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Llwynypia. '


Llwynypia. Tlije Hearts of Oak members resident in this and surrounding localities in the Rhondda attended in full force the meeting held at th 5 De Winton Hotel, Tonypandy, on Thursday evening. Amongst the prominent members present were Messrs A Williams (Williams and Sons, undertakers), Palmer, Prestwood, W. J. Snooks, D. Nortihcver, W. J. Beer, E. W Jones, and others. Mr E. Edwards (supt. London, Edinburgh and Glasgow Assurance Co), who presided over the influential gather- ing, in a terse speech, introduced Pontypridd's old and tried representative (Mr F. J'udd), together with its branch secretary (Mr J. T. Evans). Mr F. JunJ, on. rising tc address the mem-, bers assembled was greeted wirh ioud and prclonged cheering, and dealt at great length on the growth and magnitude of this magni- ficent society, as well as detailing the im- portant- and beneficial changes in its rules The history o; the unbroken straggle of the late C.M.R.A. (new termed National Federa- tion) in bringing these mmy beneficial reforms to a successful is-.nc was lucidly explained, and the commendable attitude evinced by the C.M.R.A. Executive whilst located at Newport which had deservedly achieved the glorious re- sults as recorded in the contest for supremacy betwixt the Metropolitan and Provincial Sections of the society's membership last year. Evidence of the popularity of the programme submitted by the Newport Executive is ap- preciably felt and exhibited in the Society's record progress during 1898--as shewn in its balance sheet juot. received in this district. Mr J. T. Evans followed by an appeal to the members to follow in the train of other active centres by combining together to es, tablish a Branch cf the N.F. in this thriving locality, and thus contribute to the succes cf 'the country members' cause as well as ■popularizing this, the largest centralised society in the woHd. In commenting on the forthcoming contest, for a seat on the Delega- tion Board, Mr Evhns spoke in eloquent terms of Mr F. Judd's integrity, and also his special aptitude to discharge -the duties incumbent upon such responsible office. His unremitting attention at the Legislative Board during the past year, and his fidelity to the Societys interest and that of its members throughout the Valley, had, he felt confident, justified the confidence reposed in Lim (Mr Judd), and unlike his opponent, he desired but to do justice in the future as in the past to the Hearts of Unk Secicty by faithfully attending each meeting as the accredited representative cf the Valley without endangering the interest of other local and important Boards and Council. The rapid growth of this flourishing Society now required undivided attention of delegates, therefore it behoved all members who have even a. modest degree of pride in this Society to guard against false representa- tion by aspirants who crave for numberless honours without regard, to the responsibility attached to such distinctions. Questions were asked by a few members present bearing upon the medical examination fe payable by candidates to the Society, etc., which were satisfactorily replied to by the candidate. Several members followed, and confessed to having heen considerably en- lightened in the internal management of the Society, and of these two were members of 23 and 33 years standing respectively, and a motion in favour of establishing a Branch in this locality was unanimously passed, and >a committee comprised of the following en- thusiastic members were selected to arrange the preliminaries in conjunction with Messrs r. Judd and J. T. Evans. of Pontypridd, who volunteered to render every assistance possible in order to bring the prospective organization to a successful issue viz., Messrs E. Edwards (chairman), W. J. Snooks, D. Nortnover, Prestwood and W. J. Beer. Votes of thanks were accorded the Pontypridd visitors, also a pledge to further support the candidature of Mr Judd. whilst similar compliment was ten- dered to the genial Chairman—brought a re- cord meeting to a close. Messrs W. J. Snooks and D. Northovcr, are to be commended for the organisation of an influential gathering, especially at such short notice.





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