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Making te Blind to See.



EVERY -^ynMAN. SEND TWO STAMPS for our NEW B'»OK. entitled Rev t<> limit votir o< fc&inin; valuable ..rmarion'to I u<ii •«, how >11 IrreRularities mav tw. emir"iv .'>voi<wi or removed by Simple Means. H»;-corn»-<-iid<-d ■ y eminent physicians as tho "niy riire a, genuine remedy. Ni ver Faii Thousand)? of Testimonials. Mr G. P. Blakcharp, Claremont House, Fereat Road, Dalston, London. 4702 8RSr bf issif GLEvuwigps^ 'ALBERT! 4™' GATE ppllir Far,cg wniies. WHEAT: Kew Process. New Process. M E A lj un. Leaner Tie. ISlSIII r- '■ ii fee ? ¡; REGISTERED THADE MARK. J For Full Particulars address- jj J. REYNOLDS AND CO., GLOUCESTER. I I OiKOKGE'S PILE AND GEAYEL PILLS; A 31 AKVELLOUS JREMEDY. < IT IS MORE THAN GOLD TO ME. IT SAVED MY LIFE. If you suffer Pin in the Bock or Loins or between the shoulders, this rem ■n/T*-e- nrr v move it. 1 GEORGE b PiLt. If you are troubled with Irritation of the Bladder, Suppression and Eetentioj AND of the Water, Stone, or Gravel, the only SAFE ANL. EFFECTUAL ev{ ,,7) rrvrvtlT T V OFFrET EF TA„THE WORLD is GEORGE'S PILE AND GRAVBL PILLS. IxJiA ItAIjIjO 11 the Water ie High Coloured, Thick, and depositing much Sediment loa 110 time, procure A Box of GKOHGK'S PILLS, and you will eoou be R16B* again. RTFFTR/RPS IF,,YOUJ- KI,DNEyS AN<I Liver are sluggish and out of order, this Remedy wi NRT -J-, A V7 1, gently stmiul ite the&E important organs, open up their clogged nassaues, AN LLIIS -A./T; promote the secretica of healthy bile and other vital fluids. fc~RA VEL Y°U ARE A Martyr to Indigestion, Biliousness, and Constipation, vou have 81RK HEMKny in GBORGB'S PILLS. 11 you suffer from any Bowel disorder, such as Piles, Constipation, Flatulenc* Colic, you have here a K&MHDY you can always rely upon. J? ^OU suftv irom Palpitation, ard are afraid THAI your Heart ie affected, YA! will find these pills sn EFFECTUAL REMEDY. GEORGE'S 1* you suffer from lieadache and Giddiness GBOBGH'S PILLS will remov j>y T j? J \T7) these pains sooner than any other known m'^dicine. GRAVEL FILLS '8ClDroweyandListleM'oaedosec If your Food turns Sour and rises into the mouth, a few doses of this EkkGZX — will make your troubles a thing of the past. TR AND LOW Spirited H perfect Axtzbotb wii fv'ORGE'S PILE found in GEORGE'S PILLS. urn /<t) a tttst have A GISAGREEAT.IE Taste IU the mouth, a SINGLE dose of GIiORGB*I AND GRA VEL PILFI ATFD GRAVKL PILLS at bedtime WILL cle^r the tongue before the DAW JP S 0 MOTHER day. V L! SLEEP to give YN, Rest, try GEORGE'S PILLS. They v.ii: make voa OED easy, sleep refreshing, and revive vour strength. If you feel unfit for Exertion, Weak and Limp, this. Remedy will restore yot* /r ^OltCi&S yoifr^e^^ £ ll(^ make lubour and exercise the enjoyment <f RJIRR. I' you are troub'ed WITH Nausea and Vomiting at- the THORJ^HT of eatia" RLLE. Box of GBOltGii'S PILLS will make your Meat and jJrin both Savcirv aiki A fx r\ PEASANT. Y°UR Blood is impure, it will keep open all the important outlet* of thi (ZTl A VVT AQD thus give free exit to all Gross Humours, and no Blood Impuritia WIUIRIII. will be seen bursting through the Skin in Pimples, Blotches, Sores or E-jils. T>tt T O 1° thousands of cases it has removed from the Blood, reot and branch, Rhea nratic, Scorbutic, Scrofulous taints that have defied all other Remedies. IF