses had been issued in cases of the kind before then. The Vicar had submitted plans in the first instance, and had since oniy re- moved the structure. Mr Taylor said that was not so; others had been summoned for similar offences. Mr P. Gowan seconded the proposition. Mr Jones-Powell moved an amendment that the inspector be asked to report whether the drains had been properly connected with the aatrer. Mr Taylor said they were not dealing with the drains at alL He thought, that everybody should bo placed upon the same ground. There waa no secouder to the amendment. j Mr W. Lewis argued in favour of asking the Vicar to come before them to explain matters. Mr James Roberts also concurred. It was, however, decided to take the usual proceedings against tho Vicar. The Glamorgan Canal Company wrote that the Councils application for life-buoys along- side the canal had been oonsidered, but they could not see their way clear to accede to 41 Council's request. Mr Jones-Powell thought that as the Canal Company had refused the Council should move in regard to the matter. The price of the double set was only £ 8. There were frequent cases of drowning in the canal, and he thought the buoys should be provided. A suggestion from Mr Bmmwell that the matter be referred to the Public Works Committee was adopted, A letter, read from the Manchester Tele- phone Company asking the Council to support a movement for a ES telephone service in the district, was also relegated to this committee for consideration. The Hackney Carriage Committee recom- mended that drivers' badges be called in, and that they be asked to purchase new badges. If the tramcars were not in a better condition by next licensing day, they recommended that the lioences be refused. The Pontypridd House Property Company wrote applying that the name of Davies street, Trallwn, be changed to Bassett street. Per- mission was granted. Mr Hopkin Morgan suggested that the lIames of other streets be also changed. The majority of people understood the English names, but not the Welsh. Mr Jones Powen objected on the ground that t. owners of the property should be consulted, Mr James Roberts said the teases gave the names in Welsh. Mr Edward Williams thought the English names should be fixed as well as the Welsh. Mr Roberts: Yes, but fix them underneath. (Laughter). Mr H. Morgan: It was simply a fad of Lady Llanover to give the Welsh names. Mr Taylor: She can't read Welsh. It was resolved to adopt the suggestion. A letter was received from the Mountain Ash District Council, in which it was suggested that a part of the road near Hendre Rees Farm, whioh divided the boundary between Mountain Ash and Pontypridd districts, should be taken over and repaired by the Pontypridd Council. Mr Roberts raised an objection, and stated that Mountain Ash had repaired the road for the last seven years. The Clerk wa.s instructed to reply stating that the Pontypridd Council could 1il.t accede to the request. Notice of motion was given by Mr P. Gowaia to consider the question of lengthening the footbridge alongside the Barry viaduct, Maes- yooed.. A similar ntoice was given in respect to the Lan Wood subway by Mr Bratnwell.





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