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PONTYPRIDD DISTRICT COUNCIL. The L;i;hjy U,'2: i:!i,' of the Fontypriud District Council was held at the Council Offices Fontvpridd. on Tuesdav, Mr P. Gowin. J.P., • presidiiiT. The attendance included Councillors R. T. PJcharu;, (vice-chairman). H. M. Row hvhcl, W. :£-1. Gronow, W. Jones-Powell, Ed- Williams, D. R. Evans. R. L. Phillips, T. B. Evans. W. Lewis, H. Bramwell, W. T. Ley- shon, with the clerk, Mr H. M. Grover. An application from Mr Hopkin Jones to be registered as the "keeper of a common lodging house on the Tramroad was considered. Mr Supt. Cole recommended the application. He, with Dr Howard Davies, the medical officer, had. inspected the premises, and found the house would accommodate 121. persons. (Laugh- ter). The Chairman: Where is the other ha:f? (Renewed laughter). The application was granted. Mr Sibbering, the Taff Vale Railway en- gineer, wrote with reference to the condition of the railway bridge near Gelliwastad Grove. His company proposed to re-construct this bridge, and they considered this a favourable opportunity for the Council to have it widened. At present it v;as 18 feet wide, and if the CC>1ncil required it widened to 36 feet, then they would have to pay the cost of such widen. ing. If the company reconstructed the bridge they could not be compelled to make it wider. Mr Jones-PowdI thought if the bridge was to be altered, it would be well for the Council to have it widened. Mr James Roberts-sofa" he believed it was the company's intexition to widen the line at this point, and so increase the length of the bridge. They could oppose the widening of the line unless they granted them a wider bridge. He suggested they should ask Mr Sib- bering to submit a plan shewing the structure of the proposed new bridge. They would then know the cost of the widening. Mr Jones-Powell seconded, and the motion was carried. The Mayor of Blackpool wrote stating that the Royal Congress of Public Health would be hdd at that town, and asking the Council to send representatives there. It was decided to place the matter on the agenda for considera- tion at the next meeting. On the motion of the chairman. Mr Samuel Rowland was formally re-appointed sanitary inspector at a salary of JE110 per annum. Mr James RoSerts asked if they could not get the department to recognise both inspectors and so obtain a moiety of their salary refun- ded. According to the numerical strength of the district, he thought they were entitled to more than one inspectot The Clerk was instructed to enquire into the matter.. It was decided to -adver-tise for'tenders for cleaning and repairing the Town and Council clocks. Mr Edward Williams queried whether some- thing could not be done to the road in front of the Central Hotel, Trallwn, It was im- possible to pass along the road in wet weather unless they went by boat. The Surveyor said the work would come under the Private Street Work3. The Vice-chairman proposed that the road be kerbHl and channelled, and the Surveyor was instructed to take the usual steps.. The Surveyor submitted a report on the rural roads of the district. The Council de- cided to metal several portions of roads, and tj appoint a new roadman on the Eglwysilan roads. Mr T. B. Evans asked whether Howell Jjtreet, CClfynydd, improvements were being proceeded with. The Surveyor stated that Messrs Ellis and Lewis had served notices ob. jecting to the proposed improvements, and when those notices were withdrawn the work would be proceeded with. Inspector Rowlands reported one case of diphtheria at Fountain Terrace and one case of scarlatina on the Tramroad. Inspector Johns reported one case of scarla- tina in Ann Street, Cilfynydd. The case of scarlatina at 6, The Avenue, proved fatal. Inspector Rowland reported that he had in- spected the exits of. the Royal Clarence Thea- tre. and found them satisfactory in almost, every respect. It only took two and three quarter minutes to empty the theatre of its occupants on Easter Monday night. Mr Montague Grover, the Clerk, applied for Mr Levshon Richard Williams to act as his deputy-clerk. He knew the work thoroughly well, and had given him every satisfaction. The Chairman and others spoke in favourable terms of Mr Williams, and the appointment was made. At the conclusion of the Council meeting, M,' James Roberts proposed a cordial vote of thanks to the Chairman for presiding over the Council meetings during the past year. He had, as they anticipated, filled the chair in a very efficient manner, and from his past life they knew he was in every sense qualified to occupy the position. The proposition was seconded by Mr R. T. Richards, and supported by Mr Jones-Powel? and R. L. Phillips. The Chairman briefly responded, and thanked the members. He had done his best for the ratepayers, and meftibers of the Coun- cil, and he had received the hearty co-opera- tion of all the members and officials.

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