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_u_, BO ICK s BAKIIIU |33 4Z94 IG. W. MATTHEW & CO. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS & CONTRACTORS. OFFICes AND w ORKSHOPS, WO 1\1 A. N H Y gTREET, c ARDIFF. ELECTRICAL APPARATUS OF ALL KINDS INSTALLED AND REPAIRED. COLLI KITY WORK A SPECIALITY. ESTIMATES FREE ON APPLICATION. 4374 M A R VElTO" OINTMENT IS TllljJ GREATEST REMEDY OF MODERN TIMES! It immediately relieves pain, either external or internal. It has no equal as a cure for Skin Diseases, Bad Legs and Breasts. A certain cure for Neuralgia, Rheumatism, &c. A list of testimonials of remarkable cures effected "nt free by post by applying to the Sole Maker arid Proprietor, R. E. BEARD, TREKAHHIS, Glam. LOCAL TESTIMONY. Bridge House. Black wood, Hon., *1 't December, 189S. Dear Sir,-Till a few weeks ago I was a great sufferer fr,- Piles, and occasionally could not follow my employment, when I was rec. mmen led to try your valuable Marvello Ointment. I purchased a pot." and the first, application gave relief, and alter using it a few times it effected a cure. I cmnot tuo strongly recommend it t'. persons suffering fr,ln1 this troublesome complaint.—Your well wisher. HEXRY CAPPER, E1en. AGENTS: T. Harris, Grocer. Pontypridd. W. H. Key, People's Chemist, Poiityi r.*dd. D. W. Davies. Chemitt. Pi-rth. n. L'oyd, Chemist. Penygraijj. J. W. Richards, Chemist, Llwynypia. NV George, Chemist, Clj"d;:eli Vale, John Edwards, Grocer, Hlaengwj-nfi. Wholesale London Agents :-nXP-CLAY & Sox~, 95, F:!ni:Jdon Street.. Spnt by post fe,r Is I Agents wanted, [4364 -+- White PONTYPRIDD. T G EOIlG E PARFITT, PROPRIETOR. Headquarters — GLAMORGAN R.F.L. VONTYPRIDO F.C. PONTYI'RIDD RESERVES F.C. PONTYPRIDD THURSDAY F C. FONTKPltlUD CYCLING CLUB. G. P. hegs to inform his Xumen)!1s Friend? f1nl his Stabling i« now Perfect, the Stables hiving been entirely Re-built. LOCK-UP LOOSE BOX FOR ENTRIES. SPACIOUS YAHD SUITABLE FOR SALES BY AUCTION, &e. BEST SKITTLE ALLEY IN TOWN. [t;.¡ç,. SILVER EDAI, EDINBURGH. 1800. GOLD MEDAL, JAMAICA, 1891, GOLD MEDAL, DERBY 1891. COLE MAN'S W INCA IINI S. OR LIEBIG S EXTRACT OF MEAT & MALTWIXE, W I N C A 1-1 N I S Is a ..YetO Name Ueyhtered, to prevent fraudulent Imitations. OVER TWO THOUSAND Unsolicited Testimonials have been received from Medical Men. IMPORTANT TESTIMONIAL FROM G. HOTHER, ESQ., M.K.C.S., L.S.A.L. 7, St. John's Terrace, Lewes, Octoberith, 189U. fo Messrs Coleman & Co., Limitt.d.. I have been attending a chiid two and a /ears old, suffering from Blood Poisoning theehilo «ras very ill and refused all kind of nourishment. I shen tried your Liebig's Extract of Meat and Malt ivine Alcoholic, ordered him one table-spoonful every wo hours, which he took readily; he had nothing else except medicine for fourteen days-tlie chil is tow recoveriugand takes ordinary food. Yours truly, GEO. HOTHER, Surgeon WINCARNIS is eold by all Druggists, Wine Merchants, and Patent Medicine Vendors. Ask for COLKMAN'S "WINCARN IS," or LiBBIG'S EXTRACT OF MKAT AND MALT WINE, and see that the word