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YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO BE WITHOUT IT. In all matters of economy the test question should always be, "Can I afford it?" For in- stance, when suffering from any ailment, ask ycurself, Can I afford to let this slight cold or little cough develop into asthma, chronic bron- chitis, or consumption? Can I afford to let this little want of appetite deepen into indigestion, flatuence, or dyspepsia? Can I afford to let this "out of sorts" feeling which I suffer fro m occasion- ally to settle into a oonfirmed melan- choly? Can I afford to let my wife grow weaker day by day under household burdens, or my child, who is now only a little delicate, run the risk of being obliged to succumb entirely or can I afford to let myself run the risk of break- ing down entirely and giving up my work. all for want of a little precaution ? When you are told that the excellent preparation known ac Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters which is ac- knowledged to be the best tonic remedy ever discovered, would enable you to avoid all these dangers, the question should not be "Can I afford it?" but "Can I afford to be without it?" In most cases common-sense will tell you that you cannot afford to be without it, that you carnot afford to run the risk you are now running. wbile so valuable a remedy as Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters is at hand. Above all, see that you Let the right article, with the name "Gwilvm Evans" on the label, stamp, and bottle, without which non,- is genu- ine. Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bifterg, The Vege- table Tonic, is sold everywhere in bottles 2s 9d and 4s 6d each, or will be forwarded rirr-' n-e free, for the above priccs. bv the Sole Proprie- tors: The Quinine Bitters Manufacturing Com- pany, Limited, Llanelly, South Wales. 4344