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Maypole Dairy Company5 Limited.


Maypole Dairy Company5 Limited. The first annual meeting of the above com- pany was held at the London Offices cn Thurs- day. The chairman said that since the balance sheet had been made up to Deccmbsr 31s last, they had received from their shareholders tilt- balance of the remaining ±0- per share on the Preference Shares, amounting tc E174.875,and the amount, together with th-L- 233,703 Ordinary Shares had enabled them to I.:ty the vendors the balance of the purchase money, and have £ 35.000 as extra working cap!t?.l. He thought this- put. a better aspect on their balance-sheet, as perhaps some of their shareholders might think that the cash in hand was a small a.mount. Since their company was started in July last they had opened nin; new branches, up to December 31st. and since the last named date, they had opened nine ocher shops, and others were in process of br.ing fitted up. They hoped to make judicious c::tensions in the future. With regard to dividend en the Ordinary Shares, they were not prepared to pay that, as they had not been allcltcd, but they had been allotted since. They p oposed to write £ 10,000 off the Goodwill, 10 place £ 5.000 to the Reserve Fund, and they had also set aside L479 as accrued dividend cn the Preference Shares from the date of allotment. During the six months of the Company's working, the) had added £ 12,211 to the amount of the assets, and they had written off f5 .319 for depreeia-' tion. The large amount of the additions was due to the opening of the 11 w shops, which 01 course entailed the expenditure of extra capi- tal. The warehouse and ofiiees in Copenhagen, the fourteen creameries in Ireland, were in a very satisfactory stale. During the past six months the Company hid purchased the freehold premises in Oldham and Preston. They had also made purchases of freehold pro- perty in Newcastle-on-Tyr.e, Swindon, and Hull. They intended in the future to utilise the Reserve Fund in purchasing freehold pro- perty as opportunity offered. The report and accounts were alopted unani- mously.