WINCARNIS is on the shoulder of the bottle. If the e is any difficulty in getting the Wine, write direct to the manufacturers who will forward Sample Pint Bottle free by Poston receipt of H3 stamps Dc.z Rail 11 &)s. SOLB. MANUFACTURER COLEMAN & CO., Limited, St. George's & Bank Plain, Norwich; and 3, New London Street, L^n don, B.C. Sole Proprietor.1f of Ozmazon," the A etc Befi rea, andalso Coleman's Crown Imperial Invalid Stout, which is strongl:1/ t.tCORlme7tded by :he m.edical faculty. Sold by W. H. Key, Chemist; Isaac Prothero, fe.'ocer and Thomas Harris, Grocer, Pontypridd., As a safe, permanent, arid warranted cure for Pimples, Scrofula, Scurvy, Bad Legs, Skin nd Blood Diseases, and Suresof all kinds, we can with coutid- ..ce recommend CLARKE'S BLOOD XIIXTURK Sold by Chemists everywhere. CAUTION—Genuine CHLORODYNK.— This well- known remedy for Diarrhoea. Dysentery, Fever, <!tc.. bears on the stamp the name,)f luventor, Llr,I. Collig "Hrowne. 20 BSTABLISHED IN }i;;{6. FOR THE PROTECTION OF TRADE. S T U 9 MERCANTILE < >FFICES (STUBBS' 42, GRESHAM ST., LONDON, E.G. Subscribers, by obtaining t-.mely information, through THE STATUS ENQUIRY DEPARTMENT, MAY AVOID MAKING LAD DEBTS. EVERY TRADER SHUL'LK READ STUBBS' WEEKLY GAZETTE, With which is issued a Supplement, containing LlSTS OF CREii l'ORS UNDER ALL THE IMPOKIA^T FAILURES. THE COMMERCIAL REGISTERS COXTAIN MOKK THAN NT-N,E million entries. DEBTS RECOVERS i • PROMPTLY AND REMIrrED TO t ii,C)iJBKRS On TUESDAY and FRl r II Y in each Week. BRANCHES at SWANSEA. CARDIFF, Abe- deen, Birmingham, JVi.v.klrom, Braoford, Brighton. Bristol, BeliV>-t, Cork, Croydon, Dublin, Dundee, lidinburgh, )'>rter, Gbtssow, Hull, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool. London (West Knd), Manchester. Newcastle. Norwi, h. Nottingham, Ply- mouth. Portsmouth, Sheffield, Southampton, Sun- derland. SVB OFFICES.—Cambridj' Derby, Dumfries, Gloucester, Greenock, Grin, -j. Halifax, Hanley, Iluddersfield. Inverness, Ips'^i. ti, Limerick, London- derry, Middlesboro', Newport iMnn.), Northampton, Oxford, Perth. Preston, Read u^, Stockton-on-Tees, Torquay, Walsall, Water!, i.t, Wolverhanij.ton, Worcester. York. TERMS.— £ 1 Is. £2 2s £ 3 .£5 5s, according to requirements. I PKOSPV.CTUS forwarded on plication to any of the i above Offices :Jj i CAERPHILLY AND DISTRICT BILL- POST INS. BEST Hoardings in t)"' district. C^nfr^crs mado with uiy towri 10 the United Kirier- dora. Circulara dihlii'.vit' <; promptly and care- fully. For terms, &c., apply to H. ENOCH, CASTLE-SQUARE. CAERPHILLY. :;ctô MEN BEWARE 1-" .i 1- Jf. Ii. ii .) Of neglect ng your health. Especially so, if yr 11 suffer from »ny Ntrvous D; c-ise assured (hat ytu condition II i I int. ini 1, Ve," '1'1.1 that- y<m will go irom bad to worse it you do not. )i ve your ;-ilitiMits pr>pe/l • at'en < d to. If ion sttifrr tnrrl:œa. B-JHtusrerl Viti.lity, ])es;m.deLt' Los. ,I Ener^v, Premature D<-osiy. V-irlcoc- le "Weak'-es< Brain P.u. Dimness of S'gnt, BI^Mclies on the Skin' 1'; erv ',p'I:t-'1 Loss or .1 eHJnr: 01SI:"8 in the Dir. Meiauci' oly, Liver Consiliums. "► .ddtr and Kidu'ev Co-r-p ainfs. anv form i f d sease affeotinsf the Urina-.V O-gan. You l,ve o;dy to wri'e to me for partieu :i«-s of a Sure Core f r your inalarlr. andti ot Sufferers (save be^ofited hy this mean* of cur aiio t-H » dviee I have givttN M«BI. S-nd addres-I-d envelope, \vhlrh must, Ih [h1.jaly wrlt-teu, 1p UKN-kv DAVIES. Kt-q.. Coofori C P Bii^hton, Sussex, England; aiid name tliis raper.