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. Pressntaiion to Mr. Antony…


Pressntaiion to Mr. Antony Lewis, Ystrad Rhondda. A very large audience assembled at the Bodringaht Welsh Congregational Church, Ys- trad Rhondda, to do honour to Mr A neony J. Lewis, late organist of the above church, and son of Mr Anuerin Lewis (overman at Bodringallt Colliery), and with a view of in- vesting him upon his departure from Y,trad Rhondda with a memento of their approbation o his services as organist. Sir Lewis left Ystrad on Tuesday, the 4th i:t., wiih ,,¡her friends, for Amerigo. in which country it is his intention to take a. course cf study for. the ministry under the supervision of his tn;cl<= a Mr Lewis, who was himself at, one ti:e a BoJ- ringallt member. The Chahmau (Nathan Wyn) explained in detail the origin of the movement, and wished Mr Lewis every success i 1 his new field of labour. Mr Thomas Har- ris, grocer, spoke very highly of the young man's capabilities. Mr Thomas Thomas (Dis- trict Council), with characteristic heartiness, testified to his warm fnesndship for Mr Lewis. He had had exceptional opportunities of know- ing him. and had ahtr.ys fpund him a truthful, upright, and s tr aignt: or w a rd young man, who die; .his duty regardless of criticism or ob staclcs. The testimonial, in the shape of a valuable purse (given by Mr W. O. Edwards), and which contained the magnificent, sum cf £19, subscribed for by the church and his many iriends of the locality, together with a beautitul album cf Brecon College., containing pLotcs and sketches of students for a period Ot 25 years, was made by Mr William Richards (his late Sunday School teacher), and Mr .Jacob Thomas. On the Album was a beautiful ad- dress, whicn "was handsomely written hv Mr Ryan, artist, Trc-crky. Mr Lewis, in respond- ing said that he ff" himself quite unworthy of the good feelings shewn towards him ihat evening. He felt deeply grateful for tho love and regard which ha I prompted the giving or such excellent gifts, and would treasure them as a token of the esteem of his friends at Ys- trad Rhondda. The meeting was greai.lv en- hanced by the excellent renderings of vocal and instrumental music.

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