YOU have a tendency to Dropsical Swellings, this Remedy, by its actio' upon the Kidneys and Skin, will soon bring relief. NTIMIA7IIO IF Y°.U HAVE Difficulty of Breathing, this Remedy will prove a FRIEND to yoi GEORGE'S in the hour of need. j s It will change yeur constant ailing to Freedom from Pain. PILE 14 CHANGE the sallow complexion to the Bloom of Health. ,-T! will change your sickliness to Vigour your langour to Activity: and von -•? JSU genera] debility to firmness of sinew and muscle. GRAVEL 1, is Aperient, and therefore removes Constipation. It is Antibi'.ious, am prr R C *• therefore, correct all the Irregularities of the Liver. It is Diureiic, ant i. O will, therefore, k«-.ep open the water passages. It is Tonic, and will, therefore ? Pc tone and vigour to the Digestive Organs. It is Biood-Purifyins AND Nerve ——— Strengthening; it is. therefore, ALL YOU WANT. GEORGE'S TILE Three Forms of this Vegetable Remedy I AND No. I.—GBORGE'S PILB AND GRAVBL PILLS. ) QRAVEI JILLS No. 2.-GEORGE'S GRAVEL PILLS. No. 3.-GBORGE'S PILLS FOR THE PILES. -4 THESE WOBLD-EEKOWHSB PILLS ARE FCOLD EVEBYWREBE, IN EOXE, ls lè .AKj 2i 1Jd EACH. 1 Proprietor: J. E. GEORGE, M.R.P.S., HIRWA.I.V, GLAM 22 Miscelianeons- f B > LOOD-purifying Herbs cure eczema and all skin ■ _> diseases; price Is., post Is. 3d.—Trimneil, Herbalist- 4361 Herbalist. 4361 COMPOSITION Powder, just the thing foroold weather; boxes, 4d. Trimnell, The Herbalist. TOOTHACHE Pills (Herbal); penny boxee every- where. Trimnell, The Herbaiist, Moira-terrace, Cardiff. 4361 NERVE Pills (Herbal); penny boxes everywhere — Trimnell, The Herbalist, Moira-terrace, Cardiff. APERIENT Pills (Herbal); penny boxes every- where. Trimnell, The Herbalist, Moira-terrace, Cardiff. 4361 ANTIBILIOUS Pills (Herbal) penny boxes every- where.—Trimnell, The Herbalist, Cardiff. WIND and Water Pills (Herbal); penny boxes everywhere.—Trimnell, The Herbalist, Moira- terrace, Cardiff. 4361 terrace. Cardiff. 4361 FEMALE Pills (Herbal); penny boxes everywhere. —Trimnell. The Herbalist, Moira-terrace, Cardiff. 4361 RHEUMATIC Pills (Herbal); penny boxes every- where.—Trimnell, The Herbalist. Moira- terrace, Cardiff. 4661 COUGH Herbs; a splendid remedy; price M., post Is.—The Herbalist. Moira-terrace, Cardiff. INDIGESTION Herbs will cure when every other i remedy fails 9d, post free lid.-Trirunel. The Herbalist, Cardiff. 4:ôl KIDNEY Herbs for Gravel, Stone. &c., price 9d., post lid.—The Herbalist Moira-terrace, Cardiff. NERVINE Herbs cure Fits, lJr.iiepsy, St. Vitus Dance &c.; price 9d, p06t lid.—The Herbalist, Cardiff. 4361 FILE Herbs, quick relief;price 9d, post 114.— Trimnell. The Herbalist, Moira-ten ace, Cardiff. fTIONIC Herbs,—A wonderful pick-me-up, price 9d, I post lid.—Trimnell, The Herbalist, Cardiff. BLOOD-Purifying Pills (Herbal) clears the skin and eradicates all impurities from the blood.— Trimnell. liel COUGH Pills (Herbal) contaias no opiate penny boxes everywhere,—Trimnell, The Herbalist. HEAD and Stomach Pills (Herbal) do not gripe penny boxes everyrhere.—Trimnell, The Her- balist. Cardiff. 4361 INDIGESTION Pills (Herbal) aids digestion, I strengthens the Bystem.-Trimuell, The Her- balist. Cardiff. 4361 LIVER Pills (Herbal); no bad after effects penny boxes everywhere.—Trimnell, The Herbalist, Cardiff, 4361 SHOPKEEPERS Write for wholesale Prices of S Herbal Pills; liberal terms.