[46ii IxEOiiGE'S PILE AND GKAVEL pji.i ,• # A >] ARVELI.DUB (REMEDY. !T IS MORE THAN GOLD TO ME. IT SAVED MY Ju ««««- GEORGE'S PILE if YOU are troubled with Irritation of the Bladder SupvRE L P + T" A NT) Of the Water, Stone, or Gravel, the only SAFE AND' KFKECTUAL 7> J TRFR T3T7 RO offeree to the World is GKORGK'S P1LB AN D GRAVEL PILI^ Gl. A I EL PILLS If the Water IS AIGH Co!oure<l. Thick, and DEPOSIT IN., much Sediment L,<E ^E, procure a Box of GLORGii'S PILLS, and yoawili LON^E KILt GEORGE'S AND LIVER NRE SLLLWSH AND of order, this RUNEDV will '>17-7? a %TTt gently stimu.tte these important organs, open up their CLOIRTR.-D 11LE AAD promote the secretion of healthy bile mid other vit>il fluids. (r tiA VEL If you are a tnartvr to Indige.-TI in. Biliousness, and Constipation vou K-N. a ■pTT T St 8UKK KKMKDY in GEORGE'S PILLS. ^OU SUFFER from any BOWEL disorder, such as Piles, Constipation Flatulence. Y°U have_)»ere_a KKMHIV you car. always rely upon. IF 'OLI sufier from Palpitation, ard are nfraid tiiar. your Heart is affected vou Tr, W1T "nri Diese pills an EFFECTUAL REMEDY. GLOM.trd 11 you suffer from Headache and Giddiness GEORGE'S PILLS will re-n-v- PILE AND ^ESE pains sooner than any other known UI-dicine. GRA VEL PILLS GEORGE'S PILLS will act like a charm. .on^d .e -%<>LFR 'D t urns tour and rises into the mouth, a few doses of this RKMKBI WIH make your Troubles a thing of the past. y" -1 ^>UI7* ^XC>TABLE, and Low Spirited a perfect Am'IDOTK will GEORGE'S PILE Be f'>und in GEORGE'S PILLS AND GliiVEL PIL A-I-TR,;RIVRASTE IN THE MO11' H. a single dose of GFORGF'S PILLS ALPILLI,ATWTI"!E-1!T!- the tongue before the oawn !AII; TO/I YOU Rest, try GEORGE'S PILLS. They will make your bed EASY sleep refreshing, and revive your strength. *1 "J1"1, LMR EXERTION. M E^.K and Limp, this USMSDV will restore vour GEORGE'S your life0, L-6RELLSTH> ^ND will make labour and exercise the enj ymeut of PILE Box nf1Nausea and Vomiting at the thought of eating, a P'L-NT PILL& will make your Meat and Drink both Savour? AND j HNVVV^ND VS !NIFLURE' .it Will keep open all the important outlets of the GRA VEL « S F!VE -:EE EX'1 TO A11 «».SS Humours, and no Blood Impurities T11 ? ^,RFVNG UL!:IN'«H THE SKIN IN Pimples. Blotches, Sores or Buils. PILLS INTH '^INDBO. cases it has removed from THE Blood, root and branch, Rheu- M..UC. I.corbuiic. scrofulous taints that have defied «11 other Remedies. A tendency to Dropsical Swellings, this ttemedy. by its action upon tfio i^-idjicvs fiiiG bkin, will soon relifi'. r- t f\T. 