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PROPERTY SALES. On Wednesday, at the New Inn Hotel, Pontypridd, Messrs Stephenson and Alexan- der, auctioneers, conducted an important sale of valuable ground rents of the annual value of £4-60, including nine public-houses with their freehold reversions and other freehold land, situate on Rickards' Newbridge estate at Pontypridd and Treforest. There was a lcrge attendance, and the bidding was fairly brisk, good prices being realised for many of the lots offered. The solicitors to the vendors were Messrs Blosse and Arthur Waldron, Car- diff. The various lots were disposed of as fellows: A freehold ground rent in Court-house street Pontypridd, annual rent, L8 16s, sold to Mr John Davies, solicitor, for £ 300. Freehold ground rent in same place, annual rent, £9 4s; purchaser, Mrs Lloyd, Llantwit Major, £325. Freehold ground rent in same street, rental, £ 9; sold to Mrs Lloyd for £290. Freehold ground rent in same street, annual rent, £6 18s; purchaser, Mr J. G. Jones (Ap Caradog), Pontypridd, £ZÑ. Two freehold ground rent in same street, rent. £7 3s 4d; sold to Mr J. Davies, solicitor, Pontypridd, at 215. Freehold ground rent in same street, rent £ i 15s; purchased at L150 by Mr J. G. Jones, Pontypridd. Freehold ground rent of the annual value of £ 130 4s 5d in Albert Road, near the Barry Railway Station. Eighty-two houses are built upon the property, and there is room for 70 more. The last bid was £ 3,400, and the lot was bought in for £ 3,500. Freehold ground rents on the Graig, the annual value being C2 Os 6d and £7 Os lid, sold to Mr Samuel Evans, J.P., Treferig, for B55 and £ 225 respectively. Freehold ground rents in same district, annual value, £ 7 15s 6d; purchaser. Mr Spen- cer (of the firm of Messrs Spencer, Corbett, Evans, and Co., solicitors, Cardiff), £205. Three freehold ground rents on the Graig. annual value, E9 5s 8d, bought by Mr W. R. Davies, solicitor, Pomypridd, for C245. Rents of the value of ES 4s 10d on the Graig, purchaser, Mr Spencer, solicitor, Cardiff, E220, who also paid £ 180 for rents of the value of £ 7 Os 7d in the same district. The purchaser of a freehold ground rent of th-3 annual value of L2 3s was Mr Edward Williams, solicitor, for L65. Two freehold ground rents en the Graig of the annual value of £ 10 lis 2d, the lease in- cluding the Ros" and Crown Inn. The buyer was Mrs Lloyd, Llantwit Major, £ 450. G'ound rent realising £ 1 7s 8d annually on Ihe GDJÍg purchaser, Mrs Lloyd, £ 76. Several freehold ground rents, annual value £ fi 16s lOd, oris including lease of the Cross Inn, sold to Mr W. R. Davies, solicitor. for Three ground rents, realising £ 5 4s 2d ai iiually; purchaser, Mr James Spickett. soli- citr; £95. Ground rents realising £+ lis 8d, sold to M: Spencer, soScitor, Cardiff, for 1-125; the lease of the Calvinistic Methodist Chapel on the Graig, in the same lot, being purchased by Mr John Leyshon, grocer, Graig, for P,70 For two ground, rent, realising £ 4 2s 4d anruallv, same district, Mr Eynon, Mountain Ash. paid £ 115. Six ground rents of the annual value of E12 14s Id, sold to Mr Spencer, solicitor, Car. di?T; for £ 315. Two rents on the Graig, E4 12s 6d; pur- chaser, Mr James Spickett, solicitor, £ 115. Four rents on* the Graig, realising from ;E5 9s Id annually; bought by Mr Tafonwy Mills Pontypridd, for £ 155. Three rents near Taff Valp Railway Station (including lease of Taff Vale Hotel), L7 2s 5d annually; sold to Mr James Spickett, solicitor, for £ 505. Three rents on the Graig, realising £ 7 19s 2d annually (including lease of Horse and Groom Hotel); purchaser, Mr G. R. Williams, New Inn Hotel, Pontypridd, E500. Five rents, of "Œe value of L10 9s 6d. sold to Mr Taliesin Morgan, Llantrisant, for £305. For a