-Trimnell, The Herbalist, Cardiff. 4341 SPECIALITIES, Indiarubber Appliances, Enemas, &c., best and cheapest.-Trimuell, 8, Moira- terrace, Cardiff, 4361 ET EAK Men, Nervous Women should take Nervine T T Tonic price 2s 6d.—Trimnell, Moira-terrace, Cardiff. 4361 WEAK MEN.—" Vitaiine stops all Wast, ing ox the Vital Forces, Bestoree Lost Vital Energy, and gives perfect Health and Strength. One 4. 6d. Bottle, post free, spcrecly wrapped from Kitt and Co., Medical Botanists, 280, Bute Street (near Gordon Ceffee Taverni, Cardiff. All kinds of French goods kept in Stock. Send stamp for Special Price List. Secrecy observed. All letters requiring answer must contain stamped envelope. 4923 EVERY WEAK MAN SHOLTLD send for a Descriptive Treatise on the Modern and Successful Treatment of Nervous Diseast-s and Physieal Weakness in Men, including Premature Exhaustion and Loss of Vital Ene'-gy, wi h other allied affections by local absorption (i,e without stomach medwines). Revised and in pro- gress with the most advanced researches in the subject, together with numerous recent testimonials showing successful cures. Write at once and grasp this Of portunity of being quickly restored to perfect health. Sent i* a plain sealed envelope, free of charge. A. NORTON, 59 & 60. CHAHCERT LNIt, LONDON, W.C. Consultations personally, or by letter free of charge. Established over 30 Year*. 4947 HORTON'S I X L PILLS are guaranteed f-. cure Priva e i a6es, Discharges, ana Com- plications of the Urinary and Sfxn<>! Organs, in either sex, whpthpr .ic^uired or constitutional, also gravel and pains in the bpck warranted free from mercury. Sold in boxes, 4s. each. Sent pnst free by the proprietor, G. I1 HORTON, MP.S. (from the Birmingham General Hospital), 68, Aston Roan Morti., Birmingham. Advice and Letters Answer,c Free. Have never been kaown to fail. Fol- Agent fl"f Pontypridd and District Mr P. DAVIES, Chemist, Mil! street. 4422 LADIES' AILMENTS. Speedy relief will t. tieriven by raking "t once Mrs. St. Cl- ir'z! l.motis "Specific." Ku;.«a for 10 tears as the S< Medioim- of i's kind i kirt-s (rtt-< ularit s and Promotes and M;linl-,ns Regular Health. Testimonials Daily Avoid Imvtvipns free mutter ulv er, 58 f)- r Mw N, St I CLAIR, 4G. S nth:;r J t Br. *i- G-, L-R.O^'I, W C. Particulars and Advice for Stamped Address. N.B.— ivot to be taken for liltgdl Purposes. 4970 :\1 A D A M E E S M 2 N E SPECIAL FEMALE PBEPARATIO> "FEARLESS." THE above Preparation, now named FEAB LESS," has been sold with the greateB success in South Wales since 1892. It it pre' pared to meet all cases at 2s 9d, 4s 6d, and 10 per Bottle. In sending kindly use your ow, judgment and state which you desire, and will send off immediately, carriage paid. I ALL OTHERS have been USELESS, do nd despair, as FEARLESS" will relieve afte others fail. Actions speak Louder than Words" I This is proved by the great successes that ar daily taking place. N.B.-See that the Govern ment Stamp is affixed to every Bottle; non,, are my Special Female Preparation without Do not delay, but write at once to MADAMj DESMANE, 23, Station Terrace, Pontypridi (opposite upper entrance to Taff Station). Attendance Daily. Advice Free and stricti: private. 