'TR" S1 ^•CU'TY of Breathing, this Remedy wiil prove a friend TO J">U (S 111 the hour of need. F IT will change your constnnt ailing to Freedom from Pain. PILE *}} T'J'^NGE the sallow complexion to the Moom of Health. "V"71 T will change _\our siciiliness to \'gour vour langour T»> Activity ano voui • ^U general debility to firmness of sinew AMI muscle. • G It A VEL IT IS Ap-'rienf, and therefore removes Constipation. It. is Antil-.ilious. and P/r 7 V THEREFORE, correct :ill the Irregularities oi the Liver. It 3>iuro;ic. ANC. 1 therefore, K^EP open TH. water passages. It « Tonic, and will, iher-fore, )r ,0'F >»}* TO the Digestive )rgaus. IT is Blood-Purifying AND Nerve- strengthening; IT-IS tnereiore, ALL YOU WANT, 'xtORG-i'/S I s.LE Three Forms of this Vegetable Remedy No. I.—GLOIIGE'S PILE A"vD GRAVI:L PII 7 <tRA J EI JILLS No. 2.—GEORGE'S GRAVEL PILLS. NO. 3. GEORGE'S PILLS FOR THE PILES. TILIM WLHLD UKNOWWED NLL? FUHH EVERYWHERE. IN BOXF> h a.ND Cill Proprietor: J E. GE-^R(}E, M.R.P.S,, IfJRTF.A11V GLAM. ''I<) TEETH ITEETH! :■ 1 vuujMm! TEETH! THE ECONOMIC DENTAL CO., (Late Mr Henry Pearson. Surgeon Dentist), 192. COWnRIDGE ROAD, CANTON, CARDIFF 10 minutes run by tram from Taff Station. AHTIFICIAL TEETH. A Complete Set horn 21s. PAINLESS DENTISTRY. leeth Extracted by Gas, 3s. (5d.. ai?o by Fther, Cocaine, &e, (administered by a Doctor oi Dental Snrgerv). Decayed Teeth Stopped (Painlessly) with gold, amalgam, an.1 other lillings, from 2s. tjd., fhus pre- serving for use and mastication Teeth that are other- wise needlessly extracted. 4488 Train fare allowance to country patients SPECIAL NOTICE. PIESOLD'S MINERS Ll Is. WATCH. Guaranteed for two years. Correct time- keepers. Best value for the money. M. E. PIESOLD, WATCHMAKER and JEWELLER, 187, YSTRAD ROAD, PENTRE. Repairs of Watches, Clocks, Jewellery, &c., done on the premises by skilled workmen. P.S.-Sliortiv removing to Mr David Bowen's premises, two doors above. 4530 MANLY 3.1 EN. Why suffer the pains and misery caused by X errons- ness, Premature lixhaust.ion. and Wasting WeaKness ? Semi for my book, which shows how every man, young an'' old, can be thoroughly and quick!v cured without STOMACH MKDIGISBor KLliCTRICITY. Specimens of letters received, and guaranteed genuine "I cannot find words to express how thankful I am. I used to think I never would get cured. I wish I I used to think I never would get cured. I wish I had seen your advertisement at first. I should have saved many pounds.—G.F.M." I have carried out your instructions, and am now perfectly well.—J.F." Book sent sealed, post free, for two stamps. J. &tlilltrt, ,)1' LONDo" w.r. Send at once and be cured. 1 >. Years' Continuous Success 4361 EVERY MAN qUFFKRIJJG from NERVOUS and PHYSICAL ° DEBILITY should send for a valuable pamphlet explaining how all nervous and ..rganicderanirement.» may be successfully treated with' ut- stomach medica- tion. The method is easy and pleasant, and will effect a perfect and permanent cure. Sent sealed, Poat Free. Address- H. NORTON, 59 & 6", Chancery Lene, London. W.C. Kstablished 30 Years. 