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Presentation Meeting at Cwmpark.


Presentation Meeting at Cwmpark. On Thursday evening, the 23rd inctajit, the members of the Loyal "Edward" Lodge of ti.e Manchester Unity of Oddfellows held a special summoned meeting for the pleasing purpose of presenting two of its most energetic members with handsome presents as a sign of their appreciation of their valuable services and also to enrol several local gentlemen as honorary members. Dr. Barrett, the genial assistant medical practitioner of the Ocean Collieries kindly consented to preside, while Mr W. Lewiq Vice-Grand of the Tetrad Rhondd i district acted in the capacity of lecture master in the absence of Mr W. Powe'-I, C S., Cemetery Lodge Treorky, who sent information tha" he wa.s unable to attend owing to a severe cold. After an able opening speech had been delivered by the chairman, Mr Tom Evans treorky, gave a spirited retid ring r f '♦ lSaner ein gwlad. M; Le-wis wps t' en called upon to perform the duty oi enrolling four local g-fitlenieu as houorarv members, ( he secretary xfterw-rds read letters four other ^ei;eu.mi lio em:I-\se j clieque-i tl,(ir :a hil il.v to a;t nd owiri- to unloii-sf-ii ami unavoidable circumstance>. Mr John Phillips then favoured the audb-uc w i* ,i i t son Z. Tlte chief event of thf evening- was no a' ;.r ivfd ar. nan ely, tr, pr- sent Mr ilavid Jones, firem-tn, and Nlr J. di^-gon, I'O '-I proprietor, with iiiiii4;boikie pres*- ta tor their erieigy a» d pre,j-ia;ic- in in.Teasing the membership of tn*- by collecting m-w members. Air Tom i)--r-an in a very appropri- ate speech i resented \lr i>avid Jones with toe lir-t pri7.- a. gold chain nd Mr David Thcmas followed by pr, Mr .1. Miggon with toe second p-iz- a se: of cutlery. After ti- r^cipienvis tad mii&bly ri-f-p-niied, Mr W. Lewis d<4iv-r>-<i a m'st. IIhJ.. ami ►doqu-nt address on "Friendly 3o.e:i.-s," wf icli "As fully appreciated ngs W"Te ag in t-xceli-n rendered by M)s-r& Evans <u.u i'nilhps. while Mr Tom Kutler placed Ins instrumental ,I,t splendidly. The duty of accomi ani-sr, devolved upon Mr James Elias, wh" discharged tllar. duty, as usual, in a most creditable iiitl u It is very gratifying to not" that the "Edward" Lodge is the largest and r,i-». Friendly Society in the locality w.m membership exceeding 325 and funds ov.r .L.6