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Police Court News.I


Police Court News. I Pontypridd—Wednesday. Before R. C. Hunter (in tho chair), Alderman Richard Lewis, Councillor R. T. Richards, and Alderman W. H. NathiaG. YOUNG COLLIERS LEAP FROM A PASSENGER TRAIN. On the 15th of September, five Tonyrefail young men named Stanley Manley, William Thomas, Wm. Davies, Thomas Jenkins, and H. Kipp, who were returning from Manchester, omitted to "change for the Khorrdda branch* at Pontypridd until the train was very much in motion; in fact, the last of the five who jumped out had a miraculous escape from being seriously injured. For this offence against the Taff Vale Railway bye-laws they were now sum- moned to answer for their conduct. Mr W. P. Nicholas prosecuted on behalf of tho T.V.R. Company. Inspector Parry, of the T.V.R., spoke to seeing them jump out of the train, and leaving the carriage door open after them. The last one to jump fell bead over heels, and luckily for him he escaped falling in between the footboard, which would have probably been attended with serious circumstances. One of the defendants said a porter refused to inform them whether they were to change or not. Mr Hurfocrd, the station-master, stated that he and his officials called out ait along the train "change for the Rhondda branch" quite dis- tinctly. After pointing out tho seriousness of the offence Dr Hunter stud the fine was 10s each. AN IMPUDENT BRAKE-DRIVER. A Pontypridd brake-driver named George Cannon was summoned for refusing to move off the "stand" when ordered to do so by P.C. Thomas on the ISth inst. It waa alleged that when he was requested to do co he used very obscene language, and absolutely refused to comply. He had since been reported to the Dis- trict Council, and had lost his licence. The Bench now fined him 10s. Another brake-driver named Frank Thomas was summoned for overloading his brake by four persons, and also with furious driving. He told the Bench there were only two over the number allowed. Dr Hunter: Do you want to make out the policeman could see double? Two other constables gave evidence in the case. Frank was fined 5s for overloading and 10s for furious driving. HUMOURS OF THE MUZZLING ORDER. Luckily, the owners of "unmuzzled strays" have a sympathetic friend in the person of Dr Hunter. I sympathise with you, Mrs Thomas, said he, to Mrs Ellen Thomas, of Danygraig street, who was summoned for allowing her dog to stray unmuzzled. I am in one perpetual state of worry myself from morning till night looking after my dogs. Pay a fine of Is, that's all. John Jones, landlord of the Blue Bell, said be was leading his dog by a piece of string to take it to be rp-izzled. "-A-Iright,' replied the doctor, "we wiii give you the benefit of the piece of string." (Laughter). "You may go." The excuse given by James Parfitt was that the painters had left tha door open, and his two dogs sallied forth and were immediately pounced upon by a wily constable. Dr Hunter: I am in the sanrfe trouble as you are. (Laughter). Alderman Richard Lewis (magistrate): You have not been summoned. Dr Hunter: No, not jet. (Renewed laugh- ter). Yoa must pay 2s 6d a dog, Mr Parfitt. A Mrs Phillips, of Graig street, who brought her little skye terrier into Court muzzled to show thab she had complied with the order, was also fined Is. William Snow disclaimed the ownership of the dog for which he was summoned. He ex- plained it had been hanging around his pre- mises for a fortnight, but it was not his dog. Doctor asked him if he would promise to have it destroyed. Mr Snow: I have not seen it since. Dr Hunter: Oh, perhaps he has altered his mind. (Laughter). Mr Snow promised that, if the (Jog returned he would toko it to the police station to be destroyed. John Lewis, corn merchant, Pontypridd, was asked to pay a Is for neglecting to muzzle his two months' old puppy. "To-,lay is the day of grace, explained Dr Houte)-. "the fines are small, but if you come again Lhey will be increased. BOYS GAMBLING OX SUNDAY. Two Pontypridd lads named Joseph Morgan and Edward Parkman, were fined 5s and 2s 6d respectively for playing "pitch and toss" near the City Restaurant on Sunday morning, the 17th ult. When the policeman appeared on the seene the boys ran away and left six play- ing can!!?. together with threepence in coppers, behind. SENGHENYDD POACHERS FIXED. The two brothers Alexander and WilFam Powell, of Senghenydd, who were recently con- victed for Chreatening to kill Donald Harries, game-keeper to Dr Hatnlen-William-s, Fairfield, whilst poaching on the Mynydd Mayo Mountain I neat* Rgl-wysi^ar.. were now charged with tres- pa&tng m pursuit of game on the date, in ques- rion. Mr Janes PiiflUp- prosecuted. [.)1" Ham- ka-Vv illiams repeated his evidence given at the previous hearing, and his game-keeper. Donald Harries, identified the men as being the persons found oil the mountain trespassing in pursuit of game. Defendants were fined £ 1 each.







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