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Friendly Societies' Council fer Pontypridd. 'HiP' 1.1\0. The representatives of the Oddfellows. Shep- herds, and Hearts of Oak Societies, who met ill conference at the Greyhound High su eet, on Tuesday, 23th illt., are to be corn. mended for the prompt and effective measures taken with the objec: ot forming a Council in this important and progressive tevn. The se- lection made of the chairman in the nerson of Mr W. Williams, during the preliminary stage secures an ardent and enthusiastic organiser for such onerous and responsible duties. The following members represented the Shepherds, viz., Messrs John Jones, R. Pitman, Thomas Williams, Mr Williams, T. J. Ellis, Sinies Jones, and W. Williams. Oddfellows. Messrs W. Hoard, T. Pryse. T. C. Rc-es, T. A. Cule, J. Hunt, E Fisher, and A. Evans; Hearts of Oak. Messrs F. Judd (delegate), D. Thomas, W. Williams, and J. 7. Evans. All present were split in sections of threes, together with the absent members, viz., Messrs T. Jenkins, H Jenkins, W. Baker, and T. KnoLt (Shep- herds). and R. Martin (Oddfellows), for the purpose of visiting Lodges. Courts and Tents of kindred societies in the various wards with-, in the Urban District of Pontypridd. The rules of the Cardiff F.S. Council were read fo: the guidance of representatives present by the Loyal Hope (M.U.), treasurer. The prospects of an early establishment of such Council is indicated by the friendly nature of the discussion which took p!ace on the question. The need of such Council is ircie apparent than ever, and the inface of the many pro- blematical topics which ace already ripe for discussion, such as Old Age Pension Scheme, Compulsory Shop Clubs, the inequitable dis- tribution of the Poor Law Relief and Qipr, vention of bogus Friendly Societies bempta- ted, such movement deserves the support o £ every society. The Council will, no doubt, also materially improve the social status of the various orders, of which it may be comprised J! and if attention be paid to the recommenda- tions of the committee appointed to inquire re the compulsory shop clubs which, v ill short- ly be submitted to Parliament, it will be found that the recommendations made do not cover the proposal of the National Conference of Friendly Societies, who were instrumental in bringing sufficient pressure to bear on the Legislative Assembly as to secure a promise from the Government to appoint a Committee to investigate this prevalent evil. It- behoves all societies to rally round and set. to work in real earnest if they are desirous of arresting! this evil, which the Committee have fought, shy of. judging by the nature cf their recom. mendations as culled from the Friendly Socie- ties Recorder. Other important and interest- ing items will, no doubt, eventually present; themselves for the Council's consideration when formed. We hail with delight the promise of a record meeting of deputies on Monday next PT the Greyhound Hotel at 8 p.m. if the recep- tion accorded the deputies who visited such Lodges and Courts in the meantime is any criterion of the enthusiasm among friendly societies' members. We wish God-sr>eed to the deserving movement, and hope, when formed, its deliberations will be conducive to the powerful influence for the welfare of the socie- ties in general. Local authorities will evi- dently be stimulated to greater activity in the future to aspiranis for local honours. Wa heartily commend attendance at meetings of friendly societies, where divisions of opinion a-2 never permitted to develop into anything; approaching disrepute, the initiation charge and lectures being admirably adhered to Friendly Societies supporters are cordially in- vited to join the Councils as honorary mem- bers, and to promote the prosperity of such movement in their town. Applications may bi made to the hen. secretary, Mr J. T. Evans. or may be handed in at the meeting on Monday next. "——






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