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PONTYPRIDD CHAMBER OF TRADE. The ordinary monthly meeting of the above Chamber was held at the Restaurant Rooms, Town Hall Buildings, on Wednesday, undei the presidency of Mr R. L. Phillips. The other members present were: Messrs John Evans, Henry Porcher, James Coombes, R. D. Grif- fiths, William Jones, together with the secre- tary, Mr George Marchant. The question of providing a better railway service from Seng- hirnydd to Pontypridd was considered. Mr John Evans pointed out that it was not likely that the Rhymney Railway Company would facilitate matters for passengers in order that they might change at CaerphlTTy to reach Pontypridd. It was resolved to write to the Senghenydd Chamber of Trade, and to the Rhymney Railway Company on the subject. Mr Evans also gave notice of motion to con- sider the vast difference in prices charged in local railways between second and third class passengers. Mr R. D. Griffiths moved that the Barry Railway Company be asked to stop their 9.50 train from Barry to Pontypridd at St. Fagan's so as to enable passengers from Porthcawl to reach Pontypridd an hour earlier than at pre- sent. This was agreed to. On the thousand miles railway ticket system being considered the secretary read replies from the Great Eastern, North Western, Great Western, and Midland Railway Companies, who pointed out that the system was not in vogue on their railways. The North Eastern Railway Company replied that the system worked very successfully with them, but was only in vogue with first class passengers, who were charged -lid. a mile. The question was deferred. Mr William Jones, Gellideg, again called the attention of the Chamber to the question of nicving in the matter of appointing income tax commissioners. He thought that the secretary should wait on the local M.P.'s with a view of getting them to call the attention of the Trea- sury to the matter. After some consideration, it was resolved that Mr Jones and the secre- tary, Mr George Marchant, lay the case before Mr Alfred Thomas, M.P. Mr John Evans complained that the gas ac- ccunts of the District Council were not pub- lished in the local papers. He gave notice of motion that the Chamber ask tie Council to oonsider the advisability of publishing the accounts in the local papers,, as the price of gas was now exorbitant. Mr R. D. Griffiths moved that the Chamber petition the T.V.R. and Barry Railway Com- panies to arrange for the interchange of season tickets. This was agreed to. Mr William Jones pointed out that it would be far more convenient if the Poor and the District Rate were collected by the same per- son. If the Chamber thought it essential, he would give notice to discuss it at their next meeting. Opinions were expressed against the idea, but it was ultimately resolved that the question be entered for discussion at the next meeting.

Grand Banquet at Porth.