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MR. BILLY STEPHENS. ROYAL CLARENCE THEATRE. "SOLDIERS OF THE QUEEN.' The performance ai the Garenee Theatre next week will be made dcubly interesting by the first appearance in Pontypridd of the talented comedian, Mr Billy Stephens, whose photo we reproduce. Mr Stephens i a mirth provoker of the first order, and no doubt his popularity in the lar-3 towns will be repeated oil making hi-s first be v.- to a P.hcndcia audi- 0I:ce. Much has been £ :.txt anrt wiitten about the recent great raid in the Transvaal, but it has been left for Mr John F. Preston to pour- tray in the "Soldiers of the Queen," the aciu- alities of this great war from the disaster at Majuba Hill up to the present day. This novel and up-to-date musical military drama, will be produced for the first time in Pontypridd at the Royal Clarence Theatre on Monday even- ing next and the following five nights. Much r.icney and energy have been expended on this gmnl spectacular play, even the scenery, cos- tumes. Cc" having been faiilliully copied from phcics. sketches, etc., taken in and around the of the great redd. The story of the "Soldiers cf the Queen" is at once both pathe- tic and ih'iiling, and holds the audience from thJ rise 10 the fall of the cursain. Through- om i, interspersed a vein cf humour which aliotds sreat aniU3enie:it» Those who can ap- peod drama, capably acted and .tilled, -should not miss th? opportunity ot I ltp "Soidiers cf the Queen." •SIGN OF THE CROSS." Mr Ben Greet's Cc-inpany in the above play ha, been well-received at the Clarence this veek. the cekbratcd company being retained for the first three nights cf this week. "CAMBRIAN MINSTREL TROOP When '.v.: inform cur readers that the above tieupo of minstrels, who ere appearing at the Cliioiee Theatre cn Thursday, Friday, and Saturdav evening ot week, arc. under the direction of that popular gentleieeai. Mr Fred ii Harries, of Perth, the founder cf the famous Pontypridd Chicago Troupe, wna g-ive sub- stantial benefit performances in aid of the Great Western Colliery disaster—WP, feel sure thai his numerous admirers will again extenu him their hearty co-operation in making th* arpearances of bis new talented troupe grand successes. This time Mr Harries has been for- trnate enough to secure the introduction of several members of the Royal Male Voice Singers into his troupe, who will give numerous renderings of entirely original solos each even- ins;. The entire company consists of 40 talen- ted artistes, together with a full band and chorus. All the latest original jokes, speeches tarce-s, dialogues, songs,, ihmeos, and stump speeches, are introduced, ninknur up one of the r)ost magnificent and side splitting perform- ai-cen rvr picecd before a- Pontypridd audi. The jokes and lnsinEss gcuemlly are ot most iatuhable character, with local adap- tations. "Ih2 Ct-1.i.b"¡fJ.ll Express Trdn" is screaming- ly tunny, and full of exciting and laughable in- eiuen'-j, nnd must be seen to be appreciated. In the etcoud part appears also Mr W. D. Lloyd. UxD juvenile Welsh bass, a concertina solo by Mr Bradley, violin solo by Mr Grif. h:IF. vambourine solo by Mr Fred Har- ries '.the champion tanifcor.rkusfc of South Wales). "The Soldiers cf the Queen," by Mi Fudge, and Mr Carty. Master Johnny Morgan, lhlittle gentleman who MV'-prised a Cardiff fcN- weeks ago in his pathetic ren- dering of "Daddy" will appear each evening, and we have no hesitation in predicting that he will establish himself a prime favourite the first evening. frhe for this troupe have been specially supplied by Messrs Rayne and Co., London, and Messrs H. and M. Webster's well known firms, and the music arranged by Messrs Watt and Martin. On Sunday. April the 2nd, a sacred concert ha; been arranged for by special request, when the whole of the troupe, including members of Royal Welsh Male Voice Party, will ap- pear together, with several local talented lady singers.

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