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r11 ustard and Cress. ♦


r11 ustard and Cress. ♦ Several 1,>t;r! reports of Easter concerts i and tea^ and the -it-tiiled adjudications at Toaypauuy Eisteddfod are unavoidably held over. At used the Pontypridd railway station tur travelling CD E<srer Monday, and upwards of 7,000 tickets were collected Lluri.-ig ilav. Tii,, Ferad.de Male Voice Society, which is under the lead rship cf Mr Gwiiytn Jones, s*.»e to be congratul.iten upcu their t-plemiid success in securing premier honours at Mountain Ash eisteddfod fin Monday lasS. 'ihe present choir is practically a new body of vocalists, and wne" it IK taken into contdaf-aticu thrj --horc period the Mountain A<-h t jst piece han been rehearsed, tiiair success is the nwre gratif ving. Fern- tlalians have ,vt-ry reason to be p 'oud of t{¡,.ir victory, and w sincerely wish '"Uvfilym bach and his rta-zi < very future success in the eid- teddfociic arena. The following "ir." wr}iciJ was delivered at 1'ontypririu on E^ter Monday, perplexed some of the > officials —" Edwards' Kaby sleep suo'esffu! An explanatory note readies us to the effect that, Haby, ?l«epl" was the title of Mr T. D. Edwards' successful prix- pstrt-song t\.r ladies" choirs at 'Xouvpandy Eiiteddtod. The popular Presid^n! of the Tonypandy Eisteddtod, Mr I? D;j, c'pd 1; generously towards the officials throughout. If they warned i^r anything i. wa. not his f*ul' tfccy not only had tne run of his St Id, but his house also. Whatever the constant* qng- at Tonvpandy Eisteddfod last Tuesday evening, whit tney wishfd for was light, and they had it in to.; form of a hallpenny <>!p. T«» f >rm any c'-pt:orl ot' what ic wt-, lik, V(;u ti) -3. crowd of people irL 1 preuieatm'-n! as Moses when tha A-elt out. The rs felt f< r the nva:-ic\ so t •. speak, aad the spei »• tors felt for the singers. Competitors who intend entering the bass N, solo tiie South Wales Mission Eisteddfod, itri 1;1' h":d at Pontypridd on Mvuuay, Alay trtt t; note ihat ri,v n, ait in L-y, v;t; B 1l A Ev.mber üf (11¡.ir »u>.i (,lrt.it:s :Ir¡ Ce d_jri their respective test puces, and t liiir; augurs for a SUCCrillJ ting. Ir.t'-nu- in competitors Tv-ai!d do well to write once to Mr E. Asiiton, il'2. Llsnov'-r Noad, Pontypridd, for list of sub>c:s and full particulars. 011 IvI(;p(1äv nming Miss Magsie Mii1 and Mr I)d. iJavies sang at the J*ai-ry fist edit tod Conceit, where they met with a. splendid reception, all their songs and the duett being loudly encored. In 1885 the ropul-iMon of Pontypridd was 14,000, to-day it is 33,000 At the Easter eisteddfodau no less than six of Aiiss Lily Richards' puails WIe successful in winning various competitions, five of them being under 12 years of ige—eloquent testimony to the efficiency ot Miss Kichards' tuition, The healthiest part in the Pontypridd district is the i'raig, whom* death-rate last year was only 0 3 per 1,000, the highest being the EhonddA Ward with a rate of 14 8, OnJy one death resulted irom colliery accidents tin icg the ye.ir. A Treforest lad on Monday attended a gYI7HJ\fa a!)ll" at Trtõbarrjs, t-aking train to Quakers' Yaru, from wheeco he walked to Treharris. His little brother, aged five, who wasldt at home, on seeing tne train pass his house, enquired „t his :n> ti.er, Is that C *s train ? On r- c^iviti^ a reply in the afflrniati ve, lia innocently asked, Where's Le gone to Quaker Oats ,J ,,hL- ie gone to Quaker Oats ,J CovT'cilir>r Tiios. GritSths, J P, Cynrimer, make^t a model chairman in every c^pait-nent. He enjoys big reputatio of being capable to turn in with aii classes. Mostly, he presides in lectures, concerts and other things divine, but on the other hand his is not narrow minded. It was a treat to hear his good and witty remarks at the Male Choir's banquet held at the Imperial flotel liit week. Mr Woods, a gentleman who came 1 roin the Isle of Man in order to attend the banquet, was rather taken aback by the proceedings, which were OF a substantial order. He paid the choir the highest compliment, and referred to tnem as beirii,' boys (if riie village, to which he wiaild give almost anything to belong. Duriog their 8tay 11.' Douglas ali th ir audi-tices were electrified with the singing. Weish music again Mr Blagborough, the great Yorkshire tenor, whose name was included in the toast list at the Porth Choir'rj btnquft, when asked to respond, wished to gi.rt1 a song instead, and sing he did co tie* great delight of the jolly company Before he reached the end oi ids I much admired serenade, the company gave vent t,,) :o.- !,e graciously thanked them. I The supporters of Mr F. Jndd (candidate for the fort'tcoinirg contest far a seat on tb., Hearts of O^k delegation Board) are encouraged beyond measure by the su::c-ss attending their efforts in promoting the candidature of an old and tried representative Members would do well to send off voting papers not later than Saturday.


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