4085 ROKTON'S I.X.L. PILLS are guaranteed to cure Priva eCases, Discharges, and Com- plications of the Urinary and Sexual Organs, in either sex, whether acquired or constitutional, also gravel and pains in the back warranted free from mercury. Sold in bi,-x,-s, 4s. each. Sent post free by the propr;-tor, G. D. HORTON, M.P.S. (from the Birmingham General Hospital), 68, Aston Roan Nortn, Birmingham. Advice and Letters Arswerra Free. rHavo never been known to fail. Sole Agent for Pontypridd and District—Mr 0. DAVIES, Chemist, Mill street. > 4422 ) TO PIGEON FANCIERS 1. Prime Oid Tick Beans, Maple and Canadian Peas, Vetches, Dari Seed, Guinea ,ed, Millet, Wheat, buckwheat, together with a SPECIAL MixiuttK highly recommenced for the feeding of pigeons preparatory to the fiying season, always in stock. PPECI VLITIF.S—Barley and Indian Meals (own grinding and guaranteed pure), Victoria Poultry Food and Chick Meal (in lin-,t Cotton Linseed and Feeding Cakes, Agricultural Salt, Victoria Dog Riscuits and Hound :\1":d, Thor- ¡ey'B Food, Lactifer. Ovum, Oyster-shells, Fiint-grit, and Welsh Oatmeal Owing to repeated enquiries for Whole Meal Flour (undecorticated) for making OLD FASHIONED HltOWN .RE D, a qu <nnty of same, ground on the prlOis" from carefully selected wheat, is now stocked. Farmers, Hauliers, Contractors, Cab and Bus Proprietors are respectfully solicited to wrire lor samples aud quotations ot all kinds of to WIllIAFr1 LEWIS & SONS, Wholesale and Hi tail nAY, CHAFF. STIIAW, FLOUii, SEE! AM) SALT Sieanj Com Wilis, P0,NTY.r?t'DD. Established nearly «*•».» year». [409.' CHILDREN'S II A: H MAOOX'S CLKANSDi. X. DKSTHGYS NITS. \O.. and MM;K- "SiE CillLDKiCN'S MM:! GiiOU- HK.AIT FUL, CUiiLY, SOFT i s. l lf' A writes '• I have use<.l MAGi;>"S C!h for the last I<» years t..r r»iv ijir: lift now have Beaut v'l (TIIIJ >,y }i > i > grt:'at. al'lncl?.nce." :t)ld tlÇ' m. t.i Clieiti.si- {Ii auo any Ch«-mist will \;¡)L1; If > insist, nil IIAOON',? n^Uiir.^ e!-e do the work. 6<I. £ fo' is. 4280] Sole aiaker HAGüX, Chen.jsi. CAHi-lj-r L f.J 0 MADAME F ii A TN'S WORLD R!;NOWN;iU D I ES. At 4 5 Pest Free. FOR LADIES^AILMENTS. 0.LAKANTEED to have the largest sale in the Kingdom, and certified by one of the leading pLblic analysts to contain nothing injurious. The most delicate can take them. Established for many years at the present address. The remedies have stood the test of nearly a century, and are guaranteed to be perfectly harmless. Consultations free daily. Don't suffer any longer. r,3 NV, to A MADAME FRA TN, The Medical Institute, la, Hacknev Road, London, N E. (Opposite Shcreditch Church). The Wife's Practical G aide, contain- ing a store of information to health 0 will be forwarded post free on application. Testimonials are being received daily. These preparations are purelv medicinal, and not of use for any unlawful purpose [4554 A D A M E E S M A N E 8 SPECIAL FEMALE PREP .iratiqn "FEARLESS." TEE above Preparation, now named FEAB- LESS," has been sold with the greatest success in South Wales since 1892. It is pre- pared to meet all cases at 2s 9d, 4s 6d, and 10s per Bottle. In Pending kindly use your own judgment and state which you desire, and I will send off immediately, carriage paid. If ALL OTHERS have been USELESS, do not despair, as "FFAnLESS" will relieve after others fail. Actions speak Louder than Words." This is proved by the great successes that are daily taking place. N.B.