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MOUNTAIN ASH DISTRICT COUNCIL. The fortnightly meeting of this Council was held in the Council Chamber at the Town Hall, on Tuesday afternoon. Present: Rev J. F. Williams (chairman), Messrs William Lewis, Wm. Phillips, F. M. Bevan, D. W. Howells, David Rogers, Thomas Edmunds, W. S. Da- vies, G. Jones, Evan Jones, Evan Morgan, F. P Grey, and Mr Lmton, clerk. NEW RATE. A. discussion took plcuia upon the qusetion as to the figure for the new rare-whether one shilling and sevenpence or one shilling and eightpence in the £ The full rateable value of the district was zC72,875 10s. The total assessable value, L17,157 2s 6d. A penny rate would give £ 394 14s lOd; a shilling rate, L4,736 17s lid; a rate at Is 7d inthe £ would yield £7,105 6s lid. The estimated expenses amounted to £7,688 14s 5d, so that a Is 7d rate would leave a deficiency of el88 12s 8d, but on the other hand, a Is 8d rate would give a surplus It was decided to reduce certain items in the estimates equal to the amount of the deficiency, and to fix the rate at one shilling and seven- pence in the zC. I AT IT ALL NIGHT. Richard Jones, of 9, Commercial street, Abercynon, complained that his neighbour, who is a butcher, does not use the public slaughter- house, but late in the evening begins killing in a building on his premises, and continues at it all night, thereby disturbing his neighbours. It was decided to take proceedings against any who slaughtered on unlicensed premises. SURVEYOR'S REPORT. The Surveyor reported as follows:- Water Supply.—The amount of rain recorded during September was 3.50 inches; the record for the corresponding month in last year was 2.6 4inches. Your instructions respecting the supply of water by means of delivery by cartage have been carried out. Your storage is slowly increasing, but up to the present the improve- ment is not of such a substantial character as to warrant any great alteration in the hours of the distribution. Proposed Adoption of Streets.—Consequent on your receiving memorials from the owners and occupiers of several new streets on the Glynyr- ogwy estate praying that the said streets be adopted as highways repairable by the inhabi- tants at large, I was instructed to report as to their condition. They are as follows: (a) Ex- tension of Bailey street, (b) Consort street, (c) Victoria street, and (d) Brook street, together with (e) the secondary road from Victoria street to Albert street. The drawings submitted for these streets have been subsequently conformed to, except in respect to road e. This was shown a foot wider than it is. The discrepancy arose from an error as to the width of the opening left in Victoria street, and I do not think that the difference named would have prevented the approval the Council have given. Having re- gard to the practice of the Council in the past, I do not think there are any structural objec- tions to these streets being adopted. Contm.et.s.The period for which you have contracted for smith's work and ironmongery goods baa terminated, and it is necessary for arrangements to be made for future supply. In answer to a question the Surveyor said he thought, two days would be sufficient for doing the work at Abercynon. Instruction was given that proper notices for closing the road ill question should be given. The contract for ironmongery provoked a discussion. It was stated that the practice had been to advertise for tenders for Mountain Ash. and then to include in the accepted tender Pen- rhiweeiber and Ynysybwl. The inhabitants of these two places thought this unfair to them. Mr Rogers proposed that a seperate tender should be required for these places, but the vot- ing was in favour of the old system. It was decided ,4° take over the streets named in the Surveyor's report. MEDICAL OFFICER'S REPORT. The medical officer reported that since the last meeting of the Council, 9 cases of enteric fever and 1 of scarlet fever had been notified. The Clerk said he noticed in tha report of the medical officer of the County Council a statement that an epidemic of influenza pre- vailed in the district in February. If that was so he (the Clerk) tbowgfct it. was not reported to the Council. INCREASED STIPEND. The Chairman said at the last meeting he found the Council had agreed to an advance of 5s a week to the assistant surveyor's salary, making it £ 104 per annum. He deserved that rise three years ago, and if it was due to him then more than that was due to him now. He found the stipend was lower with the addition than that paid to similar officials in neighbour- ing districts. He proposed it should be raised to j6120 per annum. This was agreed to.







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