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A Book for Ladies.


A Book for Ladies. Tlie information contained in this book ought to be known hv everv married woman, and it will not harm the unmarried to rpari. The book is conveniontlv divided into tWP)VA chapters. The firt chanter treats on womanhood. The second chapter treats of marri.ige from a doctor's qtandp,,i,,t points out Mie best age for marriage, and furnishes useful information that one can ordinarily get only frr.m in intelligent doctor. The tlllro chapter trpats of the marriage of hlood relations find condemns such marriages as a rule. Certain people' hclievtj that women should bring forth in pain an»i trouble, but the hygienic physician savs that confinements can be mad/1 comparatively easy if certain rules are obeyed these rules arty given. The tenth chapter tells how to treat thl, mother till she is up and about again. The bonk is full (,f ireful information, and no boo It is written which gaps *o thoroughly into Rnch- niters. Sonv may think too mu-h is told such can scarcely be the case, 'or knowledge in power and the twans "f a'taining happiness. The hook ean \1.. had in p.nveli-ip frum Dr. T. R. Allison, 2fi6 Kox, 4, Spanish Place, Manchester square, London, W., in return fur a postal order for I s. 2d. 4334