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For Delicate Children.



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fountain Ash Cottage Hospital…

— Ynysybwl.

. Barry.



Pontypridd. An Eisteddfod under the auspices of thb local Unitarian Church was held at the New Town Hall. Mr L. N. Williams;, Aberdare, presided, Mr Morgan, Pontypriidd, conducted, and Mrs Lewis, Top-hill, Pontypridd, accom- panied. The adjudicators were: Music Mr Fred Griffiths, A.R.A.M.; literature, Brynfab and Mr Joseph David, Pontypridd. The com- petitions and winners were:- Pianoforte solo, Miss Mabel Coombes, Pont, ypridd. Juvenile solo, Master J. Price, Porth. Recitation, Miss Price, Cilfynydd. Soprano solo, Miss Blodwen Coslett. Ponty- pridd. Baritone solo, divided between L!ew Llan, Pontypridd, and Mr Jacob Hughes, Hopkins- town. Tenor solo, Mr Tom Cynon, Aberdare. Contralto solo, Miss Blodwen Coslett, Pont- ypridd. Englyn on "Daoansoddydd," Carnelian, Pontypridd. Recitation. "The Wind in a Frolic," divided between Miss Pearce, of Cilfynydd, and Enid Lewis (tho little daughter of Mr John Lewis, Tophill). "Y Pyramid," 40 lines, won by Ap Ionawr. Essay in the form of a letter describing the locality in which competitors reside, open to children attending the elementary schools, prize divided between the Misses Davies, Ash- ton, and Curnow, all of Cilfynydd. An Eisteddfod,, under the aupices of the South Wales Mission Sunday Schools, was held at the Lesser Town Hall on Friday evening. The Rev T. Jones presided, supported by Rev T. Rowdands, and Messrs E. Ashton and Gomer (Thomas. Adjudicators: Music, Mr J. P. Powell, Cardiff; poetry, Rev T. J. Pritchard. Cardiff; recitations. Messrs M. Dyer, Cilfyn- ydd, and W. J. Davies, Pontypridd; litera- ture, Revs T. Jones and T. Rowlands; accom- pnist, Miss Dyer; treasurer, Mr Morgan, Abercynon. The secretarial duties were dis- charged by Mr E. Camo Morgan, Ynysybwl. The principal awards were: Alto solo,, "Deio Bach," won by Miss Claudia Edwards, Cilfyn- Bach," won by Miss Claudia Edwards, Cilfyn- ydd; recitation for children under 15, "Mat r Johnny Puw a'r Cieliog-wydd" (o'r "Win'lan") 5 competed, won by Miss Ross, Abercynon; soprano solo, "The Wandering Sheep" (San- key), 3 competed, won by Miss H. Jones, Cil- fynydd tenor solo, ""Dyffryn Clwyd" ("Songs of Wales"), Mr Ben Price, Abercynon; bari- tone solo, Mr Price, Abercynon; recitation for children under 10, Hymn 1020. prize divided between the Misses Ross, Abercynon; essay, "Taith Israel o'r Aifft i Ganaan," Miss M. Humphreys, Abercynon; essay, "Y Cyfeiliorn- adau a dybir a'r modd y cyfarfyddir a hwy yn Epistol 1 loan," Mr Evan Humphreys, Aber- cynon; children's choir, "Yr Ysgol Sul" (T. D. Edwards), two choirs competed, Carmel, Aber- cynon, conducted by Mr Ben Price, and Sion, Cilfynydd, conducted by Miss Dyer; Carmel won the prize, the singing of Miss Dyer's choir, being highly commended; impromptu speech, none of the five competitors were deemed worthy of the prize. There was a good at- tendance, and everything passed off pleasantly. a

Llantwit Fardre.

. Cosen, Cwmclydacfi.