42 k WORD TO LADIES.7 I S, nd two stamps for our n-w and original Illustrated Booklet, con'aining plain ad practical advice how Irregularities, Sup) pressions, &c., iray be prevented or removw by simple means in a few hours. RecAm mended by eminent Physician, and thousand of Ladies, as being the only Genuine Remedy! This is not a quack medicine. Established 34 il years. Leslie Mabtyn, Ltd., Chemists, 34 DalBton Lane, London. 4814 j IMPORTANT TO J ADTES. j Valuable and Never-failing Remedies for al! Irregularities and Obstructions, however ob stinate or longstanding, and never fail to brin; about the desired effect, as testified to' b: hundreds of cases; it is without parallel ii < medical science avoid useless pills; iias savef, thousands trouble, illness and expense. 8tam I envelope for Price List. Numerous testimonials the only effectual remedy on earth.—A. Dasmail Box 432 Langdale, Walthamstow, London. 45CM PILE OINTMENT. § A WOKDERFCI. D18COVKBT. I 'PHB greatest cure for Piles ever known by two « 1 three applications, warranted to give relief with! f! a few minutes. Prepared by MOKGON, NEWIT I A Co., 1, Osterley Parle Road, Hanwell. < London Depot-160, Camfeerwell Road, London, S.B 1/- PRE BOX, POST FREE lfI. Worth a Guinea per Box. Once tried, and you wi never be without it. [4724 Y SPECIAL TO YOUNG MEN Just Published, a Medical Work, *( HOW TO ENSURE HEALTH." On the LAWS GOVERNING LIFB, and the Cause HOW TO ENSURE HEALTH." On the LAWS GOVERNING LIFE, and the Cause Symptoms and treatment of all diseases depended on Exhaustion of Nervous Vitalirv, such as Nervoe Debility. Mental hnd Physical Depression, PalpftE tion tit the Heart, Noises in the Head and Bar: Indecision, Impaired Sight and Memory, Indigegtio Prostration, Lassitude, Depression of Spirits, Loss Energy and Appetite, Pains in tl, e Back. &c. Sent post free for 2 st imps; or by letter post 3 :amp: "The Female's Friend and Adviser Will be sent to any address on receipt of Two stamp Address, Messrs BARNES & Co., 48, Lonsdaie-squari Barnsbury, London, N. 4696 for HORTON'S Original | For d Females only. BENEDICT PILLS, j Females oab j[ THOUSANDS of Testimonials have been receive S from all parts. Females of all ages should tahj f them, as they at once remove all obstructions, n matter how obstinate, or from whatever cause arising I In boxes. 71d., 13 £ d., and 2s. M.; sent post fret under "iI\ ] 7. ixtra, direct by the Proprietor, € D. HGRTON, Chemist (from the Birmingham Lyiai in Hospital), Aston Road North, Aston, Birmingham I or irom my Agent, Mr O. Davies, Chemist, Mi a Street, Pontypridd and District. Cannot be ha | from other chemists. ) W. B. None genuine unless beariBg G. I HORTON" in red tetters across each label Lette; t answered free. 4433 j M> n L r?p N: ) Why suffer the pains ancKmisery caused by Nerxio* ness, Premature Exhaustion, and Wastinz WeaKnfcss ) end for my book, which sbow how every IDaI ij young an<i yid, can be thcroughlv *nd quieklv etirf p without STOMACH MkDICINE'or KLKOTRICIT* Specimens of letters received, and guarantee genuine: "I cansot find words to express how tbanktuH 134 <- I used lo think I never would get cured. I wisbL f had seen your adveriisement at first, I shoufclhav saved many pounds.-G.F.M." "I have carried out your instructions, and am no perfectly weU.-J.F." Book sent sealed, post free, foi two stamps. J. 1..11168, 93-93, GBXAT Kibciu STKAJT, LOBDOX, W.O. Stnd at onee and be eared. 12 Yea !mw*< Hucctas

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