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Compensation Act at Penygraig.



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-r, fjnondda Urban District Ccuijcil Election. NO. 9 WARD. To the Editor. -Will you permit 1::e, in the first place to thank you and your two correspondents for your courteous and kindly references to me ii. your last two issues. I should not, however, trespass on your space in reference to this election if the letter signed "Elector" in vcur last issue contained accurate information. The writer argued, that Tylorstown and Pciuy. gwaith are entitled to two members, because 'their voting power is 1,000 strong, while th" voting power of Yny.-hir and Wattstown i> about 600." itis aiad otlie, el(, formation, I append the figures taken from the official iists of voters in each Polling Dis- triet in this N-ViirC, This clearly proves that, even after counting Stanleytown with Tylorstown 8.11:! Pentv- gwaith, these three places only numb; r about half the total electorate, or 97 more voters than Ynyslnr and Wattstown although thev claim, and now possess, two-thirds of the re- presentation. It also proves that your state- mciit (whif-ii-Elcctoi-" aeain.-t and denies) is not without reasonable four.rlaf.ion. When, moreover, it is remembered that Tvlors- town, as well as Ynvshir, has representatives on all the other local authorities, viz.. the County Council, School Board, and Board of Guardians, while Wattstown h-is no repre- sentation on any local authority, it was (erro- j neously, however) imagined that Wattstown might have been allowed to pick np "a crumb from the rich men's table" by nominating cn<* repiesontative for one Oonncil, cspc^KilIv i iilg the large number of workmen living :t P(.iitN Igwa:L]i and Yny-hir. who are crooioved at Wattstown, and that some representation i" popularly supposed to follow taxation. I will say nothing about any little public ser- vice I have tried to render locally in an un- j official capacity as I do not wish to refer to the personal aspect of the question, neither i* ;t neces-sary to say that, if elected, I would have endeavoured, in co-operation with the other members, to effect some saving in th^ heavy interest charges new paid on District i Council loans. As you say, Sir. "It is net to be. The reasons for my withdrawal ate not of sufficient importance to be of local publie interest, except that I distinctly de-'ared at the cutset that I would be no party to an unnecessary contested election, nor place mv- self in competition with, or opposition to, a long tried and experienced public servant like Alderman Mathias, and seeting that the avowed object of increasing the number of wards and members wis to secure a fair re- presentation for each district in each ward. I kept my word—hence my withdrawal. As to why, and whose fault. it is that the "ideal represenfation" (is you expressively termed it) has not been secured in this T you, Sir, and your readers and the electors to judge. I am, Sir, yours faithfully. Wattstown. JAMES MILES. 27th March. 1899. To the Editor. Sir,—With your permission, I should like to say a word or two on the strictures that you have deemed expedient to pass re^ardin^ the representation of the above ward. In your issue of the 13th inst., you accused Ty- lorstown of being "over-grasping" in retaining two member?. It is useless to ;iss any com- ment upon this, since your correspondent "Elector" in your last issue proved conclusive- ly that Tylorstown and Pontygwaith are fully entitled to two members, according to the pro- portion of voters. In my hunibb opinion the v.-ard is very equally divided. IIr D. Smith for the upper part, Mr P. Rees for the centre, and Mr Mathias for the lower. In all I believe the representation is an "ideal" one; it ought to please the most fastidious person- even the editcr of the "Free Press." Also, you take upon yourself to know, which of the two first-named gentlemen is the most popular. I think it is very unbecoming en your part to condescend, and attempt to try. to make the distinction between the popularity of certain cardidates; a thing so irrelevant to the quali- fication necessary to become n good District Councillor. If it was required the locality it- self ought to have the freedom to exercise its own discretion, which I believe every locality is quite able to do. without, the assistance of outside indivirnfials. With regard to your cor- respondent "Ratepayer's" letter, he is tarred with the same brush. The electors themselves would find out the qualification-, of various can- didates without advertising tli-i through the medium of the public press.—T m, etc.. CYFIAWXDER. 25th March, 1839.

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