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Letters to the Editor.

Rhondda Council Election.


Rhondda Council Election. WARD NO. 2. To the Editor. Sir,—Allow ma a smali space in your valu- able paper to call attention to a letter which appeared in your issue we,k before last regard- ing one of the candidate-. The iiiitter is ot great importance to all, especially the work- ing class. It seems to me that the remarks were intended for nothing but a genteel kick under the belt, for every impartial reader of the Press could see that there were more marks of the feet than tlin head, .*nd ar !r as this ease goes, the writer seems to he a very near relative of the long-eared fam-lv. "Cardi c Golier," knowing that Mr Dnvies was a fa- vourite candidate with n:" publv: in general, came out within a day o: ■ wo to the election day, "too late for prc.n;'r; a.sked Lr," to try and persuade the voters ileit, the candidate's report as being a boycotied was n false one, and thought be could jircei with his cowardly remarks in persuad'iij ignorant workmen that he was sailing under false pre- sences, and. therefore, advising the electors not to vote for him. Ven likely he succeeded to a certain extent, and the (neral opinion is that the candidate would have scored better had Cardi's letter not appeared when it did, and so made the fact which was well-known to [a large number of old workmen doubtful to otlers. Hundreds of the Rhonlda and Og- jmore colliers, as well as ''Cardi o Golier," who jis no more of a collier than I am. are aware |that Mr Davies claims 1 lie right to be called by the term "boycotted collier." As to the proofs. I am only too glad to say that they are to be had, and will be given any time, by jthe candidate himself, and others, to the accu- ser, or any other person who is doubtful as to the correctness of the statement made, should they care to visit this house. In reference to jthe office he holds at present, it has nothing |whatever to do with the subject- But as those remarks were intended to lower the can- didate in the estimation of his friends and sup- porters, allow me to state that they are en- tirely in the other direction. The boycotting took place 14 years previous to the time be started to serve under the Society mentioned, "the time when Cardi was selling 'seadan in his own native land." During those 14- years he has suffered a grent deal, as nmay still suffer for defending the right of the working n.an. To me the simple fact that a man- thrown out of employment and rejected by colliery officials, has worked himself to the position Mr Davies holds at present, proves that he must be a man of sound common sense a.nd mental ability. It seems to me that Cardi is jealous of the candidate's position, or else what induced him to expose himself in the way he did. Drawing to an end I advise "Cardi o Golier" to by heart the old pro- verb. "An unwise spenker should learn to keep- his tongue still.-I am, et., PEMBROKE-