ground rent realising C3 7s, and situ- ate near the Taff Vale Railway Station, Mr J. Davies, solicitor, paid E130. Several rents, realising P,23 17s lid, were withdrawn. For several rents, realising £ 7 11s 4d, Mr T. Gibbon, Pontypridd, gave £200. Several rents of the value of zElO Os lOd, the property being situate near Rickard street,were purchased by Mr Mitchell, milk vendor, for £ 300. This lot comprised several freehold rents near Wood road, the total realsing E21 17s, for which Mr Spencer, solicitor, Cardiff, gave £ 575. Several rents on the Wood road and above the Taff Vale Railway, of the annual value of £ 7 9s 4d; purchaser, Mr Mitchell, milk ven- dor, L200. Mr James Spickett, solicitor, paid £70 for a freehold rent in Wood road of the value of L2 15s 2d. This lot, containing*- about 7 acres of free- hold lanl above Rickard street, was bought by Mr W. Scaton. builder, Pontypridd, for zC200, whilst Mr Mitchell, milk vendor, paid L145 for 1 rood, 5 perches, of freehold land in Wood road, held by Messrs Crawshay. Mr W. Seaton, builder, paid jE105 for two freehold rents, realising £4 Os 6d per annum Mr D. R. Evans, Pontypridd, was the pur- chaser at £ 375 of rents of the annual value ot £ 13 16s 6d. Two freehold rents realising Ell 6s Id annu- ally, the" lease including the Danygraig Arms Inn, fell to the lot of Mr Gerald Bruce, solic;- toi, for E500, and the same gentleman gave 1115 for 1 roofi and 8 perches of land in the same district. This lot, realising an annual rent of JE11 1/s 9d, included the lease of the Bailers' Arms, Treforest, and was bought by Mr W. Scaton, builder, for £ 400. Mr James Roberts, Taff Vale Hotii"? 1 ur- chased three ground rents at Treforest of the value of 96 17s 2d for E195, and the cn:id rent in the same lot, realising £4 12s iOd, and i 'eluding the lease of the Railway Hote:, Tre. foTest, was sold to Mr G. R. Williams, New Inn Hotel. Pontypridd, for 2215 Lot included four rents, realising jE15 17s 7d, and the lease of the Crown Inn, and the pur- chaser was Mr D. Davies, Llanbradach, for £500. Mr G. R. Williams, New Inn Hotel, Ponty- pridd. paid L330 for three freehold rents in Treforest, realising L9 15s lOd annually, one of the leases including the Queen Adelaide Inn. The last lot, about 2 roods and 18 perches of freehold land in Treforest, and now let as a garden, fell to Mr D. R. Evans, Pontypridd, for 9120. Subsequently Mr Alexander re-offered for sah lot 7, being freehold ground rent realising £ 130 4s 5d annually, and after some brisk bid- ding the property was knocked down to Mr Samuel Evans, J.P., Treferig, for £ 3,450, whilst Mr Spencer, solicitor. Cardiff, gave L600 for lot 28, including several ground rents o. the annual value of £23 17s lid, which had been withdrawn. The total amount realised as the result of the sale was £ 14,679. SALE OF MINERAL PROPERTY. Ai the close of the above sale, Messrs Stephenson and Alexander offered for sale at the New Inn Hotel, Pontypridd, the freehold mineral property known as Glanmyddlin, Llan- twit Vardre. The property ccnsists of a small farm, with farmhouse and buildings, together with three cottages and a garden and 20 acres of pasture land. The property is situate about 3 mile from Cross Inn Station, and Mr Alex- ander pointed out that the surface value was £36 11s per annum. He, however, asked bid- ders to look at the prospective value of the property, and said that the minerals lying un- derneath would sooner or later be undoubtedly developed. The bidding started at L700, the next advance was to £1,000, and the third bidder was Alderman W. H. Mathias, J.P., Porth, to whom the property was sold for £ 1,200. The solicitors to the vendors were Messrs Spickett and Sons, Pontypridd.

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