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Mustard and Cress.







Compensation Act at Penygraig.



Letters to ths Editor. ! -"'''''-''''..........-...-,,-,../-,/....../"


Aber Ward Election.


Aber Ward Election. "To ibe Editor. Sir,—Considering that owing to (I lack of space, my letter was curtailed, and delayed for a week, thereby marring id cl-jectn. I ai-,i, I ju,tified In a-kiii, of a little space to reply to the mass of sophistry from the pen of ti,at sublime genius, the Aber corres- pondent. Ill* clumsy epL-tle is but the natural oif P 'iug of his chaotic iuteilect. 1 am really amused at the swash-buckler Fityle Ly ititii. His c'wl audacity .n maintaining tha.t black is white and is black, and b*re-fac.-d eifrontery in claiming that erery a of his opponent is rubbish, while his own hits the blJlïs-eye and rings the bell every time, clearly proves the exalted opinion he holds of his cwn powers and caj abi- lities, but as a specimen of that class of corres- pondents who !-peak to the galh ry, who evade plain arguments, who cram their ieiter., with clap-tr; p vi rbiuge-, our correspondent is an extreme example of the genius. ILt tliis, liis his latest edition, be outshines all his i th^r attempts. His letter stripped of it., copious mass of superlative adjectives ami • jaculatory exclamatinns amounts to nothing. lie, has indulged in blackguardism which will not strengthen Ins case, nor will a superabundance of adjectives hlind the public to the barrenness of his literary efforts. 1 have sufficient con- fidence in its common sense, and in its ability to I discern between g;iset.-us vapouriugs, and the iair cf one who has justCf at heart. i 1 (,t;, p-.etty strong with his | notes vf t.t.lmu«tion and amazeu ent, but I an: I | f"r ilis furiie a*"ti=inpt to rectify his biuud) rs. Indeed, I had feared Le would smash a jd pu; v (-rise But it is far from it, instead ot solid s' ots it. is p.l; gas. l can jmagie how big he bit bf io:e he let it off. let, er when analysed proves to be compos d of nothing oti er than a conglomeration of utter!v irrevalent j sta'i irii"i!s. ttith Mu en- of a nuble lord he ;S \Pf!' II' tl e mi:Ü[..¡,t tplhJfènries of his "m-! '.v n ice]. He expresses surprise on dis- ir,d to er,,)wn his it fcr iiiin to consult, a .Modern Liciionary in order to rem! a letter written in "plain every day a tt;k L,v an average scl.ooiboy..Srtiic'a Simplicifas This frnnJ d man ('pI rll-tí'( wiu¡ tll f'rJucaticn of some cf the rising generation, this from one of tliao nonie body, the scholastic profession. • e, tj.is iroto cue who noses a» a coirespondent ot an j,)ur..Pi at the end of the ii'.tH-teert' !t century. S"r}t:' (,f tLt. ra::h :t?,'(UJr,ts I:JDce vy him are calculated tc make sri, H' ¡b shudder, and the iioiuor! al nn-n who discovered the gases "laughingly described by him. turn in their grave. fchades of Priestly and Seheole! "heard ever such nonsense f" L, t this rising ji.ivy c.tieiui in his study cf the science e-st, in his igin ranee he will someday be blown iet ) space aud lost to the world for ever, t'iere;>y depriving the community of a valuable ci izen. lie showers his eulogies and credits me with m?-i J<< d wbriom, ;t!: the remit that I have felt a proud emotion swe:l within and were I to Correspondent on the s'leet I would make him an elaborate how, aud doll my hat in humble submission to his sublime intellect. I will not uw( 11 longer with this little Gamaliel, not that I am naturally timid, having lived too near the wood to be irightemd by an owl, but If-st ti at in roy noctural dreams I i-,iiiv be haunted by this supernatural individual whose hfib'tat is with the Ghouls and Vampires. lb uc» 1 bid hita farewe'l with a lictle advice, kindly intetued, to le more chaiit&ble, ghiDg rs si me cu-dit i«..r knowing a little. He is that ihi-se lain.hie mortals assail- d by him will compare iavouiaLiy with that illus- trious personage—himself, and are, therefore, er.titled to the coustesy due from man to man. Let, him look before he leaps into the arena of ;h^ press. l!;s exit fr> m the stage reminds me •veiy forcibly of thratsi. al plays, in which the Uete.t"d .-tage buh'y disappears .midst a blaze of fireworks. Yours truly,

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