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PONTYPRIDD UNION. Much interest is shown in Pontypridd and the Rhondda. Valleys as to the position of the grardians in the Union with regard to the re- lief during the late strike. In this Union the attitude which the Wuardians adopted upon th? question of granting relief during the pro- longed deadlock has placed them in a much happier position than that of the Mert-hyr* Guardians. Mr E. C. Splckert, the clerk to tli-, Union, states that no such action against the Guardians is likely (o be taken. The ques- jor, of relief was considered by the board at 1 early stage of the strike,and lie advised the Guardians that they were not obliged to re- lieve the strikers unless' they were destitute or mder circumstances of extreme necessity. The 3uardians only red cases of sickness anii extreme necessity. The relieving officers re- ported every case' iiidlvianally, and the board lealt with each application upon its merits. No stoneyards were opened in the Union dur- ii[, the strike. The accounts of the Union have been audited, and the auditor did no $äY anything about surcharging the Guardiaiis or anybody else. The Guardians gave relief from kp-. ,-i 6th to August 31st last year, amounting 5 jE8 939* 'Q. 5d, as against L7,766 9s 4d, dur- ng the same .1)::riod the previous year, the lifference being £ 1, During the first .veek of the strike there was an increase of E15 8s 2d, and from then to th0, end of August t varied each week, the largest beilil;. luring the week ending June 22nd, when it vas jS75 15s 3d, whilst in the week enclin, kugust 31st it was £ 70 15s 6d. 0