—Sec that ":he Govern- ment Stamp is affixed to every Bottle none are my Special Female Preparation without. Do Dot delay, but write at once to MADAME DESMANE, 23, Station Terrace, Pontypridd (opposite upper entrance to Taft Station). Attendance Daily. Advice FilER and strictly private. 4289 IMPORTANT TO LADIES. Valuable and Never-failing Remedies for all Irregularities and Obstructions, however ob- stinate or longstanding, and nf-Vpr fail to bring about the desired effect, as testified to by hundreds of cases it is without parallel in medical science avoid useless pilis has saved thousands trouble, iliness and expense. Stamped envelope for Price List. K umerms testimonials; tlif- onlv effectual rem-dy OL: eartn. — A.DASMAIL. 110x 432 Langdale, Walthamstow, London. 4508 TOWLE'S PILLS FOR FEMALES QUICKLY OOKKECT ALL IRREGULARITIES, KEMOVE ALL ORSTKLC1 IONS, and relieve the distressing symptoms, so prevalent with the sex. Hoxes, 1/1 £ and 2/9 (the latter contains thn.e times the quantity), of all Chmmtj, or wj|] be sent anywhere, on receipt of 15 or 34 stamps, by tne Maker—E. T. TOWLE. Ciu-misr,, Not- tingham. [4283] Beware of Imitations, injurious and worthless. W OMEN'S AILMENTS TRREGULARITIKS, &C.—A Lady, fiaving tried in I vain every advertised remedy, has at last dis- *H-<;red a Simple Cure, which wi)! .iet i'i a few hoars no matter hov,- stuWio-n the case. H-iria-fide sufferers '•an get. it FRKK OF CHAKGK by stamped Don't experiment witii W"rthless Pills. Mixtures, Gores, and oiher injurious nostrums! Write at ONCE lull M'.PB ANI, IMSFIDKNCK to Mrs O. ST. CLAlIC oW, Southern Chancery l^ane. London 4t.iO, for H OK TON'S Original I For Females only. BENEDICI PILLS. I Females only. 'I\HÜUSANlJS of Test,imonial. have >een received < from all parts. Females oi ail shouM 1dKe thein. as they at once remove all .liistruefciori*. no matter how obstinate, orfrotii whatever cause arising. In tx.xes, -n. l-ff-i., an 1 2s. vi. soat post nnHer cover. Id. extra, direct h. the Hroprieto-' G. D. HOKTOX, Chemist (fr:>m the Minuij'.jiia.in hviiijf- in Uofpital). A$ton lload Nort-'i. A^! -n, hirrnia riiam • «r froin my Age:it, Sir O. ll^ Cu-raist! ilili Street, Pontypridd aud Di<:rict. C.iauat b'e had from other\heiV)ists. X.B None nuine unless heiring Q. D. If()J{TOX "in red letters acr..>« e .1, ii;.el. Letters answered free. '¡12: u" vr K: vr i v«• all kinds, LETTEHPHESS ana I LITHOGKAPHJC, done promptly at ttA AMOKOAN F&KE PRESS Office. The Parcels P« st affording groat facilities for rapid tun" cmsjnon of parcels, the Management will hence rorth avail therrselyes of it to forward .trcois of c rci 1.irs, &c., to their many oountrv cus.i unuTs. OrCt rs executed by Seturn of p.^t when so requirod