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Mustard and Cress.







Compensation Act at Penygraig.



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Aber Ward Election.

Opening of a New Organ at…


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Annual Coqferenco of tht3…


Annual Coqferenco of tht3 Rational Uniorj of Teasers. The thirtieth annual conference of the National Union of a body which now numbers IS district unions, 4 local associations, and 40,4S2 members, will be held at Car bridge during Easter week. 'I l,e proceedings are to commence crt the Monti?y afterrocn with a reception by the Yice-C"hat.celior < f the Univer- sity, the Mover, and other representatives of the University and Corporation. ruring the first session, Mr T. Clancy, president-elect, will deliver hi" address, and speeches will be mao;, f I by representatives of educational or^arisations from Scotland, Ireland, Prance, tier many, Belgium and Holland. A peace resolution will be Bubnr.tted an English and in French) affirm- ing that tbe duty oi the international teachers is to inculcate in schccis the promotion of peaceful Hibitramei ts and manifestations of good-will betwetn the nations represented. riie annual meeting of the Teachers' Provident Society will be held on Monday evening, and a reoeptiun at Newh;im College wiil afterwards take place, ancl aiso a g'.theriog of teachers from rural schools. On 1 ursday morning the National Temperance League will entertain many of the representatives &t breakfast. During the second session the Lord Mayor and other members of the York Corporation will invite the conference to mf t at York in 1900. A number of questions affecting women teachers will then be discussed prefaced by an addres3 from Mrs Bryant, D Sc. Professor Jebb, M.A.; wiil ne-xt read a paper cn "The relations of primary and secondary education." The Con- ference will theu consider a motion affiiming that "the time has come when the whole of the finances npcessary for public education should be provided from public sources and be expended subject to public control." On Tues- day afternoon honorary degrees will be con- ferred on the President and Secretary of the Ui-.ion, and the Yice-Chancellor will hold a reception in the Fit3wiliiam Museum. In the evening, the Conference dinner, a concert at the Guildhall, and a gathering of Voluntary School teachers will take place. On Wednesday the questions of school attendance, the Volun- tary School Act, JS97, the tenure of the teacher's office, half-v-ime and children's labour, religious instruction examinations, etc., will be con- sidered. In the evening a Bohemian concert, and conversazione will take place. On Thurs- day, the annual meeting and recptian of purses for the Benevolent ar.d Orphanage Funds wiil be held, and aiterwtrds, the con- ference ball. Another session will be held on the Friday morning. Excursions to local places of interest, visits to the Colleges, receptions, re-unions, and other fixtures are arranged for Good Friday and the foilowing Saturday, as well as during the week which ends with ex- cursions on Friday and Saturday.

Presentation Meeting at Cwmpark.