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SHOP assistants. PRESENTATION MEETING AT FORTH. A meeting of the Pontypiidd and Rhondda Vallevs shop assistants was held at St. r aui s Schoolroom, Perth, cn Thursday evening, for the purpose of presenting Mr Tom John. Llwynypit. an I Mr G. P. Roberts, Mcrthyr, w.th « facsimile cf the illuminated address pusented to Sir Charles and Lady Duke, tart., in appreciation cf the services rendercl t.) shop workers. In the unavoidable absence o* Mr J. Brooks, Porth, the chair was occupied by Mr Davies (of Lewis and Co ), and support- ing him cn the platform were Mr Spouse? Jones (editor of the "Shop Assistant A. Vv. Walter?, W. Job. H. Dlogins, and J. Richards, Poith, with Mr T. Jehu and Mr G. P..Roberts. The Chairman, in opening the meeting, ex- pressed his pleasure at being present amongst ti-ern that evening, to show his sympathy with 1 hp work of shop lite reform, and his appre- ciation of the valuable services rendered ihe assistants by Mesvs John and Roberts. He Admitted his apathy to a great extent in the ] ;ist, hut lie assured them of his assistance in 8.11, work they may undertake in the ftuure. (Cheers). I After a song by Mr Cox, Porth, Mr Vv alters, Pontypridd, spoke in very ilatiering terms, aitl paid a high tribute to the valuable work I done for them by Mr John and Mr Roberts. In Mr John they had a who was fearless in his convictions, a true specimen of British manhood, and they felt proud of having such a person to champion them in the work they were engaged in. There were several iiistaiiee-, in which Mr John bad at great self sacrifice jeopardised his life for others, and by so doing become a great physical sufferer. As editor of the "Glamorgan Free Press, he had through that valuable paper done mere for them than any other local paper, and had proved by re- sults in the Valleys that the pen was mightier than the sword, especially when wielded by such powerful hands. In reference to Mr Ro- berts they all knew his capabilities as an hon- est, hard-working and persevering young man. He (the speaker) bad the pleasure of working with him for a good time, and had proved Mr Roberts to be the right man in the right place. He trusted tie.it both gentlemen would accept the small token of esteem in the spirit in which thev were given, and tlnt they would txea^tue them for the sake of the poor shop assistants. Mr T. Spencer Jones (who the chairman de- scribed as the Lord Kitchener Shop Lite), on rising was received with loud cheers. It a hor- ded him very great rleasuie to ''ime to Porth. especiallv for such an ecc.u-ion as they had met together for that evening. He bad been given a new title that evening—Lord Kitchen- er. He felt very proud of it. He had been called Moses befo-e. but r-ow had an addition to the roll. In dealing with the question ot shop life and its reform, the National Union of Shop Asd?>ants, he would be very brief. He was very pleased to note the advance mcde by the; Union in that district, and it spoke well foi- the, They knew the difficulties under .which they h e! to labour, and they were great, but by steady and persevering work they had overcome the majori- t; ot obstacles. The condition of labour in Soulh Wales were very fair in comparison with other large centres, bnt they were not entirely ¡ free from grievances; far frem it. There was one matter which needed reforming; that was the hours of labour on Saturday. He was sorry to state that hauliers in the Rhondda Valleys were kept at work from 7 o'clock on a Saturday morning until 3 and 4 o'clock Sun- day morning, and he thought it was full time that such conditions were stepped. He admit- ted that early closing w.is one of the foremost IÚmks of the Union, but it was not only early ck-sing that the Union arrived at. There were other grievances, such as the living-in system, abolition of fines, fair wages, compul- sory references, etc., etc., and, until the assist- ants had become thoroughly organised, they led a very remote chance of obtaining their! cutis. The Union lad now an organiser in tli- field, who was doing goad work. and had opened over 30 new branches since December (Cheers). He was very pleased to notice the harmony and brotherly feeling which existed between the branches in the Valley, which was a good omen for the future. In reference to .Mr John and the wcrk he had done for shop assistants,it reminded him cf his first acquaint- auce some- 12 years ogo, when be was invited to address a meeting at Treorky, and the chairman on that occasion was Mr T. John, who had strongly advocated the freedom and I rights of thoir class for a considerable period, and would manifest again in the future his sympathy for them.. The "Glamorgan Free Press" had lent them valuable aid. and they felt grateful to the editor on that account. (Hear, hear). The recipients suitably replied, and after interesting addresses from other speakers, the meeting terminated.






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