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j j j is a disease afHicts over 75 per j j cent, ol the population. It is a I dangerous tUsei'se* because it not only j poir.ons the biood b\i c rr.uscs heaviness, J cppression.and dulls the intellect. Thee J follow chronic headache, loss of ap»e- 5 Vite, slow digestion, r.ervou»«cs; hsd I breath, dingy complexion and low 1 spirits. It v/ill eventually brleg on 5 liver and kidney disease in some iocur-> j L; able form. But sufferers frora this j dreaded malady arc speedily tÀ Warner's SAFE Cure and Warner's SAFE Pills. Leading physicians the world over, have acknowledged this fact, and thousands of people through- out the land have testified to it. 'í SAFE Cure put-; a stop to backaches, headaches, constipation, loss of eppe- tite, dyspepsia, tired feelings and sleep- j I Icr.tsneso. It builds up the exhausted j p/stem. It ?5 a sure euro for liveand || Sidney eompJaint jr. any form, aod *he } E only remedy that has eve. been aois '>:o i | cure .Bright's dis^as:?. !j 8 Ii you are feeling tl:e need of sush a (i | remedy, you i:'>nno; do better r.han try j I thi3 king Of remedies, the sreat j ;jf!tr:.i\£f,.t4"" ".t:;X.j ;dt}': THE QLAMORGAN Jp U E K R k- i IS THK BEST FAMILY PAPER.



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A Book for Ladies.