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Colofn y Gyrriry.I


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Hearts of Oak Dinner at Abercynon.…


Hearts of Oak Dinner at Abercynon. AN ENJOYABLE MEETING. The second annual dinner of the local branch of the above society was held at the Naviga- tion House Hotel on Thursday night, when about 70 persons were present. Seated at the cross table were Dr A. J. Griffiths (chairman). Messrs H. S. Martin, W. 1. Knox, Docton (Merthyr), E. H. Battram, and Walter Mor- gan. After the inner man had been replen- ished with the good things provided,a lengthy programme was subsequently submitted for the enjoyment of the evening. Mr Joseph Thomas acted in the capacity of p:anist. The musical portion of the programme was as follows: — Mi William Jenkins, Mountain Ash, sang "The Merry Party." in splendid style, and elicited a rcund of applause, and the "Death of Nelson,' bv Mr Thomas Owen, was much appreciated. M-- Jack Aust in "Let 'em all come and 'Theres cnlv one girl," was responsible for much laughter. The oldest inhabitant of Aber- cynon, in the person of Mr Walter Morgan, rendered a. Welsh song, "Tyr'd i ben y Myn ydd. The appcarance of his venerable per sonality was the outcome of signal applause. Mr Torn Jones gave "When London's fast asleep. and "I aÏnt agoing to tell," which met with much approval. "Goed old Raspberry'' was given in Mr Edgar Davies' beat style. What proved to be the tit-bit of the evening was that of the impersonation of characters by Mr Knox. who displayed much cleverness, ability, and keen observation of the particular p ,r.30ns. During this very interesting item the room was pervaded with laughter. Mr E H. Battram proposed the toast of the even- ing, Hearts of Oak Soceity." He said it gave him unbounded pleasure to perform that duty, and he regretted that he had not the privilege of beir.g a. member of this society. After particularising a few facts in connec- tion with the subject of the toast, he invited those present to drink to the health and pros- perity of the Hearts of Oak Society." Messrs Prosser and Lewis, from Mountain Ash and- Ynysybwl respectively, responded,and reviewed the history of ttyb society from the date of in- ception, which took place in London in a pub- i house called the Bird in Hand, in the year H:4Z It was stated that fifteen members were enrolled on this night, an thus gave the first impetus to a concern which was destined to reach its present size. Last year it had a membership of 230.000, and a reserve fund of a couple of millions. In the year 1892 the Society founded a Lifeboat. which was christened "The Hearts of Oak," and have en- dowed it since then with a large sum. Its very I'fme suggests a good omen, and it is pleasing to note en passant that the boat has been the means of saving scores of lives. Allusion was also made to the fight between the country- men and the Londoners, in which the former claimed equality of rights to representation in the administration of the work of the Society, which they evenetually succeeded in gaining. The speakers urged upon all who were not al- ready. members the necessity, advantages, and j benefits of so doing. The remaining toasts were in capable hands, and a pleasant evening was experienced.

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