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— Ynysybwl.

. Barry.


Llantwit Fardre.

. Cosen, Cwmclydacfi.


Cosen, Cwmclydacfi. On Good Friday, the first eisteddfod was held at Gosen Congregational Chapel, the pro- ceeds being in aid of the chapel funds. The- chairman was District Councillor R. S. Grif- fiths, J.P., who acquitted himself admirably. Mr Tom John, Llwvnypia, was conductor, and kept the meeting all day in a lively ferment and bubble by sallies and jokes. The adjudi- cators were Mr Webber, G.T.S.C. (music), and Rev G'wrliyd Lewis, Tonyrefail (recitation), and Mrs Waiters and Mrs Jones, Blaenclyd- acit, on the prizo bags: bread, Miss Collins, cookery instructress; while Mr Ben Davies, who afterwards conducted the successful male voice party at the Tonyixindy Gold Crown Eisteddfod, was an efficient accompanist. The Rev Mr Walters was chairman of the com- mittee, and since his advent to the church he has been indefatigable in his labour, and has an excellent helpmeet in Mrs Walters, who h,,• won golden opinions from all; Mr James Morris was an energetic secretary, and Mr James Thomas the careful custoidan of the funds. The chairing ceremony was duly per- formed in orthodox fashion, under the direc- tion of Gwrhyd, assisted by Ap Rhydderch, and other bards. This is the first eisteddfod, and was a capital success, and it is intended t, make it an annual function. The successful competitors were: Solo (girls under 14), "Dyffryn Clwyd," first, Nellie M. Richards, Treharris; second prize, Rebecca Hopkins, Clydach Vale; recitation (children under 10), Hymn 718 from the "Caniedydd), Evan Jones, 73, Thomas street, Blaenclydach; pianoforte solo (children under 14), first prize), Harriet Jones, Clydach Vale. Prizes were also given by Mr Rees Griffiths to Lawrence, Tonypandy, and E. M. Jones, Clydach Vale. Essay on "Abraham," Mr T. R. Williams,. Llanilltyd Vardre; central'to solo, "He was despised," Miss Jane Haddock, Treherbert; recitation, Y dall yn cael ei olwg," Mr Joseph Davies, Blaenclydach; prize bags, first prize, Miss Lizzie M. Jones, Blaenclydach; second prize, Miss Edwards, Commerce House. Tonypandy; third prize, Mrs Thomas, Blaenclydach; elegy to the late Mr James Jones, Blaenclydach, Mr Daniel Owen (Ap Rhyddereh), Porth; child- ren's choir, "Gospel Bells," Cottage Choir, Clydach Vale, conducted by Mr Isaac Thomas; soprano «>lo, "Llancesau'r Er-yri," Miss Amy Evans, Tonypandy; love letter, Mr David J. Treharne, Ferndale; violin quartette, "Ama- teurs," Clydach Vale, conducted by Mr John John; tenor solo, "The Ship and the Light- house," Mr W. E. Davies, Tonyrefail; best. leaves (white bread), first prize,. Mrs Thomas, Court street, and Mrs Simon Davies, 76, Jones street; second prize, Mrs S. Davies, 76, Jones street,, Blaenclydach; brown bread, first prize, Mrs Evans, 50, Sigh street, Clydach Vale; second prize, Mrs S. Davies, Blaenclydach; quartette. "Ti wyddost beth ddywed fy ngha- lon," Mr John Jones and friends; poem, "Y dysgyblion yn cysgu yn yr ardd," the chaired bard was Mr Michael Thomas, Merthyr Vale; flute solo, "Der Freysdiutz," prize divided be- tween Mr H. J. Lewis, Clydach Vale, and Mr C L. John,, Penygraig; speech on "Cynygiad Hcddwch y Czar o Rwsia," Mr D. Lloyd, Clydach Vale; bass solo, "Uchelgais Cymru," 1L Willie Thomas, Trealaw; essay on "Ambi- tion," prize divided between Mr Thomas Da- vies, and Mr J. Parry Davies, Blaenclydach, duet, "Lie treigla'r Caveri," Mr W. Davies, Ynyshir, and friend; chief choral competition, "Blodeuyn Bach wyf fi mewn gardd," four choirs competed, viz., Tonyrefail, Clydach Minstrels, Blaenclydach Choir; Ynyshir Phil- harmonic prize awarded to Ynyshir Choir, with a silver-mounted bafon to the conductor.